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Passenger Pigeon Rears Head Again, in NYT

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See Dubya notes that the New York Times has rescued the passenger pigeon from extinction — in Baghdad.

It doesn’t surprise me that a newspaper would be in denial about an extinct species. The New York Times doesn’t think it’s going extinct, either.

9 Responses to “Passenger Pigeon Rears Head Again, in NYT”

  1. The NYT is the Dodo bird of fact checking.

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  2. To be fair, I have this mental misfire where I sometimes think of those pigeons that people keep in crates on the roof as passenger pigeons, too. I think it’s because these homing pigeons were used as messenger pigeons during WWI and the like, and the “messenger” gets mixed up with “passenger”.

    So I can see how it happened but yeah, poor fact checking.

    aplomb (b1076c)

  3. I wish they were right; Martha’s memorial would be a happier place if they could find some passenger pigeons still alive.

    Robert Crawford (46b1a4)

  4. The NYT has removed the “passenger” from the pigeons in the story. Incidents like this are why we still need fact-checkers and copy-editors.

    Bradley J. Fikes (1c6fc4)

  5. Oh, you think you’re punny, do you Jim?

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

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    krazy kagu (91408b)

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