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  1. Wow, I honestly didn’t believe their where any sensible Republicans left until I found your website. I see you somehow managed to avoid drinking the Trump coolaid. You might just be the last non-fascist leaning conservatives left.

    Stephen Powell (516f12)

  2. Very few remaining admitted Republicans have sanity as one of their character traits.

    I left the party after watching the GOP Convention chaos. I am disappointed in the party with which I identified, defended, and volunteered. It no longer represents me and I can’t in good conscience vote for any person who endorsed or supported Trump this year. To me it proves their complete lack of judgement: but democrats should not rejoice-as neither could I support a candidate who endorsed or supported Hillary.

    There is literally only one sane choice for me this election cycle: Evan McMullin, who the media is trying hard to ignore. He is either on the ballot or a registered write-in in most states. I do realize his winning is unlikely since the media is all but ignoring him, and the Democrats and Republicans fear tactics of “vote for our crap-because their crap is worse” has paralyzed the electors with fear. We as a society have been complaining about corruption in our government and this year nominated two of the most corrupt people in America to face off as the major party’s nominees for the highest office in this country. If we elect either, we can’t complain about the corruption as we are, in fact, not only complicit in it, we help it get into office.

    People need to check out Evan McMullin. His website is Let’s reject the corrupt crap choices from both sides of the aisle. It’s quite beyond ridiculous at this point.

    Just one of millions of x-GOP voters – W Marie Britt

    Marie Britt (c8ff38)

  3. I think the American voters rejected Ted Cruz soundly! I do think he’s much more conservative in his public speeches than Trump but would he be better? I don’t think he would, it bothered me that he couldn’t accept the people’s choice and acted like a spoiled brat, rather than than a statesman!

    His action at the Republican National Convention bothered me al lot, it dissapointed me. Acting like a spoiled sport when he didn’t win made it hard for me to ever consider him as a Presidential contender. I will never vote for him to be president! But if he were nominated for the Supreme Court I would support that whole hearterly!


    John Weeks (f45bd2)

  4. (Tap, tap) Hello? Is this on? I’d just like to say that I enjoyed your piece on Redstate regarding how Cruz would have answered the question regarding his view of the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, it stirs up frustration that I try to ignore. At some point we’re going to need to sit down and figure out why so many Republicans discarded sound reasoning and solid statesmanship in favor of bravado and bluster, and whether there’s any hope of grabbing them by the nose and turning their heads next time. While your argument sounds like music when you preach to the choir, I wonder if what we really need to be doing is barking like a dog in the kennel of Trump supporters. Ah, well…post early and often. Thanks for writing. I would comment on Redstate, but my registration attempt disappeared into the ether.

    M Patterson (7d4d4d)

  5. I want to thank Patterico for his courage and devotion to decency. In the era of Trump that’s sadly become a rare commodity…even as it becomes a more vital one.

    I think that Ted Cruz appealed to many American voters in the GOP primary process. Only Trump got more votes and even than he only got 40% in a small group of GOP primary voters. There was no “people’s choice”. There was no mandate by overall “American voters”. There was only Trump as a plurality winner in the GOP primaries. In fact…if anyone was rejected by the American voters in this process…it was Trump. 60% of GOP primary voters cast ballots for somebody other than Trump. But the final judgement of the American voters on Trump will come in Nov. Trump will be crushed overwhelmingly and even he will be able to hear the enraged voice of the American voters rejecting him soundly.

    Cruz is definately much more conservative than Trump. I believe he would have been a far better nominee. Cruz would have avoided the humiliating, crushing defeat that Trump will suffer in Nov as well as the possible loss of the Senate and House that Trump just might deliver. Trump’s out-of-control ego and authoritarian impulses may yet tear the GOP apart. All of that could have been avoided by rejecting Trump or even allowing reasonable dissent.

    The fact is that Cruz held true to the desires of the voters who voted for him in the primaries and the delegates who were selected to represent him at the Republican Convention. Cruz acted with decency throughout the process and honored the “people’s choice” made by those voters when they cast their ballot for him. The orchestrated moves to strip his delegates of their rights and allow no dissent whatsoever turned the Republican Convention from an event that might have had a hope of unifying the party…to one of brutal coersion and demands to submit to Trump personally.

    Cruz…like Ronald Reagan before him in 1976…spoke with great dignity and told the truth at the Republican Convention. His call to conscience hearkened back to Reagan in 1976 and to Goldwater before him. If that sort of courage and decency makes some disappointed…so be it. Their disappointment pales in comparison to the embarrassment, shame, shock, and horror I felt when I saw the open chaos, threats, and suppression of dissent at the Republican Convention.

    Despite all that…in the end Cruz remained true to his word and eventually stated that he would support the GOP nominee in Nov. As awful as Trump is…Cruz made a pledge and stuck to it. I did not make such a foolish pledge. I will gladly vote for Evan McMullin this year. I will also gladly support Ted Cruz for President in 2020 if he chooses to run.

    At one time the GOP embraced the fundamental decency of Ronald Reagan. At one time the GOP nominated a man who wrote a book titled “Conscience of a Conservative”. When did calls to vote your conscience become equated with being a spoiled brat? When did having a conscience become being a spoiled sport? When did believing in conservative ideas become a secondary concern to demands for personal submission to a fatally flawed former Democrat like Trump? At what point did Trump’s endorsement of Planned Parenthood become acceptable in GOP politics?

    Full disclosure: I’ve been a GOP party officer. My first Republican vote was for Ford in 1976 and I’ve volunteered for Republican campaigns since 1996. I served my country in uniform in the first Gulf War, flew over 80 hours of combat time, and flew well over 2000 hours of combat support-time in my career. I hold 4 combat medals. I retired from the AF after 28 years of honorable service in the rank of Lt Col. I cannot celebrate and will not submit to a dishonorable man like Trump.

    Jim Mainord (395e00)

  6. Trump does have a big ego, and it’s me,me, me or I,I , I,I,poor kid.,acts like one.. I’m still going to vote for him.if he wins, which idont think he will now, I hope he keeps his finger off the missile trigger.

    Edward kisielewicz (a36813)

  7. “Terrorized by the Alt-Right for Opposing Donald Trump” is obviously a Hillary paid fantasy.

    The INSANE, CORRUPT, CRIMINAL and VERY DANGEROUS, Demo-rats will do anything, as we saw in the video proof and email proof of their causing violence at Trump rallies and also the MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD, all paid for by the demo-rats.

    Also, the establishment Republican, lazy, morons, who only want to keep their “do-nothing” jobs, lining their pockets while accomplishing nothing, except helping out their countless, special interest $$$ donors, are also dangerous and liars. They hate Trump because Trump likes people who actually do their jobs. I know that is a weird philosophy for most people in the government.

    So, whoever wrote this bullshit story should jump off a tall building.

    I won’t hear about your reply because I am immediately marking ANY email from “Red State” as SPAM !

    Gregg Trester (143bb4)

  8. Sad people can be so narrow minded. Hillary is a liar and deceitful and is not fit to be in any way fit to be running.

    adrienne (f94cb3)

  9. Well,

    It is surprising you are not in jail considering how honest you are in your reporting.

    The report which you mentioned has been produce specifically for the alt-right conservatives out there who don’t care about truth and decency.

    1) If one can ever be certain that an election wasn’t fraudulent is that one since every vote and voters were checked and counted for more than six month.

    To really understand what happened you should read this first:

    Two of your quote are patently false:

    “the group identified 1,099 felons — all ineligible to vote — who had voted in the Franken-Coleman race.”

    “177 people have been convicted — not just accused, but convicted — of voting fraudulently in the Senate race. Another 66 are awaiting trial.”

    The reality was:

    “But Freeman said that once his office started investigating, they found many names submitted by McGrath from the 2008 election to be incorrect. Ultimately, the county charged 38 felons who voted before their rights were restored — less than 1/100th of 1 percent of the roughly 665,000 votes cast.”

    Sylvain (146e26)

  10. This dude writes this as if it were in any way surprising. He’s shocked, shocked I say. What a farce. Anyone who has any experience of the business climate of the 80s 90s and up to the present knows that cocaine is a staple to most of the business party world and the more monied the more so. You should see the after parties at a G7 event. Also teen-f**cking is hardly a new phenomenon in human history nor in any way a shocking or unheard of thing in (a) the modeling world, (b) the dirty old man world. Why do you think teenage girls and dirty old men invented modeling in the first place? So long as Trump was ambiguously Democrat it was more a badge of honor that he may possibly allegedly have indulged in both coke and teen-f**cking. It’s only now that it might erode his support among decent Americans (as though there were any left) that it’s a matter of interest to the fourth f**cking estate (who only don’t themselves because they’re too dorky and ugly even with the help of cocaine). If Trump were a Kennedy or a Hollywood film director no one would think twice about all of this. Paterico’s hypocrisy and arrogance are so bald-faced it makes me think he’s probably an Obama Prog plant. Pay this tripe no mind, I say.

    Konastephen (670cc6)

  11. I can not understand the people that voted for thump. They said Mrs Clinton lied. Don’t they read the fact checks Clinton 27 percent / thump 76 percent

    Linda Keeling (54a6a3)

  12. Regarding your article in Red State today, Jan. 31: Remember that Republicans refused to even interview or discuss anyone Obama put forward for the Supreme Court. Why should Democrats not do likewise?

    David Gordon (a19afc)

  13. Unbelievable. The executive branch is well within its authority to deny entry in the union of states.
    There is ample precedent proving this fact. Aside, in no way is there any racial bias (being a Muslim
    is not a race) in the specific text of the executive order. The safety of the citizens of the state’s
    is paramount. To side with a district judge who claims a union wide stay on the executive order is isthe real threat.

    Craig (84a6cc)

  14. All the parsing back and forth aside, 8 USC makes it abundantly clear that the President has specific and sole authority to decide who may enter the United States for whatever reason and for any period of time as is deemed necessary. The judge in Seattle and those on the Ninth Circus have clearly overstepped their authority (as usual). They’re in for yet another overturned decision by the Supreme Court.

    Robert (6b74a6)


    I read your comments on redstate with interest, you sometimes make good points. Your comparison on the health market with the food market is not a good one.

    The food market isn’t a free market. There are tons of subsidies, in the US alone 20$ billion a year and there are government guaranteed price floors for certain products. That is $62 on average per US citizen.

    The “five year” plan you refer to as bad have existed in the US in the agricultural sector since 1922, and if you think that market works well, then you should change your conclusion on health care and government control, because there are probably no sector more regulated than agriculture.

    Jorgen S (0819c8)

  16. Okay, the debt isn’t going to be addressed. What is coming next? Depression? Recession? Should I learn how to do subsistence farming?

    terrygraham (5f2e1e)

  17. I am ashamed of our elected officials and the ignorance of most of the voters. Most people consider reading for information, not from books, or newspapers but Facebook. They think Trump and Obama are opposites, but they’re both egotistical and ignorant and lack an understanding of our system.
    Yes we are going over the cliff with our Congress and President steering with pedal to the floor. I worry for our kids because most don’t have the education to know what we’ve lost or should I say given away.
    I’m so ashamed that so many have sacrificed and we don’t care enough to vote, read, stay informed.
    Thank you Redstate for being the beacon shining truth In the vast darkness.

    Carol Overton (48357c)

  18. Patterico, you a chicken brained establishment hack. The media are leftist dominated propaganda machines. They cannot be trusted to say or write much of anything that is objective. The left is willing to lie as a matter of strategy as well as hand out bribes regarding information adulteration.
    You and your ilk do not sit on those top secret briefings that Trump gets. The information there would cause you and I to have insomnia. You and the establishment do not understand Trump. He is deliberately using negotiation tactics and poker style bluffs to deal with his adversaries in Hollywood, media, Rhinos and our enemies such as NK, Iran, Russia, China and turncoats such as Turkey. You are the moron. Trump has shaken up the rotten system. He has boosted the economy and stock market. He had a great SCOTUS appointment.
    I could go on but I will close by saying that only he could have been elected in the first place–not the criminal witch, not a Bush, Lindsay G. or anyone else. Establishment snobs like you were wrong then and are wrong now.

    David Cooper (dd79dd)

  19. On the subject of fact checking, if a fact is irrelevant to the point you are attempting to make or does, in fact, lead the reader to a false conclusion, it deserves qualification by the checker. I would simply add the category “True but Irrelevant” or “True but misleading.”

    Milord (6381fa)

  20. Don’t stop with Bach on Sunday! You are doing a terrific job on Bach-please keep it up!

    Richard Wolfe (4177eb)

  21. You are no conservative. Delta is trying to silence the speech of the NRA, which is the millions of members of gun rights supporters.

    No tax breaks to people trying to silence both the First and Second Amendments.

    Franklin Strum (c8f2a5)

  22. Your piece regarding President Trump’s tweet about comey’s testimony is ridiculous. His point is that Comey LIED. It’s a distinction without a difference…by picking apart the words he used it’s clear you have a particular agenda.

    Laxmom (7d92c3)

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