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Another Association of the E-Mail Address with the VioletPlanet Site

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More association of VioletPlanet with the e-mail address, with some bonus anti-Bush (and anti-PUMA) screeching:

VioletPlanet |

Where the hell were you PUMAS the last 8 years while Bush raped and plundered this country and its citizens? Where were you bozos while Bush murdered sons and daughters in Iraq, Innocent women and children of Iraq. It took you this long to find out that there is no true democracy in this country, that both parties are comprised of major shareholders and that corporate interests rule us all? You should have fought against this truth for the last 8 years instead of now going against the party that at least will give SOME consideration to the poor and middle class who are in desperate need. We all own our votes but its not about me or you. Its about the country as a whole. You PUMAS are a joke and when McCain is elected maybe then when your children can’t read past a 5th Grade level and you can no longer afford health care and finally when your sons and daughters are drafted, maybe then you’ll get your heads out of your asses. Your points are pointless and you are no different than those crazy fundamentalist christians denouncing abortion on the sides of America’s freeways. If you can’t deal with reality then move to Canada. Don’t ruin it for those of us who can.

From Thank you Hillary Clinton – We’ll take it from here., 2008/08/28 at 2:14 AM

5 Responses to “Another Association of the E-Mail Address with the VioletPlanet Site”

  1. This post does not show up on the main page yet.

    jeff (7226af)

  2. It’s a page, not a post. It’s just additional information I’m including by way of a link.

    Patterico (64318f)

  3. Well, I’m definitely a “crazy fundamentalist [C]hristian” and I denounce abortion. Thank you, child-drugging, child-raping supporter, for claiming you’re sane and I’m crazy. That means I’m sane, you, not so much.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

  4. And, yes, that goes to the crazy wench and not to the host here.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

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