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Canada’s Social Progressivism Boxes Itself in

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[guest post by JVW]

This is just a really sad story, as related by Wesley Smith at National Review Online:

At least one transgendered individual has been legally euthanized because of profound regret over transitioning. The killing took place in in Belgium ten years ago. From my piece on the tragedy at NRO, quoting the Daily Mail story about the case:

In the hours before his death he told Belgium’s Het Laatse Nieuws: ‘I was ready to celebrate my new birth. But when I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with myself. ‘My new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. I do not want to be… a monster.’…

The “treatment” for that despair? A lethal jab. Compassion, right?

Now, there’s a similar story out of Canada. A transgender woman named Lois Cardinal wants to be euthanized because of terrible pain being experienced from–and deep remorse over–having been transitioned surgically. From the Daily Mail story:

An indigenous transgender woman has slammed Canada‘s healthcare system for rejecting her euthanasia request despite the pain she endures from a surgically-built vagina.

In social media posts, Lois Cardinal, a self-proclaimed ‘sterilized First Nations post-op transsexual’ said regret over her medical transition led her to apply for a lethal injection in January.

Cardinal, who lives on a native reserve near St. Paul, Alberta, posted her medical records from the request online this week to draw attention to radical gender ideology.

Canada has been gung-ho for euthanasia under the current government led by the shallow and trifling snot-nosed Prime Minister. As seen in those European countries which allow euthanasia, mission creep tends to take the criteria for qualification from “has a terminal disease which will kill them slowly and horribly” inevitably down to “not feeling so great; kind of wants to be done with life.” Under normal circumstances in a progressive society like Canada, Lois Cardinal would almost assuredly be gently guided through the process and allowed to abruptly end her life. But of course in this case we have another progressive mania involved, namely the rush to affirm any desire to change one’s sex, no matter the pretext. And Canadian social justice leftists now find themselves in a crazy dilemma where on the one hand Lois Cardinal ought to be able to take her own life because she has lost all will to live and she can credibly argue that she experiences at least some constant physical pain, yet on the other hand that physical pain comes from a life-altering decision she made with the full blessing, support, and cooperation of the Canadian government. Ms. Cardinal’s problem is that her physician believes that her pain could be treated and overcome, yet as Mr. Smith points out that’s so often the case in other euthanasia situations where the state nevertheless allows the sufferer to proceed with the final solution.

What’s happening of course is that the Canadian government, like the rest of the trans lobby, wants everyone to believe that anybody who undergoes transition has a very satisfying experience and thereafter lives a full and happy life in their new gender. But the evidence we’ve seen from countries like the U.K. and elsewhere who are years ahead of us on the trans bandwagon is that plenty of people end up regretting their decision, long after it is too late to do anything about it. Canada can’t let Lois Cardinal take her own life, because that stands as a stark rejoinder to the idea that allowing people to transition always turns out to be a positive and healthy experience. Yet keeping her alive gives her a forum to speak out about her experience, though it won’t surprise anyone here to learn that the major news media in Canada are quite content to ignore this story.

Mr. Smith also points out that Lois Cardinal’s status as a a member of the First Nations indigenous people of Canada complicates the issue, as allowing her to die would likely bring unwanted publicity to the Trudeau government and invite the question whether they consider First Nation lives to be more disposable than the lives of other Canadians.

In the end, there is a strong argument that anybody else who is experiencing the sort of pain that Lois Cardinal experiences would be allowed to quietly take his or her or their own life. That’s an indictment of how cavalier Canadian society is to euthanasia. But the trans woman from the First Nations tribe is far too much of a hot potato for the Canadian establishment, so she’ll be kept alive so that neither the trans nor the euthanasia lobbys have to face the consequences of their disgusting advocacy.


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