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My Interview with Bill Browder at The Dispatch

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Go check it out. Browder is the driving force behind the law President Biden is using to sanction Vladimir Putin.

In this interview, Browder spoke to me about how he thinks Magnitsky would react to the unfolding Ukraine crisis, the strengths and deficiencies of the sanctions imposed on Putin and his oligarch trustees thus far, what President Biden should do next, the importance of disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT payment network, whether the energy sector should be included in future sanctions, how he feels about the possibility that Donald Trump could again be elected president of the United States, and many other topics.

I also asked Browder how he felt when he learned in 2018 that Putin had personally asked Donald Trump to hand him over to Putin — a suggestion that Trump called an “incredible offer” — and how he felt this week watching video of Trump praising Putin as a genius for his invasion of Ukraine. In a sane world, Browder’s answer would be a wake-up call for anyone contemplating the horrific possibility of a Trump presidential run in 2024.

Go read it all, and leave a comment over there.

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