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Open Thread: Crazytown Revisited — The Nth Democrat Debate

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Your choices: impeached President Donald Trump, or one of these clowns.

God help us all.

The House Has Impeached Donald Trump

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Good for them. This is true:

Now onto the “trial” in the Senate, where the dialogue will go something like this:

SENATE REPUBLICANS AND JOE MANCHIN: The House Democrats were so irresponsible rushing this process. How can we possibly know what happened without hearing from people like Mick Mulvaney or John Bolton??

CHUCK SCHUMER: Well, Trump’s the one who prevented them from testifying, but I know what. Let’s call them to testify now.


I’d like to hear from them, and someday we will know what they would have had to say. If it exonerates Donald Trump (lol), one will wonder why Trump didn’t want those folks subject to questioning. If it damns him, as I expect it will, the Senators who voted to squelch their testimony will go down in history as having been complicit in a partisan cover-up.

Ah well. As Bill Barr said when asked about the possible damage to his reputation resulting from his partisan actions on behalf of Trump: “Everyone dies.” In the meantime, grab as much power as you can and hold onto it for dear life. If doing so requires you to be a toady and a puppet to a maniac, and to surrender everything you hold dear in the process … well, hey. It’s better than being thrown out of office and being a nobody.


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