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Twitter Hacked?

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[UPDATE: See updates below. This has clearly happened to thousands and thousands of people today. — P]

This morning I noticed a couple of odd tweets in my Twitter stream. One was from Charles C. Johnson:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.11.03 PM

Hm. That doesn’t sound like something he’d say. Then there was this:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.10.49 PM

Simon Dodd is someone who likes to blog about his admiration for Antonin Scalia. Not the sort of fella you’d think would be hawking some diet product — which is what the link turned out to be. It was, unsurprisingly, a link to the same page that Chuck’s was. I DM’d Chuck to ask if he had been hacked, and he said he had.

It’s not over. Now we have the president of FIRE, an excellent organization supporting free speech on campus:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.01.13 PM

And then Rob Long:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.06.00 PM

Rob made it clear what he thinks is going on:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.06.20 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.06.10 PM

It seems to me that several people have been hacked on the same day — and it’s possible that, as Rob says, Twitter itself has been hacked. I can’t seem to find a news story about it, but this is too much to be a coincidence. If you see other suspicious tweets today, link them below and ideally screenshot them.


Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.23.51 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.23.42 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.26.45 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.26.38 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.26.31 PM

UPDATE: Still more:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.37.43 PM

I just did a Twitter search for “fruit” which revealed dozens and dozens of Tweets in the last five minutes about the amazing weight-loss fruit. This is an epidemic and I predict it will be all over the Internet news by tonight. You saw it here first.

UPDATE: If you scroll down that Twitter fruit search, my guess is that thousands of accounts have been hacked.

UPDATE: This happened to Instagram last year, and the fruit diet people were the culprits then too.

UPDATE: John Hinderaker of Power Line writes to say that his Twitter account was also hacked. Where is Big Media on this??

23 Responses to “Twitter Hacked?”

  1. Ding.

    Patterico (9c670f)

  2. This comes so soon after the news of the Heartbleed bug that I suspect Twitter was too slow to update their OpenSSL installation, and got people’s passwords (and potentially other sensitive information) leaked.

    I’d recommend that everyone change their Twitter password now, and any other sites where you might be using the same password, if you haven’t already done so.

    Robin Munn (073b7e)

  3. social media for example twitter makes life suck more than it would otherwise I think

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  4. but please to sign me up for the fruit

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  5. I did see it here first!

    Pious Agnostic (ac89e5)

  6. happyfeet, fruit does make you lose weight, but there’s a secret. You have to buy it fresh every day, you cannot buy it from any store closer than one mile to where you live, and you must walk there and back. Otherwise, the fruit does not retain its magical properties. Don’t ask me why. The Way of the Great Wheel is a mystery.

    nk (dbc370)

  7. I second PA’s endorsement. I saw it here first, too.

    nk (dbc370)

  8. Two tweets went out from “me” that I didn’t write. Although I normally tweet about health, those tweets about garcina and weight loss and Dr. Oz were definitely not written by me. One of the links (no I probably shouldn’t have clicked on it, but I was worried about what other people would think I was linking them to.) it just went to a page full of Chinese (?) characters. I’m at least relieved I’m not the only one affected by this.

    Jennifer Brown (f5f342)

  9. thank you SO much

    I been doing it wrong

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  10. My current account was just fine when I looked, but I saw a reference to an old account I had forgotten about. THAT account was well and truly hacked — the language was set to Russian. I reset the password and deleted the account since I don’t use it anymore.

    Thanks for the nudge.

    Kevin M (b11279)

  11. Changed the password on my current account as well. This may be the result of a Heartbleed hack someplace else with shared passwords and usernames.

    Kevin M (b11279)

  12. New internet meme: As of right now I have lost 7 _______ with this amazing fruit!

    Kevin M (b11279)

  13. This has clearly happened to thousands and thousands of people today

    I suspect Mrs. Obama is utilizing another avenue for her health and fitness campaign. Because dammit, America will be slim and fit before she leaves the White House!

    Dana (9a8f57)

  14. UPDATE: John Hinderaker of Power Line writes to say that his Twitter account was also hacked. Where is Big Media on this??

    Patterico (9c670f)

  15. I’m with Robin, I’d lay odds this is going to get traced back to Heartbleed.

    Twitter was posdef one of the sites which were vulnerable to it — if you, or anyone, did not change your password to it and to facebook, shame on you.

    Smock Puppet, "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses." (225d0d)

  16. Time to put some SMACKDOWN on someone’s ass!!

    Fruit of the BOOM!!


    Smock Puppet, "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses." (225d0d)

  17. Oh HUSH,Smack Puppet !

    Alastor (2e7f9f)

  18. I think you actually can lose weight by eating a certain fruit – but it is not good weight to lose. It is the kind of weight that is lost if you are sick from an infection.

    The fruit is grapefruit, which uses up an enzyme in the liver.

    To manufacture more, the body breaks down protein. Usually what is not being used: muscle tissue, or, if you are using marijuana, it can be brain tissue.

    The muscle tissue broken down is what has not been used recently.

    If you are in a hospital, and they are preventing you from swallowing, it’ll be tongue muscle.

    It is not at all good to eat grapefruit for reasons that goo well beyond the bitter taste.

    Some medicines also use that enzyme and severe damage can be caused, maybe by the amount that does not get cleared or by damage to the liver.

    The lethal dosage, and the damage dosage for Tylenol goes down, and it isn’t so high to begin with.

    Sammy Finkelman (ba30b8)

  19. It’s probably because twitter being a brief form of communication, pinging their servers would likely net a lot of sign ons and messages.

    Plus it so quick that a lot of people instantly changed their passwords or checked their passwords and all that stuff was available to skim.


    Before changing your password. Otherwise you’re just making it MORE likely that they will skim your data. Remember they don’t skim stored information only what’s in RAM and that turns over fairly quickly.

    jakee308 (f1b953)

  20. Happy Easter. Click it, you’ll like it.

    nk (dbc370)

  21. Hats off to Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore for b-slapping chrissy hayes.

    mg (31009b)

  22. tim ferris says you can use the grapefruit to enhance the fat burning qualities of caffeine

    and he’s tim effing ferris

    ok he’s an astounding douchebag

    but he knows things

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  23. Comment #19 by jakee308 is entirely correct, and bears repeating. The Heartbleed bug exposes recent server activity (any data that’s still in RAM and hasn’t yet been overwritten by newer data). This means that changing your password on a server that hasn’t yet been fixed will expose your new password. WAIT until the server has been updated to the latest version of OpenSSL (the server admins should announce such on their website, or their “about our company” blog, or their Twitter feed), and only then should you update your password.

    Robin Munn (55e8e1)

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