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The (dwindling number of) layers of editors at the L.A. Times strikes again:

Insert Headline Here

At least it appears to have happened only in the online version of the front page — and didn’t, apparently, make it into a print edition. That makes this error less embarrassing than the last time something like this happened.

18 Responses to “[Snarky Blog Post Title Goes Here]”

  1. Heh. You’d think they’d stop giving you so much to work with.

    Dana (57e332)

  2. Opera and modern dance on the front page? Are these people nuts?

    Official Internet Data Office (0ebd2a)

  3. But surely the picture of the opera diva putting on kabuki make-up says more about the healthcare “reform” discussed next to it than any textual headline could!

    Beldar (6c9046)

  4. More dek, more dek

    hortense (aka horace) (411ef0)

  5. Opera and modern dance on the front page? Are these people nuts?

    Its like ‘The Producers’ , Zell is probably shorting his own stock. Or maybe he wants to free up the Times real estate assets.

    hortense (aka horace) (411ef0)

  6. Perhaps the Times should hire for a position called “Patterico Editor,” a guy who goes through everything just the way you would do, to see if he can catch this kind of thing before bloggers do.

    Of course, that would require them to actually pay someone money . . . .

    And it would offend the newsroom staff, because said person would have to be someone without a journalism degree; it seems that people with such degrees are remarkably myopic.

    The speculative Dana (3e4784)

  7. Looks like the LA Times didn’t use their hed on this one.


    KingShamus (4fabb2)

  8. Yeah, and they don’t even know how to spell “dreck”.

    More and more and more dreck goes here.

    Gesundheit (47b0b8)

  9. Their software shouldn’t allow them to publish with dummy text.

    Nancy (1276be)

  10. Nancy wrote:

    Their software shouldn’t allow them to publish with dummy text.

    They had to disable that feature, because it wouldn’t let them publish anything they wrote.

    The snarky Dana (3e4784)

  11. They’re running out of photographers too; it wasn’t until yesterday they ran a photo of Lily Burk’s killer, and even then, a vague side shot. Almost like they don’t want us to see him or something.

    Jack (1a3562)

  12. Is this the Nancy of Cathy’s World? If so, then welcome, Nancy. And if not, then welcome anyway!

    BTW, the LAT is filled with very edumacated people – and they also made fun of Booosh for mispronouncing nuclear. Their minds are a terrible thing to waste.

    Dmac (e6d1c2)

  13. I would have been thrilled if this had resulted in, say, high school students writing papers that cite the Los Angeles Times article “Benefits Hed Goes Here” by James S. Oliphant.

    Joshua (9ede0e)

  14. This reminds me of one of my favorite things about old movies – the spinning newspaper that stops to show the headlines.

    Thanks to DVDs you can pause the action long enough to read the non-headline stories. Some of them are just nonsense words. But usually, there will be a story there: “Yankees Sweep Doubleheader” or “New Housing Bill in Jeopardy”

    JayC (203941)

  15. Hi Dmac, thanks! It is me, er, I, from CW.

    I read this site all the time, just don’t have too much time to comment often.

    Nancy (1276be)

  16. Huh. I thought I already replied

    Is this the Nancy of Cathy’s World?

    Hi Dmac! It is indeed me, er, I. I check in on this site often, but need to comment more.

    Nancy (1276be)

  17. Mickey Kaus:
    “The L.A. Times’ peculiar bias–a chloroform-like combination of liberalism and lifelessness–runs deep in the paper’s DNA, in layers and layers of editorial middle-bureaucracy.”

    Jim (50c15d)

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