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Patterico on the Northern Alliance Radio Network

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I received a sudden and very welcome invitation today to join Ed Morrissey and Mitch Berg on the Northern Alliance Radio Network. The conversation with me begins at 1:43:14; their during-the-commercial banter referencing me starts a bit earlier at 1:40:26. We mostly talked about Bill O’Reilly, with a touch of Michael Hiltzik thrown in for good measure.

11 Responses to “Patterico on the Northern Alliance Radio Network”

  1. You have a knack for stating things in a concise and clear way, both in writing and orally in venues like this radio program. It’s impressive because those skills don’t always go together. Well done.

    DRJ (2901e6)

  2. I thought I rambled, as I always do. But thanks.

    Patterico (cc3b34)

  3. You may have felt that way but you didn’t.

    DRJ (2901e6)

  4. Well, you could have punched it up a bit.

    ( Just kidding )

    SPQR (26be8b)

  5. Well, you could have punched it up a bit.

    No, I think you’re right.

    Patterico (cc3b34)

  6. Do you want to be taken seriously or do you want to be Keith Olbermann?

    DRJ (2901e6)

  7. No, dude, it was a joke. You did great.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  8. I think you should make it a point to use terms like *sshat, mendoucheous, and twatwaffle more often 😉

    JD (2d2bfc)

  9. See, now that’s real criticism …

    SPQR (26be8b)

  10. Yoo talk good.

    Which bald guy were you?

    Seriously – attention well deserved.

    As for their comments about the O’Reilly squashing of your membership, I agree that it seems to be another example of bogus copyright claims against what would reasonably be fair use.

    Apogee (e2dc9b)

  11. Good stuff, good advertising. You were trying too hard to be polite about O’Reilly. You did better with Hiltzik. IMHO.

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

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