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Bill O’Reilly Blog Posting: “No Marriage for Homos”

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The latest “Bill O’Reilly blog posting”:

Above: Bill O’ blog posting

Here’s the text of the “blog posting”:

NO HOMOS NO HOMOS now will the League arrest me for my right wing statement, perhaps i will be taken off the New Yuk slimes CHRISTMAS card list. what you do or dont do in your bed room is none of my business just dont tell me I am wrong if i say NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS. Hay maybe you can have a vote and lose and have the courts overturn your vote. Well that cant happen in AMERICA now can it.

to any one whos name begins with an R REMEMBER NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS. Awaits to knock on the door from the lack of free speech AG. AND janet baby

The poster, “peter/IMPEACHOBAMA,” has 1960 posts on This comment has been up since May 23.

Thank God Bill O’Reilly edits the comments on his site.

35 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly Blog Posting: “No Marriage for Homos””

  1. Ohhhhhhh man. We’re gonna be able to count the veins in O’Reilly’s neck when he sees this series of articles. *cue peppy McDonald’s theme* “ba da ba baaaa da…”

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  2. Patterico: You have entered a target rich environment for your $4.95 subscription. Fire at will.

    Perfectsense (0922fa)

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  4. I’m a not big fan of Bill O’Reilly (who can forget his support of the bailouts), but IMO he’s not suggesting that he personally edits every offensive post in his own site, nor is he charging Hot Air personnel to do so. Rather, he
    identifies the “Hussein” comment as one of the “hateful” posts that mods should pay attention to. He does admit he should clarified the source of the post. (I do not find the comment to be offensive)

    Of course, the insenstive posts found in his own website reveals that weeding out every objectionable civilian comment can be difficult. On the other hand, it’s equally difficult for him to clean out every spam and trolling comments to avoid charges of double standard. FOX News probably receives a lot more comments and traffic than a blog. If he does make a good faith attempt to moderate his board, he’s not necesarily a hypocrite.

    lee (86706b)

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  7. Please, Lee… BOR’s gone after blogs quite a few times in the past, and then tries to backtrack on his comments and then hopes you forget about what he said, until he can say something stupid again the next time.

    Mark S. (360e09)

  8. I’d say the answer is for liberal “Republicans” such as Patterico not to spend their time scouring the plethora of interwebz message boards in the desperate hope of finding something un-PC to get “offended” over and whine about. Problem solved.

    Karen Schell (d21e69)

  9. 8, Karen Schell (I knew a Karen Schell in Green Bay who’s father’s name was Enos Fred), Patterico is not a liberal “Republican”. If you are in Orange County, go after Buck Johns. That is the RINO of which you want to castigate.

    PCD (02f8c1)

  10. My only question is “Where did this peter guy scrape up his $4.95 from? He’s obviously unemployable.” Maybe there’s a special O’Reilly subsidy for the psychologically impaired.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  11. Kevin – People with the name peter seem to have some kind of affliction.

    “No Marriage for Homos” – Isn’t that the same position that Barack Obama holds?

    JD (a0edad)

  12. I’d say the answer is for liberal “Republicans” such as Patterico not to spend their time scouring the plethora of interwebz message boards in the desperate hope of finding something un-PC to get “offended” over and whine about.

    And what is it that you imagine O’Reilly and his staff were doing?

    Jim Treacher (671d28)

  13. Karen, don’t understand what’s going on at all, do you? That’s special.

    SPQR (72771e)

  14. Who flippin cares?

    Your Nation is burning and it doesn’t have one thing to do with Homosexuals and their socialist proclivities.

    Republicans should endorse gay marriage and take away from the left their hot button issue that allows them to broadbrush all Republicans as bigots. Take away their ammo.

    Homosexuals are adopting kids or inseminating themselves to raise families. They are already doing what Republicans are so afraid will happen if they can marry. Churches are allowing homosexual clergy. It’s all in place.

    Do we really want to alter the US Constitution AND be out of the White House and state legislatures for the next 24 years over this non-issue?

    Think about it.

    Bear1909 out.

    Bear1909 (63abec)

  15. Bear1909, you have no clue what this thread is about, do you?


    SPQR (72771e)

  16. I love when people like BO’R get called on their hypocrisy. Post 100 comments like this. Let him devote a whole show to it, or spend a bunch of dough to edit comments. His journalism is as lazy as any other kind. Beautiful.

    word. carlito out.

    carlitos (be9241)

  17. JD: People with the name peter seem to have some kind of affliction.

    And it’s JD for the cheap shot. I’m shocked!!

    And flattered that I still hold a special place in your heart, kiddo.

    xo’s to you too.

    Peter (e70d1c)

  18. This Bill person is damaging to the Fox News brand. He comes across as a dim angry little man what is frustrated by his own limited understandings of the world. Honestly though the more pernicious hypocrites are thems what subscribe to the cable news to begin with. People generally should have more self-respect I think.

    happyfeet (71f55e)

  19. or inseminating themselves to raise families

    …”and I am an EDUMACATED person!”

    BarelyCognitive out.

    Dmac (1ddf7e)

  20. “Honestly though the more pernicious hypocrites are thems what subscribe to the cable news to begin with”

    Hey, I didn’t have a choice – Fox, CNN and MSNBC were forced on me when I signed-up for Turner Classics.

    I had the misfortune of listening to BO’R (pronounced “boor”) as he initially let-loose on Hot Air, and then in his “clarification” segment. As the commenters above have so aptly put it BOOR is an ignorant man who is so filled with himself that can’t possible identify his own ignorance – which escalates him to “stupid +”, I think.

    JSinAZ (0758a0)

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  22. Bill O’Reilly is an arrogant self promoting ass.
    The fact that he takes a hard stand against some harmful positions, and promotes in his own self-righteous way certain social values doesn’t lessen that fact one bit.

    Edward Cropper (bc016c)

  23. The fact is Billy Boy is bringing home the bacon for Fox and its advertisers. Doesn’t the Factor trounce CNN and MSNBC even in the several rerun slots compared to their prime time numbers? I agree O’Reilly is a horse’s ass. It is all relative though- think Olberdouche and Chrissie “I squat to pee” Matthews. Since I haven’t watched Fox in ages, I was unaware Billy had drunk the Magic Negro’s kool-aid.

    aoibhneas (55634c)


    Does the person who posted that realize Bill O’Reilly is very, very squishy about the idea of same-sex marriage? Actually, I believe he’s generally in favor of two guys or two women being able to say their wedding vows and in the process getting legal recognition from the government.

    I know the owner of this blog also supports same-sex marriage.

    Personally, I can’t understand why anyone will become soft-hearted about an idea that has never been codified and/or popularized in the history of civilization. I believe even polygamy, by comparison, has been formally acknowledged and accepted — if not even treated with amusement — by a few societies compared with the track record of same-sex marriage, or even the concept of two people of the same gender merely living together as more than platonic friends.

    Mark (411533)

  25. Mark, you may want to google “afrerement” regarding how gay marriage has “never” been accepted or codified. linky

    carlitos (7d2345)

  26. regarding how gay marriage has “never” been accepted or codified.

    But notice that those records from the distant past didn’t really come out and explicitly say Person A and Person B were part of a legal contract due to their having the hots for one another.

    Homosexuality has always been treated as though it were rather obscure or peculiar, symbolized by no less than an extremely famous personage of history like Leonardo da Vinci, whose life was greatly publicized and celebrated, except for one thing: his apparent preference for relationships with the same sex.

    Mark (411533)

  27. So what is your point exactly?

    carlitos (7d2345)

  28. So what is your point exactly?

    That homosexuality has always been treated as though it were rather obscure or (or, actually, that should be “AND”) peculiar. For example, I understand Alexander the Great dabbled with dudes. Do the record books — do the historians and scholars — of then and today, happily point out and certainly glorify in that aspect of his background?

    Mark (411533)


    CHUCK (2c0c87)

  30. I was thinking about signing up for commenting on his site just to post the most extreme and nasty comments so that others could use them against him in exactly the way he is against others.

    But I see that is not neccessary.

    BM (86a7dd)

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  32. Bill O’Reilly the Hypocrite…

    This incident involving Hot Air, a blog run by Michelle Malkin, and Bill O’Reilly has bothered me a lot. A summary of the incident and what has come out of it:

    The entire O’Reilly Factor kerfuffle started when Bill assigned himself

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  35. Dear Billo,you do not tell the thruth about Dr. Tiller.The Dr. provided a “legal” service for women in need,& had no other alterative because of severe medical complications.If Dr. Tiller is a murderer(as you stated for 6 years)..Then,what about the women?? They were not dragged, sceaming into his office..they provided their babies for the doctor to “kill”(as you stated for 6 years)Why aren’t these 60,000 women arrested for murder..they should also,be charged & jailed for allowing the doctor to “kill”(as you stated for 6 years)their BABIES!..Dr. Tiller was not running around kidnapping pregnant women against their will.Comon,Billo, tell the whole story,like it really is! Also,you have never had any access to any of Dr. Tiller’s records because the records of these women are private..according to the “right to privacy act”..there is no way on this earth that you could ever look at any medical record of any person with out their written approval..especially you,an entertainer of sorts.No way!! Also,if you want to stop all abortions,pass a law mandating that all men have a vasectomy,therefore no pregnacies!..and if men do decide to marry… then they can have this procedure reversed..SIMPLE! let’s give some responsibility to the men for a change!How do you think the women got pregnant in the first place..duh! Furthermore, the government/or men should not be controlling a women’s’s hers!You guys yell about smaller government..well then get out of the medical problems of the women & their bodies!! Billo,you need to be careful what you say on your show..what you say can have very adverse effects & untoward consequences, such as what happened to Dr. tiller.Do you not have a conscience? I do hope that you will not continue with this unconscionable behavior..AMEN!

    b.brown (7cf026)

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