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O.J. Simpson To Be Sentenced Tomorrow

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And the L.A. Times has the quote of the day:

“O.J. comes into court with a lot of baggage,” [Simpson attorney Yale] Galanter said. “Even though he was acquitted in the mid-’90s, the public perception is that he did it.”

Because, you know, he did.

Galanter is the same guy who gave us one of the best quotes of the past couple of decades. I can never find a link to this one, so I’ll just cite my own post from 2004:

Simpson attorney Yale Galanter said, after Simpson had been ticketed for driving his boat in a protected manatee zone in Florida: “This guy just can’t catch a break.”

Given his acquittal for murder in one of the strongest cases in human history, I found this quote somewhat ironic. But I’m hoping that, this time, Galanter is right.

23 Responses to “O.J. Simpson To Be Sentenced Tomorrow”

  1. Because, you know, he did.

    No. We don’t KNOW that. A jury of his peers didn’t agree with the prosecution, and thus, in the eyes of the System, he didn’t do it.

    I mean, I think he did it, you think he did it, and probably 70 of America thinks he did it, but barring him coming out and saying it, we don’t know.

    But yeah, he did do it. Who the hell does this guy think he’s kidding?

    Scott Jacobs (90ff96)

  2. … in the eyes of the System, he didn’t do it.

    But my eyes are not the System’s eyes; mine work better.

    ras (fc54bb)

  3. The civil case concluded that he dood it.

    Official Internet Data Office (d35eaa)

  4. Look, the man won the Heisman Trophy and rushed for over 2,000 yards in a single season; you’ve got to cut a guy like that some slack! 🙂

    The football fan Dana (3e4784)

  5. I mean, I think he did it, you think he did it, and probably 70 of America thinks he did it, but barring him coming out and saying it, we don’t know.

    That was the first trial I remember seeing wall to wall coverage of…with audio/video feeds. He did it and the jury was comprised of idiots. I know this.

    Pablo (99243e)

  6. That was supposed to be 70%, btw… 🙂

    Scott Jacobs (a1c284)

  7. The civil case concluded that he dood it.

    By a preponderence of the evidence, not beyond reasonable doubt, of which, I might add, there never was.

    JD (bda7e2)

  8. Also, it was that he was somehow involved, not that he actually did it himself. There’s a difference (i guess).

    Scott Jacobs (a1c284)

  9. Unless the judge tosses the kidnapping count, he’s up for a minimum of fifteen years with eligibility for parole in five. It’s something.

    nk (5fa892)

  10. I’m absolutely convinced he did it, but concerned about being called a racist for saying it. Hope you folks will cut me some slack and not condemn me.

    Old Coot (a8acc7)

  11. Whether or not he did that deed, the jury found him “Not Guilty”, and I doubt that any of you would want to have your prior Not Guilty verdicts added — as if they were “Aha! Now we’ve got you! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! — to any future sentencing you might receive.

    htom (412a17)

  12. OJ Sentence …
    15 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 33?

    Did I understand that right on the consecutive sentancing?

    Another Drew (46c816)

  13. No, he got the minimum I mentioned above. Fifteen years, eligibility for parole in five, with no credit for time served (at least for purposes of parole or good time which is the rule in my state too).

    nk (5fa892)

  14. Consecutive sentencing is rare when the various crimes arise from the same act. Here, for example, what made the unlawful detention of the victims a kidnapping and not false imprisonment was the robbery.

    nk (5fa892)

  15. Oh man lawd this is quite…tenses. I see OJ, man!

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  16. No, I got that.
    But, there were several counts sentenced to 15 year fixed terms, with AIR 3 enhancements of 6 yrs each which were consecutive to 15 yr terms.
    My only question is whether or not the enhancements are in effect concurrent with each other, or are consecutive to each other.
    It seems that he’s looking towards a maximum of at least 21 years, with parole eligibility in 5 (or, 5 + whatever the parole eligibility is on the enhancements).

    I would also think that this could be a Life Sentence!

    Another Drew (46c816)

  17. Old Coot – RACIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JD (059bab)

  18. Hey, he was framed in the murder charge, just as good solid black american citizens have been getting framed for years…the jury at lease was able to see right through all that baloney. Ive heard that he was clearly set up this time around too, i agree with his lawyer, he cannot catch a break. If he wasnt a celebrity, AND BLACK we wouldnt even hear about any of this.

    lee grant (631e6b)

  19. You’re as looney as the actress with the same name.

    Another Drew (46c816)

  20. If he wasnt a celebrity, AND BLACK and hadn’t lopped the heads off of Ron and Nicole, and tried to hold up another criminal at gunpoint while being recorded on camera, we wouldnt even hear about any of this.

    JD (059bab)

  21. Give me a break. He finally is getting what he deserves. What goes around comes around. He has been so arrogant since being found not-guilty of killing his wife, it is pathetic.

    I hope he does a lot of thinking about how he has acted while he is incarcerated. He is a joke.

    Patty (4d6d0f)

  22. i was just trying to get a rise….in all honesty, black America standing and cheering for his aquittal was one of the single most disgusting things ive ever witnessed in my life in this country.

    Retribution finally came for the Juice!!

    lee grant (631e6b)

  23. Comment by lee grant — 12/5/2008 @ 12:02 pm


    Another Drew (46c816)

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