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Alito Whacks Biden

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During Sam Alito’s confirmation hearings, Joe Biden was part of a hostile group of Democrat Senators on the Judiciary Committee. With his colleagues, Biden repeatedly tried to make hay out of Alito’s membership in a Princeton alumni group, suggesting that Alito had aligned himself with racists.

When Lindsey Graham asked Alito if he was a “closet bigot,” Alito replied: “I am not any kind of bigot. I’m not.” And Graham replied: “No, sir, you’re not. You seem to be a decent, honorable man.” During the exchange, Alito’s wife began crying, showing the pressure of days of attacks leveled by vermin like Biden.

Now Alito is hitting back, gently mocking Biden for his plagiarism.

Alito made several joking references to Vice President-elect Joseph Biden during an after-dinner speech Wednesday, including Biden’s withdrawal from the 1988 presidential campaign over plagiarizing parts of a speech from a British politician.

“To coin a phrase, in the spirit of the vice president-elect, you can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need,” Alito said, an imperfect rendering of a Rolling Stones lyric.

Then, he added, “Did someone say that before?”

A bit later in his talk at an anniversary dinner for the conservative American Spectator magazine, Alito said he was about to quote liberally from a magazine article. “In the spirit of the vice president-elect, I want to honor the copyright laws,” Alito said.

I love it. But when mocking Biden, it’s not all about the plagiarism, Sam. Don’t forget that little three-letter word: gaffes. G-A-F-F-E-S.

46 Responses to “Alito Whacks Biden”

  1. I didn’t realize he got so ugly with Alito!

    I also loved that he thanked Palin for talking to him at the governors’ conference because it was the only way he could get any attention any more.

    Patricia (ee5c9d)

  2. Oh, not just Alito, Patricia.

    You should read about his upstanding treatment of Clarence Thomas. It’s in Thomas’ autobiography, which is well worth your time.

    Eric Blair (8f93a0)

  3. Patricia – In comparison to what he did to Justice Thomas, he treated Alito with kid gloves. It is nice to see someone on the Judiciary giving it back to these asshat Congresscritters.

    JD (bda7e2)

  4. I don’t want to speak for you JD, but I just want to shout with anger at the entire concept of a person like Biden—with the documented checkered background he carries around—standing in judgement of folks like Thomas and Alito (and Roberts, too, I think).

    And the press just shrugs him off. Crazy Uncle Joe; no telling what he’ll say next.

    Except he will be second in line for the Presidency.

    So when people cap on Palin, and don’t say a freaking word about Biden, I still get incensed.

    Partisanship will be the death of this nation.

    Eric Blair (8f93a0)

  5. “vermin like Biden.”

    That comparison is unfair…to vermin.

    Dave Surls (13a5f6)

  6. Eric – Feel free to speak for me. You always manage to say what I am thinking, without the expletives.

    JD (bda7e2)

  7. JD, my father is a retired firefighter. I grew up with the creative use of profanity. Some of the posters here are artistes of the profane!

    Eric Blair (8f93a0)

  8. I’d like to whack Biden . . .

    . . . many, many times.

    Icy Texan (b7d162)

  9. Hey Biden, payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?

    dchamil (b81d35)

  10. artistes of the profane

    There you go bad-mouthing the French again. Racist.

    JD (bda7e2)

  11. Ask him about what members of his staff are girl-girls or girl-boys?

    Techie (07c8ee)

  12. I am still waiting to hear him talk about whether or not it is a good idea to just give Iran $200,000,000,000, or how that whole partitioning of Iraq would work.

    JD (bda7e2)

  13. As the owner of the highest IQ on the continent, Biden is beyond reproach. His book Ulysses should leave no doubt as to his intellectual bona fides.

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  14. Not to mention his universally-hailed theory of special relativity! A veritable boon to mankind, the man is.

    PCachu (e072b7)

  15. Well, on the bright side, DE will increase the intellectual integrity of their Congressional representation with Sloe-Joe’s elevation to Veep; and Joe will attain his descent to Garner-dom.

    I’m sure that gifts of buckets will be appreciated.

    Another Drew (46c816)

  16. I remember back when Letterman was funny and he did a Halloween bit where little kids showed up at the door in costume. One kid came up dressed as Abraham Lincoln. Letterman asked, “And who are you supposed to be, son?” The kid responded, “I’M JOE BIDEN!!”

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  17. Partisanship isn’t the problem. The problem is fanatical, dehumanizing leftism, which has given “partisanship” its bad name. This insecure, hateful and supremacist ideology cannot tolerate even the premise of debate, with its implied equality of legitimacy; it craves the existential annihilation of opponents. The ideology that needs to annihilate decent people like Aliota, Palin, etc. out of fear of them, out of fear of their goodness elevated.

    rrpjr (e98cdc)

  18. Wait a minute, can we really confirm that Joe Biden is Vice President-elect? I haven’t seen him since “we will get nuked by terrorists as a way of challenging the new President” back in October. I was thinking that maybe he was dropped for the ticket in favor of Al Gore, since all the ex-Clintonites seem to be back in favor.

    One thing we can assume: The “secure, undisclosed location” where V.P. Cheney spent so much time will come in handy whenever Biden shoots off his mouth and needs a timeout.

    JVW (bff0a4)

  19. Comment by JVW — 12/5/2008 @ 11:15 am

    Guess that means he won’t be spending a lot of time at the official residence?

    What’s next?
    Pix of Joe on milk-cartons?

    Another Drew (46c816)

  20. Go for it. Keep calling the president-elect of the US of A “vermin” and watch estimations of your credibility/temperament climb such that you win any and all awards for really, really, really good and cool and necessary blogs.

    Larry Reilly (d11f9a)

  21. Mary Reilly drops by to teach etiquette to people. It is to laugh.

    JD (059bab)

  22. Go for it. Keep calling the president-elect of the US of A “vermin” and watch estimations of your credibility/temperament climb such that you win any and all awards for really, really, really good and cool and necessary blogs.

    For the record, Larry, we are calling Joe Biden “vermin,” not your beloved Dear Leader. Try to read the comments before spouting off.

    JVW (bff0a4)

  23. JVW – Mary rides the short bus. Cut it a little slack.

    JD (059bab)

  24. Gosh, every time a dipstick like JD rushes a post and types “teh” instead of “the” I suppose they’ve just stepped up onto the short bus.
    I expect you folks, short-bused as you are, know exactly what I meant.
    And I expect Patterico will be whining again next year because he hasn’t made the list of serious and seriously good blogs. Vermin is as vermin does, my momma always said — and that includes whining over not being picked.

    Larry Reilly (d11f9a)

  25. ^ Jesus, you get a cypher in office, bought and paid for with overseas money and acorn votes, yet you come around here to act like a petulant little prick? What makes a liberal happy? If propping a socialist in the WH doesn’t work, you are beyond redemption. You’re a fanboy, an Obamabot.

    Vermont Neighbor (5ea336)

  26. I do that on purpose, Mary Reilly. Teh One. Teh Messiah. Teh SuxXor. Teh Stoopid. But, we do not expect people like you to get such subtle nuance.

    Good Allah.

    JD (059bab)

  27. Vermin? Okay. Obama is scum. Oh. Cover your ears. Bill Ayers is filth. Oh. Oh.

    I’m sure you spent the last 8 years respecting the CIC, right? Sorry though, that he kept you safe at home plucking away at your angry little keyboard. Liberals are so touchy. Look at Letterman. The guy looks older than McCain but the worst he’s ever been through is someone poaching lunch money from his office.

    Ungrateful fools.

    Vermont Neighbor (5ea336)

  28. VN – They have called Bush everything except President, and in many instances, denied that President Bush was their President. It is the absolute pinnacle of hypocrisy for them to cry foul over the even the slightest disrespectful word for them.

    JD (059bab)

  29. Larry thinks we are all a bunch of crybaby losers, yet he still spends his time commenting here. Who here among us has the real problem?

    JVW (bff0a4)

  30. After 8 years of fascistic police state warrantless eavesdropping warmongering by Hitler Chimp who is NOT my President I demand that you cease your racist right wing fear tactics and never speak ill of the One OR ELSE!

    Jack Klompus (b0e238)

  31. Larry Reilly is a parody of a parody.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  32. ‘Bots can’t even have a rational discussion about him: the question mark empty suit. And the media marvels that we don’t know his mystery, yet we do know so much. We know from what is traceable and verifiable to what’s disappeared, to the info that’s been scrubbed. All that’s been hidden and forcefully ignored.

    Look ahead. A human being cannot make you happy for 8 years straight. A president, even less. If Obama/Soros crack down on open discussion to cover for this fool for the duration of his term, we’re in bigger trouble than we thought. The credit card fraud should be the biggest story right now. If not, maybe Larry Reilly can provide a link as to why foreigners didn’t stink up this election. Or why they have the right.

    When we read that Obama spent 3 x as much money as McCain and election numbers were that close, it tells you millions of people are quite aware what’s going on. Our friend love2008 is peeking in to read, but lately, adds nothing. I guess she’s one of the happy voters. As the Alinsky team brings down America, the love/oiram types will continue to marvel at the destruction of it all. A socialist is not out for the betterment of man. His an axe to grind and a means to power.

    Vermont Neighbor (5ea336)

  33. “….As the Alinsky team brings down America….”

    Just how many people who voted on 11/4 are even remotely aware of Saul Alinksy? And how would you propose educating minorities and young people about the “dangers” Saul Alinsky’s ideas supposedly pose, and how would you get them to support you based on that?

    Brad S (b5b919)

  34. SPQR

    Larry Reilly is a parody of a parody, squared.

    JD (059bab)

  35. Brad S – None can be so blind as those that do not wish to see.

    JD (059bab)

  36. “None can be so blind as those that do not wish to see.”

    You mean like those who think that “Vote for ME! I’ll stop Obama and his Saul Alinsky-style radicalism!!” is something to rally the American public around?

    Brad S (b5b919)

  37. What plan would you have had McCain run on? Vote for me and I will be a Maverick? Vote for me I was a POW? Vote for me and we will pass Amnesty this time? Vote for a RINO? Vote for me and I will continue to piss you off for 8 more years?

    JD (059bab)

  38. Comment by Brad S @ 7:42 pm

    Trying to win independents, McCain was stuck with the choice of either appearing gracious or racist. Between the 2, it was Obama who pulled the race card many more times and with shameless bravado. Calling a former party president racist just to get votes? Whew. Even for a Democrat, that was a new low.

    Brad, the current educational system isn’t going to teach kids the underbelly of what America has fought against. We’re steeped in anti-Americanism, which is the trendy thing. I think if kids read and analyze and compare, the information is out there. And not every vote should be a conservative vote. But the bullying and treatment of Bush from the MSM hurt our less-ardent students more than Bush himself. And I’m not a fan by any means of all that Bush has done. But he did keep us safe following 9-11, and now, that feeling of security is somewhat fading. Obama and his type like to claim they’re one citizen, one with the world. But it’s the UN they ignored when evidence of Saddam’s defiance (the resolutions and sanctions) was traceable to the need for war. And Bush didn’t make that decision overnight either.

    This year, Obama was shoved down our throats because he was planned as a brand early on. The socialist smiling on the cover of People has a brand-new image that doesn’t fit the reality. Are we seething? Count the ways.

    Mao and Che and Fidel, these guys look so cool on t-shirts. To answer your question; reading, thinking and discussion is the way to learning. It’s not trendy, so it will be embraced by a smaller percentage of people. American Idol and self-love are what the Myspace crowd want. Obama is self-love. It’s a mirage though, of an angry black man who literally is the company he keeps. His associates top to bottom would have trouble passing a security clearance. Kids under 18, 21 need to know and hopefully, care.

    Vermont Neighbor (5ea336)

  39. “Brad, the current educational system isn’t going to teach kids the underbelly of what America has fought against.”

    And why is it the educational system’s job to promote your paranoia about some lunkhead ideologue? Again, how do you sell “fear of Saul Alinsky” to the general public in such a way that they want to vote FOR YOU?

    Brad S (b5b919)

  40. What paranoia are you referring to, Brad S?

    JD (059bab)

  41. Brad, it is not the schools’ jobs to sway future voters to one party or another. We don’t need classes in Obama Is a Socialist, Vote for Palin.

    As for Alinsky, just reading about him, reading about Wm. Ayers and his activities, his quotes and ideas, his desire to kill as a means for social improvement….it is not going to be taught in schools. Your paranoia says it shouldn’t be ? Something to hide ??

    Vermont Neighbor (5ea336)

  42. VN – Brad is arguing with someone, just not someone who is actually commenting on here. It is the idea of who we are that he is arguing with, or the charicature he has of us in his head. But he is not actually arguing with what we say, or the positions we actually have.

    JD (059bab)

  43. OK, JD, how do YOU sell “fear of Saul Alinsky” to the general public in such a way that they want to vote FOR YOU? I mean, if Obama is just a puppet for this puppeteer, how would you get the message out?

    Brad S (b5b919)

  44. Thanks JD. It seemed that way. All for the projection and his assumption.

    To find an Obamabot who can cite Teh One’s flaws. It’s almost like Kim Jong Il moved to America and taught Axelrod how to brainwash. grrr.. it’s a long 4 years ahead. Sarah, Mitt or Jindal in 12.

    Vermont Neighbor (5ea336)

  45. One of the best couple of sentences in Justice Thomas’ book.

    Apparently Biden called Thomas the night before the second day of hearings and told him, “Judge, you may not believe this, but tomorrow I will be your best friend in the room.”

    Thomas, “He was right, I didn’t believe him.”

    Mark_0454 (48edfc)

  46. “..but tomorrow I will be your best friend in the room.”

    With friends like this….

    Another Drew (98abde)

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