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L.A. Times Editor Denies Having Heard About the Sex Scandal Story — And I Believe Him

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As some of you noticed, Matt Welch left a comment on that L.A. Times Suppressed Sex Scandal post this morning, saying he hadn’t heard a thing about it. He sent me a more elaborate denial by e-mail, which I blogged at Hot Air, here.

15 Responses to “L.A. Times Editor Denies Having Heard About the Sex Scandal Story — And I Believe Him”

  1. It’s not even a good rumor unless we know who is suspected.

    TCO (3b23ad)

  2. From the NY Observer:

    “The Huma Story

    The back story, as it were, begins 32 years ago in Kalamazoo, Mich., where Ms. Abedin, who declined to participate in this article, lived until the age of 2. Her family then relocated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where she lived until returning to the States for college. She attended George Washington University. Her father, who died when she was 17, was an Islamic and Middle Eastern scholar of Indian decent. He founded his own institute devoted to Western-Eastern and interfaith understanding and reconciliation and published a journal focusing on Muslim minorities living in the diaspora. Her mother, a renowned professor in Saudi Arabia, is Pakistani.

    Ms. Abedin recently bought an apartment in the vicinity of 12th and U streets in Washington, D.C. When she comes to New York, she stays with her sister, who has an apartment in Manhattan—not, as one popular rumor has it, in Chappaqua with the Clintons. She has no children and has never been married. She’s single.

    Ms. Abedin began working for Mrs. Clinton as an intern for the then First Lady in 1996. She was hired as a staff assistant to the First Lady’s chief of staff, Maggie Williams. For several years, she was the backup to Mrs. Clinton’s permanent personal aide, Allison Stein, and she officially took over as Mrs. Clinton’s aide and advisor around the time of the 2000 Senate race.

    Her Presidential campaign title is “traveling chief of staff.”

    Another look:

    Both Dick Morris and Gennifer Flowers claimed Hillary was/is gay in their books.

    Is she? I don’t know.

    How does “everyone know?” By going to parties and seeing with their own eyes behavior. I doubt your source Patterico was part of the DC set which would include off the top of my head the Chris Matthews, Barbara Walters, Brian Williams, Tim Russert, Andrea Mitchell salon set. The kind of people who would be invited to parties where personal behavior would be observed.

    Certainly today I saw the media for the first time attack Hillary’s performance on the debates, it was shocking … almost as if they knew something was going to break.

    Bill Clinton’s paramours seem no secret, though the Media has kept them under wraps. I wonder how much that apartment in the smart section of Georgetown cost. Or how it’s affordable on a COS salary? I wonder about how a woman as a Pakistani (not Saudi) can function as a “renowned professor” in Saudi. Given what is known about Saudi attitudes towards both women and non-Saudis.

    Jim Rockford (e09923)

  3. I don’t care for the rumors about Hillary for two important reason. (1) they are rumors (2) the GOP would be much better served and effective if he kept to the issues. She can’t claim they are slinging mud if they do that.

    I’ve met Air Force guys who claimed to see “odd behavior” during the Clinton administration by the adults and daughter. But all they really saw was who they were hanging out with.

    voiceofreason (52dd66)

  4. If Hillary is gay…….I don’t think there is something about which I could care less.

    Now, her efforts in the political arena to socialize medicine, and statements like “privatization doesn’t solve anything” that indicate how she intends to govern…..those are pretty freaking important and worthy of attention.

    Andy (f52c29)

  5. I will respectfully restate my point. I don’t believe any excuse or deferral posted by ANYONE from the LATimes. I do so because as an organization, they have been dishonest and untruthful as anything I can think of.

    Again, I will not believe anything from inside the LATimes until their house is cleaned and unethical behavior is punished with terminating the actor of that behavior.

    PCD (b47ba5)

  6. The lofty Voiceofreason may not care if Hillary is gay, but I expect more than 90 percent of the rest of us would consider her ineligible for the highest office in the land.

    Banjo (b5278d)

  7. The L.A. Times for all its many faults would never publish a piece of sheer unadulterated gossip — which is what this “scandal” meme plainly is. “Hillary is a Dyke!” is older than the proverbial hills. Unless Ms. Clinto and Ms. Abedin are working for Al Queda (there I go again, giving Drudge a “scoop”) their rleationship (if any other than professional) will not gwet past the copy desk. Meanwhile, as is screamingly obvious, the Republican party has more than enough sex scandals to deal with — all of them making the papers far and wide.

    David Ehrenstein (b743cb)

  8. Banjo,
    You are making assumptions on rumor only. What’s the point in getting all spun up about something that may not even be the alleged scandal in this story?
    If giving one the benefit of the doubt is “lofty” I plead guilty!

    Voice of Reason (10af7e)

  9. While I appreciate PCD’s skepticism (for entertainment value, mostly), those who are genuinely interested in media literacy might consider two points:

    1) I do not have a dog in the hunt of whether there’s an ongoing (or quashed) investigation into some presidential candidate’s naughty bits; or even whether there’s a legitimate journalism-ethics brouhaha brewing somewhere in my building. In fact, on both counts, I lean toward hoping it’s true.

    2) The only thing I’ve denied is ever hearing anything about it. It’s amusing and informative to watch this relatively comprehensible statement be misconstrued in some places as me claiming there’s “no sex scandal.” It’s entirely possible that there *is* one. But if so, “everyone” does not, in fact “know” about it.

    Matt Welch (459577)

  10. G. Gordon Liddy was “outing” Hillary before Al Gore invented the internets. Even if this is the story, and I believe Matt Welch that there is no such story, it ain’t got legs. No reputable news source will touch it without sworn admissions from Hillary herself … and they shouldn’t.

    nk (7aed24)

  11. I cross-posted with Matt Welch. Allow me to amend my comment #9 to whatever extent is consistent with Mr. Welch’s comment #8.

    nk (7aed24)

  12. Matt Welch, thanks for your insight and your last comment. I believe you. My own position is if there’s significant evidence, it’s a real story and should be published. If there isn’t, then don’t.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  13. Banjo, more than 90%? I would suspect it’s nearer the other way around, and at least a solid 75% don’t care if Hillary Clinton is gay or not.

    It’s her stated policies and words that ensure I will never vote for her, but if I were undecided on the matter and she turned out to be gay that would enter precisely 0% into my decision.

    Andy (09ab51)

  14. There are some things that I really don’t want to think about. This is one.

    huey (c8d568)

  15. Patterico,

    Your commenters at HA really went over the cliff on this one. “Its about Chelsea, and who is her father .. maybe Webb Hubbel” “Flower’s alleged conversation with Bill about Hillary”

    Highbrow stuff like that is what makes it so easy for the Dems to portray the GOP as a bunch of goofs.

    voiceofreason (4c2ac4)

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