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DREAM Act Revisited?

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Mickey Kaus reports the Dream Act (which it is estimated will legalize 2.1 illegal immigrants) will be rejuvenated by Senator Harry Reid and there could be a vote as early as Wednesday. A list of supposed Senate fence-sitters is here.

If this story is true, the Senate is moving forward despite polling results like this Rasmussen poll that shows Americans want immigration enforcement, not a relaxation of immigration rules:

“Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Americans believe it is Very Important to improve border enforcement and reduce illegal immigration. That view is held by 80% of Republicans, 62% of Democrats, and 64% of those not affiliated with either major political party. Those figures are little changed from earlier in the year.”

There’s a real disconnect between the people and the government on this issue.


24 Responses to “DREAM Act Revisited?”

  1. Better to say: “potentially legalize 2.1 million — according to an immigration reduction-oriented research group.”

    Hard to imagine all immigrant children more than five years in the U.S. would complete at least 2 years college and two more toward a 4-year degree, or serve in the U.S. military for at least 2 years. While demonstrating “good moral character.”

    Bill sponsors note there are about 35,000 noncitizens serving in the military and about 8,000 enlist every year.

    Bill Carr, acting deputy undersecretary of defense for military personnel policy, told representatives of veterans groups in June that the Dream Act would help military recruitment and readiness, according to the Defense Department’s internal news service.

    Because the provision would apply only to high school graduates who have stayed out of trouble, it would be “very appealing” to the military, Carr said.

    steve (862d24)

  2. Steve – Isn’t the requirement to switch from conditional status to permanent legal status two years of higher education – that can be vocational education, college, or two years of military service? People have six years to complete the requirements.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  3. Some of the massive downsides are listed here:

    Calling your Senators on this is certainly needed, but since they’re not just corrupt but cocooned if you want to not have to keep calling them every few months let me suggest sending a more clear message:
    1. Go to campaign appearances and ask difficult questions.
    2. Upload and promote the response.
    3. Repeat until that causes amnesty supporters to lose credibility and support.

    Here’s a question about this bill, although it may no longer apply if they’ve in fact removed the out-of-state provisions so double-check first, or put it in the past tense (“you supported the version that…”):

    TLB (0c89cb)

  4. The Dems can probably pass this. In which case, Bush will sign it. The only part of “comprehensive” “reform” he ever wanted was the amnesty.

    This isn’t all the amnesty he wants, but he’ll take it.

    Republicans will lose ten Senate seats, thirty House seats, and the White House. Most incumbents will barely notice as they’ve spent the last two years stuffing every spare dime and loose candlestick in their own pockets, or those of nephews or other family members.

    People need to start thinking about how they’ll protect their assets during a Hillary presidency with a veto-proof Dem congress.

    Kevin R.C. 'Hognose' O'Brien (6854b1)

  5. I am far from conservative. I think George W. will go down in history as a superficial cowboy whose presidency was the worst. I believe that the current deification of Reagan, a clueless figurehead whose administration was scandal-ridden (and who signed the last amnesty bill), is a gross rewriting of history.

    But I am totally fed up with illegal immigration and our coddling of it. I can understand the Dems wanting to pander to the Latino bloc, but I think it is a horrible miscalculation that suppresses wages and kills the middle class. A few cents more for lettuce (and that is the entire share that labor costs in the supermarket price) is well worth saving the billions in direct costs and untold tens of billions in damage to our education, health care, and criminal justice systems.

    I hate that Feinstein and Boxer favor these amnesty measures. But where is my alternative? Blind support for the failed war in Iraq and gearing up for Iran, ever-tougher three strikes and wasteful war on crime, money for prisons rather than schools, more intrusion into personal choice (abortion, medical marijuana, death with dignity, tapping my phone and email)?

    nosh (53dd5b)

  6. Bush’s capitulation to Mexico is on. For some reason Bush is absolutely determined to turn America into a Latin American country and Americans laws, the American culture and American people be damned.

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  7. I think this also says something to conservatives who’re disaffected with the GOP. The Republicans in the Senate aren’t stopping this bill from coming up or moving forward tomorrow. Do these people expect to get campaign contributions after they pull this stunt? Well, obviously, yes, because they’ve pulled the same stunt twice this past summer. They know what they’re doing.

    Thus, once again, we conservatives have to threaten our own representatives just to get them to do the right thing, on an issue of enormous importance to us, an issue where we’ve made our position very clear, over and over again. If that’s the sort of relationship we have with this party, why are we continuing to support it?

    Alan (f1706f)

  8. When The Decider holds unpopular opinions, it is called “leadership.” Only wimpy democrats hold their fingers up to the wind ya know. But when Reid does it, it is called a “disconnect.”

    Psyberian (9a155b)

  9. Word is that Reid will set a CLoture vote today on the Durbin bill.

    It hasn’t even been debated in commitee…

    I’m totally disgusted.

    Scott Jacobs (e3904e)

  10. steve, ever heard of “the thin end of the wedge”?

    If, of course, you not only want amnesty but open borders, for sure sit on your hands in November and hand the Democrats those veto-proof majorities. The myopia of the conservative bloc of this country is reaching epic proportions.

    chaos (2a6b46)

  11. Harry’s having a bad month, between getting schooled by Rush Limbaugh over the charity auction of the abuse of power letter and just now getting caught trying to blame the California fires on global warming (and running away from his words like a coward when a reporter called him on it). This will just be the icing on the cake when voters get wind of it.

    M. Scott Eiland (040661)

  12. The disconnect is not between government and the people, instead the disconnect is between the people and the reality that the Senate and the House have taken huge bribes in order to get legislation enacted, AND THIS IS THE ONLY WAY LAWS ARE PASSED. When you have behemouth multi-nationals and equally rich and powerful unions like the UAW donating at will “the so-called people” ain’t getting jack. Remember, campaign contributions aren’t all that is ever offered; there are whores (in various guises like actresses), junkets to exotic lands, plane tickets, stock, IPO’s and so on. Our government is as corrupt as any Third World Nation we accuse of corruption and this DREAM ACT (actually the Nightmare Act) fiasco demonstrates it.

    Howard Veit (4ba8d4)

  13. I always chuckle at how much stake many people put in polls they agree with and pooh pah polls with which they don’t agree.
    This is a dumb bill and it is getting the typical knee jerk reaction from the “conservatives” that mainly involves claiming all we have to do is enforce the border and life is good. Because of this reaction the Dems will give their expected knee jerk reaction of how the GOP is intolerant and racist.
    Nothing is accomplished except maintaining the status quo.

    (1) Dry up the demand by penalizing businesses who hire illegals fines signficant enough to make them go out of business. That will turn off the incentive to come here illegally in short order.
    (2) Finish the fence and add personnel to the border patrol.
    (3) National ID card tied to a central database for drivers licenses.
    (4) Institute a policy of mandatory service for every able minded 18 year old citizen that requires either 2 years service in the military or in a job corps type role. For those who refuse to do that, make it clear that:
    (a) They will never be eligible for federal jobs
    (b) They will never be eligible for federal student aid
    (C) They will never qualify for small business loans from the feds

    When we have to start farming out military service to illegal immigrants because we can’t get enough recruits from legal citizens we have hit rock bottom.

    Voice of Reason (10af7e)

  14. VOR:

    When we have to start farming out military service to illegal immigrants because we can’t get enough recruits from legal citizens we have hit rock bottom.

    I generally agree with your earlier points but I can’t let this one stand without commenting. I believe that most illegal immigrants who join the military do so as a way to earn legal status and to improve their educational and economic positions. It’s also a way to serve the country they want to live in. I certainly don’t view that as rock bottom.

    DRJ (970b3a)

  15. DRJ,

    I didn’t explain rock bottom very well apparently. It is not a knock on the illegals who want to earn citizenship. Rather it is a knock on my fellow citizens who see military service as inconvenient or “not for them” and when retention becomes a problem take the view of “let the illegals do it”.
    Hope that makes more sense.

    Voice of Reason (10af7e)

  16. Thanks for clarifying that VOR. It seems we agree on that, too.

    DRJ (970b3a)

  17. The dream act is americas nightmare

    krazy kagu (6cb3c5)

  18. if the muchachos are willing to pick up a rifle and defend this country, then God bless…make them instant citizens.

    sam cafone (29a7ba)

  19. i have lived here every day of my life since i was 2 years old. im 17 now. and your calling people like me who only want to be treated as equals criminals?! what have i ever done to you or anyone else in this country? why am i considered a piece of trash to you people?! i work just as hard as any other kid in high school if not harder. i love this country, i just hate anyone who cant understand, i am an individual human being and have done nothing wrong. i didnt cross any border or break any laws that i knew about. yet still you hate us. i think its people like you who ruin the country. my brother came here when he was 8, now hes 23. hes sitting in an immigration detainment center waiting for deportation. he wanted to be a doctor but now thatll never happen. because people like you cant see the potential in people like us. because you stop and try to tear down peoples dreams. because you cant help anyone but youself. but its okay because my brother is and always be a better person than youll ever be. you say im supposed to fix my situation because im an adult. tell me, whats the greatest thing u ever did when u were 17? u were born with the privilege of being an american citizen. you didnt have to earn it or fight for it. you were born with it and yet ur still complaining how much americans suffer.what am i supposed to do? get myself a lawyer? with what money? and with no chance of being legalized if this bill doesnt get passed.

    fernanda (40ac3d)

  20. Yes, we were born with the priviledge and you were not. That your parents illegally brought you here however, does not impose a burden upon us.

    SPQR (26be8b)

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