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Trinity Bright and the People who Love Her

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Seven-year-old Trinity Bright loves Halloween but since inoperable brain cancer made it unlikely she will go Trick-or-Treating this year, her parents and neighbors decided to do something about it.

Last Thursday night, almost every house in Trinity Bright’s northwest Fort Worth neighborhood participated in an early Halloween for her, including early Trick-or-Treating, music, games, and costumes:

“For two hours Thursday night, 7-year-old Trinity Rhyan Bright, in costume as a baby holding a big bottle, went trick-or-treating in her northwest Fort Worth neighborhood. For most children, Halloween’s not for four more weeks. Didn’t matter. Trinity’s family and friends just want to make her happy and Trinity loves Halloween.

The first-grader has diffuse pontine glioma, an inoperable brain cancer.

A neighbor, Scott Nipp, said the idea for an early Halloween started recently when Trinity’s parents, John and Angel Bright, asked neighbors if they would hand out candy during a mock night of trick-or-treating. Nipp said his wife, Rhonda, and other neighbors quickly organized a much bigger celebration. “Everyone has been touched by her story,” Trina Booker said. “If we can just make one day special for Trinity and her family, we’d stop at nothing to do that.”

Fire trucks, police cars and clowns showed up in the neighborhood near the corner of Boat Club and Ten Mile Bridge roads. Friends dressed in elaborate costumes and more than a dozen neighbors decorated their homes and handed out treats. Activities included a bean bag toss and fishing for toys.”

Trinity’s medical problems began in early March with double vision. By mid-March, she had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. Although wheelchair-bound and her body swollen from medications, reports indicate Trinity enjoyed her early Halloween.

Trinity Bright died this morning. Please click on this link to see a video about Trinity and her family.


10 Responses to “Trinity Bright and the People who Love Her”

  1. There’s a lot of ways to say this I suppose … it’s not the best way but it’s the best I can do … people can be kinder than God.

    nk (7d4710)

  2. NK,

    Helping us respond to hardship with kindness is what God does best. If everyone who reads this does one kind act in Trinity’s memory, the world will be a better place.

    DRJ (d0ada6)

  3. Like I said … you said it better, DRJ.

    nk (7d4710)

  4. I’m sorry – that sounded preachy. I’m not interested in inserting religion in a secular arena but it helps find meaning in this instance.

    DRJ (d0ada6)

  5. I thought I inserted the religion but thanks for taking the blame, DRJ. I agree with your comment #2. That we have been blessed with the capacity to show the kindness Trinity’s neighbors showed.

    nk (7d4710)

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  7. Sorry to get all grinchy, but Halloween’s a horrible concept, and I can’t help feeling sorry that this little girl was so enamoured of it that this was her final wish. I mean, given the situation as it actually was: she’s sick and she loves Halloween, the town definitely did a lovely thing for her. I’d have participated had I been there. But she should never have been taught to trick-or-treat in the first place, and as a society we ought not to encourage this practise.

    When you get right down to it, Halloween is about teaching kids to disguise their identities and go door to door demanding candy with menaces. What sort of lesson is that? There’s very little moral space between “twick or tweat” and “nice house you’ve got there, pity if something were to happen to it”.

    Now if you want a holiday practise that’s just as much fun, but teaches the exact opposite lesson, take Purim. On Purim kids in costume come to your door and give you candy. Yes, being kids they kind of hope that you’ll give them something in return, but they know that it’s about giving not receiving, and if you don’t happen to give them anything they don’t take it as an excuse for hooliganism. And at the end of the day they do end up with a whole lot of candy, just as the trick-or-treaters do, but they’ve also learned a positive lesson instead of a negative one.

    Milhouse (196f3c)

  8. Milhouse, you miss the point.

    If it made this little girl smile just once, it is worth everything else that comes with the holiday…

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  9. No, I didn’t miss the point at all. Read it again.

    Milhouse (c4a90c)

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