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Jeff G. and Bill Ardolino Chat It Up

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Catching up on blog reading, I see two random IM conversations (here and here) between Jeff Goldstein and Bill Ardolino, “who as it turns out is in Fallujah or some such.” I have had a few chats with Bill over the past few days, but they haven’t been this funny.

I blame Bill.

Bill Ardolino Interviews Fallujah Police Officer

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Bill from INDC has a fascinating interview with an Iraqi policeman in Fallujah. Here is a quote:

INDC: What would happen if America left Iraq and Fallujah right now? What would happen?

Mohammed: “It’s going to be a disaster.”

INDC: How so?

Mohammed: “There will be revenge from everybody.

And this one:

INDC: [W]hat do you think of Americans, and has that opinion changed over time?

Mohammed: “I think we need the Americans. If they go out right now it’s gonna be a disaster. And believe me, even if they get out of Fallujah, Washington itself will be a target.”

Read the post for a fascinating description of the “secret war” going on inside Fallujah.

Bill Ardolino Interviews Marine Lance Corporal

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Allah almost gave this one the “red meat graphic.”

Bill sets this one up nicely, by relating a conversation he had with a “pleasant Icelandic woman” who claimed that American military in Iraq are dumb or disadvantaged. When Bill gave examples of people who are not, she would reply that they are the exceptions to the rule. Bill says:

If my Icelandic acquaintance were to travel to Iraq, she might think, “My, there sure are a lot of ‘exceptions to the rule’ out here.”

And Bill goes straight into his interview of Lance Corporal Nathan (Chad) Yeager. A taste:

I could be rolling out there on a humvee, get shot at, and tuck and roll. But that’s not the way we do.

We stop, we put ourselves in danger, we get out of the humvee, we’ve got all our gear on, and we engage. The Marine Corps has trained us and trained us and trained us to be like that.

And I’ll tease you with this:

We’re on the baby steps right now. We’ve finally got ’em to where they’re halfway doing their job, going out there and doing their job, but if we pull out right now, they’re still halfway depending on us. If we pull out right now, let’s just say things will go straight back to where they were. There’s been a lot of progress here. Take the SMG (Special Missions Group – very roughly, an Iraqi SWAT team): the first night they went out, they got butterflies and chickened out. One of them said, “We don’t want to go out and do this, we just want to sit back and do QRF (Quick Reaction Force).”

And I said,

Well, you’ll have to go to Bill’s post to find out what he said.

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