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Trump Deplatforms Cartoonist on “Whine About Deplatforming” Day

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Today is the big social media summit that DRJ mentioned below. Otherwise known (by me) as Whinefest, the summit provides an opportunity for Trump lovers of every stripe to come together and whinge about Twitter and Facebook using their own private property to exclude people whose views they find reprehensible.

One of the people originally invited was anti-Semitic cartoonist Ben Garrison, but after Jewish groups contacted Trump to say what the hell, Garrison was disinvited. Here’s the New York Times.

Ben Garrison, a pro-Trump cartoonist, was originally scheduled to attend, but the White House rescinded his invitation this week, according to Politico, after critics accused him of drawing an anti-Semitic cartoon.

(Well, more than one, actually, but I can see why the New York Times would be sensitive about such a topic.)

ZOMG!!!1! Deplatformed!

Apparently Trump excluded Garrison because he, OK I mean his Jewish supporters, found Garrison’s views reprehensible. I think we can all understand that and approve it, even as we wail to high heaven about Twitter and Facebook doing the exact same thing, only with private property as opposed to the public property of the White House.

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