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Evening Open Thread: Trump Edition

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I have been slammed at work but several Trump developments have happened that I know y’all want to talk about. Nothing says “half-assed post” like a post with the title “Open Thread.” So here we go.

* So Trump wants to have a big amnesty, in return for Congress funding a wall that we were told Mexico would pay for. A path to citizenship is the cherry on top! Ted Cruz says no.

* So Trump wants to talk to Mueller — and do it “under oath.” Allahpundit says it well:

Unless you think Trump’s prepared to handle hours of questioning from the Mueller dream team without telling a single lie — and we’re talking here about a guy who sometimes seems like he’d have trouble ordering a sandwich without telling a fib or two — he’s practically begging for a perjury charge.

We’ll spend months arguing about whether an obvious lie is really a lie, and whether lying to federal agents and/or perjury should really justify impeachment. (Hint: the right answer is yes for Hillary, no for Trump, because reasons. Hot takes a plenty will explain those reasons. I can’t wait.)

* Stormy Daniels just smiles when asked if she and Trump had sex.

Have at it.


  1. I think Trump is offering way too much on the DACA thing, especially as a starting point in negotiations. Unless, of course, he’s confident that the Democrats will reject the offer, in which case it’s a great move that’ll split their base. Hell, we’ve already got immigration activists protesting outside Schumer’s house, imagine what they’ll do if the Dems reject both amnesty and citizenship for “dreamers”?

    And yes, we were promised that Mexico would pay for that wall. And, now would be an ideal time to do it; instead of asking congress to pony up funds, ask them to place a tariff on remittances to Mexico and a trade tariff as well, and direct those funds to the wall.

    Comment by Arizona CJ — 1/26/2018 @ 3:32 pm

  2. It’s a Bill of Love from Low Energy Trump.

    Comment by DRJ — 1/26/2018 @ 7:16 pm

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