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In Defense of Sam Seder’s Tweet About the Rape of His Daughter and Roman Polanski

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If you’re the type of person who uses the word “cuck” unironically, then to you, MSNBC’s Sam Seder is the cuckiest cuck that ever cucked — because Seder hates the alt right. (Full disclosure: so do I.) Seder has consistently pushed a crusade against that gang of conspiracy nuts, including Mike “Pizzagate” Cernovich. If you know anything about alt-righters, their God is the God of Retaliation. Nothing else in life really matters to them besides getting back at their perceived enemies. So Cernovich took a break from his conspiracy theories about shampoo to dig up this old tweet from Seder:

And managed to get Seder fired:

MSNBC has decided not to renew its contract with contributor Sam Seder after an old tweet emerged in which Seder joked about Roman Polanski raping his daughter, TheWrap has learned.

Seder’s contract ends in February and he has no scheduled appearances between now and then, a spokesperson for MSNBC told TheWrap.

. . . .

A person familiar with the situation said the decision to sever ties with Seder was directly related to the Polanski matter.

“Internally there was disgust over the tweet,” said the individual.

The tweet was first brought to wide attention last month by the pro-Trump journalist and activist Mike Cernovich.

Idiots. Dupes.

To me, Seder’s tweet was a good and brave tweet. Was it shocking? You bet. But so is what Roman Polanski did to Samantha Geimer when she was 13 years old. Seder’s tweet is obvious satire, designed to mock the people in Hollywood who defended Polanski. The tweet is basically a Twitter version of what Ace of Spades wrote about Polanski in 2009:

And he drugged her, and even as she resisted, he raped her. And then, figuring, I guess, “Ah, what the hell, gone this far, might as well run the table,” he sodomized her.


But he made The Pianist. So — no biggie.

You’d think someone who is actually disgusted by Polanski’s actions, and by the excuses Polanski’s supporters made, would applaud Seder’s decision to take on those supporters. But of course, Cernovich cares more about his feuds than about what Polanski did to a 13-year-old. Cernovich saw an opportunity to slam Seder and he took it. Cernovich pretended that the tweet supported Polanski, and rallied his mindless band of pearl-clutching fake opponents of political correctness, who predictably flew into an entirely phony outrage about the tweet. These Fierce Defenders of Free Speech took a tweet that attacked Polanski’s defenders, and screamed: Sam Seder defends Polankski! Sam Seder thinks rape is funny! Sam Seder thinks rapes of little girls are funny, including the rape of his own daughter! Blah blah outrage blah blah offended blah blah.

Seder explained last week what should have been obvious: it was a slam on Hollywood elites who defended the rape of a child because the rapist made some movies people like:

“This smear involves the willful misinterpretation of a tweet that I posted in 2009,” said Seder, who said Cernovich and his allies were deliberately misrepresenting him to silence his criticism of Roy Moore and President Trump. “I will never be ashamed of criticizing those who would excuse the predation of women or girls. And I certainly won’t be quiet about Roy Moore or a conservative movement that which would defend his actions so they could get his vote in the Senate.”

Seder said the tweet was satirical and was intended to show his disgust with liberals at the time who were attempting to apologize for Polanksi’s past behavior.

So now Mike Cernovich has managed to get the scalp of a guy who actually fought the left’s apologetics on Polanski.

Congratulations, I guess. The Phony Outrage Mob has claimed another victim.

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  1. I feel sorry for Mr. Added it that tweet was sarcasm, although it sounded real to me when I first read it.

    Online sarcasm is tricky. It can be effective when the listener/reader gets it, but it’s not effective when it is misinterpreted. Then it is hurtful, divisive, and, in this case, easy for opponents to use.

    Comment by DRJ — 12/5/2017 @ 11:39 am

  2. Seder, not Added.

    Comment by DRJ — 12/5/2017 @ 11:39 am

  3. It seemed pretty obvious to me that it was sarcasm. The only way I would be prepared to opine otherwise would be if Seder had a long history of supporting Polanski (which he does not).

    Comment by Patterico — 12/5/2017 @ 12:01 pm

  4. So you used your knowledge of Seder’s past statements to decide if he was being sarcastic? Similarly, in real life, we rely on what we know about people and we observe how they say things to decide if they are being sarcastic. Every so often, we still misinterpret what someone says and when they see our reaction, they will reassure us by saying “I’m joking.”

    In other words, sarcasm isn’t always easy to read, even in real life, unless you know the person and know their sense of humor. Sarcasm can be very funny and very effective but it can also be easily misinterpreted. Like this case.

    Comment by DRJ — 12/5/2017 @ 4:46 pm

  5. I see what you mean. I wasn’t 100% sure, but I have seen him before and he seemed like your standard lefty, with smug annoying conventional opinions, but not a firebreathing wacko who would say crazy stuff. But yes, some people think like that and talk like that, so it’s not crazy to think he could have said that and not been sarcastic.

    Comment by Patterico — 12/5/2017 @ 7:14 pm

  6. As demonstrated by the 2016 presidential primary, we must all dumb down our expectations of the public’s perceptive and reasoning ability. This seems to be an ongoing process, the MTV generation, people living in a video world instead of reading books any more, or whatever.

    Comment by Luke Stywalker — 12/6/2017 @ 3:51 am

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