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Trump Vows to Fight Freedom Caucus in 2018

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They told me if I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, we’d get a President determined to fight conservatives — and they were right!

The Freedom Caucus contains people who want to actually repeal ObamaCare rather than replace it with another big government program that retains central planning of the health care sector.

Trump has no interest in policy details. He just wants something he can call a “win” even if the price of people’s premiums continues to rocket upwards.

Increasingly, that is what Republicans want too: “winning” that results in big government, federal control of the economy, and pork pork porkity pork (that’s coming next).



  1. Of course, it’s no surprise to those of us who we’re paying attention instead of fawning over Trump’s empty promises and chest thumping bravado. I’m sure his cultists will now explain to all of us how Trump is playing multi-dimensional chess and how conservatives need to compromise, or are forcing Trump to go left in less than 80 days in office.

    Comment by Sean — 3/30/2017 @ 7:04 am

  2. I hoped Trump was smart but he isn’t. Then I hoped he had smart advisers but he doesn’t. He is an egotistical braggart who thinks manipulation is a virtue. But what makes his followers so addicted to him?

    Comment by DRJ — 3/30/2017 @ 7:13 am

  3. Trump finally had me ready to support him after nominating Gorsuch, lost me again with his ACHA antics, and with this tweet I’m finally in the Patterico/Classic-Limbaugh camp of “I hope he fails.” The man just can’t govern, lead, or be trusted with the power of the Executive Branch.

    Comment by Sean — 3/30/2017 @ 7:35 am

  4. I hope Trump chooses conservative policies because I think they are the policies that will do the most for Americans. But it’s clear conservatism isn’t on Trump’s agenda, so we need to keep pressuring Trump and Congress to consider conservative solutions. “Trust Trump” doesn’t work for me. Why should I trust him?

    Comment by DRJ — 3/30/2017 @ 8:15 am

  5. I don’t understand why anyone trusts Trump. My guess is that not many people have strong policy beliefs these days, and they want leaders who feel the same way. DCSCA is right: Pragmatism is what matters, not principles. But what do you have if you don’t have principles?

    Comment by DRJ — 3/30/2017 @ 8:20 am

  6. Surprise- Trump is protecting the establishment over the opposition.

    I’m not really surprised. Trump has done some good, but also some bad.

    Comment by Patrick Henry, the 2nd — 3/30/2017 @ 8:55 am

  7. Yes, that’s true, Patrick Henry. I guess Trump sees embracing the GOPe as the path to a successful Presidency because it lets him do things. It would be nice if his agenda were to do successful things, instead of doing things and calling it a success.

    Comment by DRJ — 3/30/2017 @ 10:05 am

  8. I thought about this and ultimately the only thing you have that matters are your values. Material things and people, even family, go away but you always have your values. If you don’t have any, there’s nothing left.

    Comment by DRJ — 3/31/2017 @ 7:22 am

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