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Good News from John Krasinski

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There is a lot of bad news out there. It can seem overwhelming at times. John Krasinski — the fellow who played Jim on The Office, plays Jack Ryan on Amazon, and directed A Quiet Place — has a solution: a program about good news. It comes out on YouTube on Sunday nights, with two episodes so far. Here is Episode 1, which features a talk with Steve Carell about the 15th anniversary of The Office:

You’d have to be a grinch not to have the program bring a smile to your face. Spread the word.

10 Responses to “Good News from John Krasinski”

  1. I subscribed immediately when I saw this pop up on the tubes. Not amazing, but all I want is a pleasant palate cleanser, success.

    Colonel Klink (Ret) (305827)

  2. I put Episode I on my Facebook last Thurs and will do the same for Episode II. How can you not be a fan of the guy.

    Paul Montagu (f57f23)

  3. Oh, my heart: the elderly couple singing Amazing Grace. Not able to touch each other but it doesn’t really matter because they are already one.

    Dana (4fb37f)

  4. The best way to start the day is Happy Tears with SGN.

    DRJ (15874d)

  5. This. Is. Fantastic. Thank you for the pointer!

    ColoComment (2429fb)

  6. BTW, Episode 2 used Zoom in an excellent and wonderful way. Yes, I got a little misty.

    Paul Montagu (f57f23)

  7. I would like to see reruns of hailie deegan winning k&n nascar races as she channels her inner dale earnhardt senior to knock the boys out of the way to win races. The only woman (actually teenage girl) to win nascar races.

    rota (86111b)

  8. I had a kind of uplifting, good-newsy encounter last night.

    I got bored and logged into World of Warcraft last night. I only play very infrequently these days, but it is kind of cool to be able to (virtually) move around in the outdoors.

    So I was doing a quest on one of my alts, killing some bad guy, and another player ran in at the last moment and tagged him just before I finished. I was a mage, and he offered to teleport me back to the quest giver, which was cool of him, and then I saw the character’s name – “DrZip” !

    DrZip was the raid leader in my former guild back in 2015-16. He quit playing the game to go to medical school. We had a lot of good times playing WoW, but I hadn’t seen him or talked to him since then. Since I wasn’t on my main character, he didn’t recognize me, but once we established that we were old buddies, we spent a several hours catching up.

    DrZip is now in his 4th year of med school, and got sent home like students everywhere else due to the Coronavirus.

    He told me he saw a doctor in Czechoslovakia got a design approved for a plastic face shield that could be 3d printed. (It’s the headband that’s 3d printed, then you take a thin sheet of clear plastic, three-hole punch it, and attach). The thing is held on by rubber bands.

    Here’s a picture of one.

    DrZip contacted the head of his med school and suggested producing these for distribution to frontline providers. So while he is on break from school, DrZip has gone into the plastic face-shield manufacturing business. He said they cost him about $1 each to make, and he ships them to hospitals. He has a bunch of 3d printers (I think he said over 20, I didn’t ask if he owned them, I assume not) cranking these things out.

    I thought that was incredibly cool.

    Dave (1bb933)

  9. @8 Good for him!

    Nic (896fdf)

  10. That’s great, Dave. There are a lot of awesome people out there.

    Dustin (fa728c)

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