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Epstein News

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[Headlines from DRJ]

At least 8 jail workers knew Jeffrey Epstein shouldn’t have been left alone in cell:

At least eight jail staffers were aware that strict instructions had been given not to leave Jeffrey Epstein alone in his cell — but the order apparently was ignored in the 24 hours before he hanged himself, according to a report.

Investigators looking into the apparent failure to follow instructions were shocked that so many Federal Bureau of Prisons staffers — including supervisors and managers — were aware of the directive, people familiar with the matter told the Washington Post.

Epstein managed to settle his financial affairs, which people often do before committing suicide:

The will that disgraced financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein signed just two days before his jailhouse suicide puts more than $577m in assets into a trust fund that could make it more difficult for his dozens of accusers to collect damages.

Estate lawyers and other experts say prying open the trust and dividing up the financier’s riches is not going to be easy and could take years.


By putting his fortune in a trust, he shrouded from public view the identities of the beneficiaries, whether they be individuals, organizations or other entities. For the women trying to collect from his estate, the first order of business will be persuading a judge to pierce that veil and release the details.

From there, the women will have to follow the course they would have had to pursue even if Epstein had not created a trust: convince the judge that they are entitled to compensation as victims of sex crimes. The judge would have to decide how much they should get and whether to reduce the amounts given to Epstein’s named beneficiaries, who would also be given their say in court.

The Will is also being probated in the US Virgin Islands, where Epstein owned two islands, which adds another layer of complexity and difficulty for claimants. I wonder if Epstein left bequests to friends or faithful employees living there. If so, challenging the Will might require asking a local judge to set aside or limit those bequests.


11 Responses to “Epstein News”

  1. Hmm.

    If Minos, Rhadamanthus and Aeacus adjudged him a suicide, he is a tree and he cannot laugh (or speak) unless someone breaks off a branch (which hurts and bleeds).

    If they adjudged him a panderer and seducer (“sex trafficker”) he is marching around in a circle, in single file with others of his ilk, and being whipped by horned demons, so he might be able to squeeze out a laugh between screams.

    nk (dbc370)

  2. Occam’s razor keeps getting duller and duller in this case.

    Bored Lawyer (998177)

  3. Those workers may seem incompetent, lazy, indifferent, and dumb, but they’re essentially unaccountable, entitled to early retirement and pensions.

    Harcourt Fenton Mudd (0c349e)

  4. More Epstein news:

    Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un sends condolences to US President Donald Trump for recent death of close friend, Jeffrey Epstein.

    Paul Montagu (a2342d)

  5. More Epstein news:
    Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un sends condolences to US President Donald Trump for recent death of close friend, Jeffrey Epstein.

    I am not a fan of trump and yes Trump did know Epstein which is to be expected considering their wealth.

    However, Trump banned the pedophile from his property whereas the other unmentioned perps continued to be associated with the head pedophile

    joe (debac0)

  6. like bill Richardson and George Mitchell, she has little evidence, but it was a claim back in 2005,

    narciso (d1f714)

  7. Epstein-Barr.

    What? You don’t think it’s funny?

    nk (dbc370)

  8. he was hired after sr, barr left,

    narciso (d1f714)

  9. At least eight jail staffers were aware that strict instructions had been given not to leave Jeffrey Epstein alone in his cell — but the order apparently was ignored in the 24 hours before he hanged himself, according to a report.

    Was it ignored, or rescinded?

    Epstein’s cell mate claims he is being told by guards not to talk (because this wasn’t the only night guards didn’t check every half hour throughout the whole night?)

    His lawyer says he is also being told to shut up.

    As I said, I think they weren’t following all the rules in that jail, and it had gone on so long that it was impossible to run it in accordance with the rules.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

  10. there were two stories. One was in the papers sometime before the news of the lawsuit that was filed the first day New York Statewe’s lookback period opened.

    One girl was 14 in 2001 when she was met outside her school by what you can call a recruter. This 20+ woman praised Epstein as rich man who wanted to hep people (didn’t mention of course that it was on;y girls)

    When she went to him he talked and gave her money.

    (Note: It seems like he always gave people money BEFORE anyblody did much of anything. Then it became a matetr of avoiding loss rather than making a profit)

    Then laer asked her to massage him in her underclothes. Giving her money when she left.

    Eventually, when she was 15 he asked her to do it naked

    Then he aparently got ahead of himself and raped her. Rape Rape as Oprah Winfrey would say.

    She ran away, and was so intent on avoding him or any contact from him that she droped out of her special school which she had taken pains to get into.

    The other woman was recruited after Epstein had been been chargee in Florida/ She was recruoted when she was 17 but he didn’t have any sexual contact with her until she passed her 18th birthday. He would give her money like the rest, but one sday she needed or wanted an operation which wuld cost $20,000. Probably weight loss bariatric surgery – the article didn’t really say. I had the thought maybe it was Epstein who wanted her to have it.

    He promised to pay for it, half of it in advance. He gave her $10,000. He never gave her the remaining $10,000, but she would still come to see him and get money for what she did.

    Then one day he asked her or arranged for her to marrry another woman. This was about 2013. He wanted that to happen in order to keep a woman who worked for him (as a recrueter or something like that) in the United States. She did it.

    Then later, when she was 25, she was told she had gotten too old for him. No more money.

    She divorced her “wife” in 2017.

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

  11. There continues to be news about Epstein and the jail.

    Some other prisoners had cellphones (completely forbidden in prisons) and one streamed something live on facebook,

    In additon to the warden, the head of the Bureau of Prisons has also been transferrred. (besides the two girards who ahve been placed on administrative leave, which I think means suspended without pay) Some of the other people in the jail have taken lawyers or union reps with them to questioning and some have refused – they want immunity. But Attorney General William Barr thought the investigation is going well.

    The executors of the trust (about all that is known of it besides its estimated value) are two males and so is the alternate.

    Authorities in Paris have opened an investigation. Perhaps Jeffrey Epstein continued to have sexual contact with 15-year old girls there.

    I think the Westchester policeman held on four murder charges is not the same prisoner who was Jeffrey Epsteins cellmate in the days before his death. He was his cellmate before his first suicide attempt.

    The last successful suicide in the Metropolitan Correctionsal Center was not about 1993 but around
    2006. (I forgot the exact year)

    Possibly teh earliest police report about Jeffrey Epstein. (In 1996) It went nowhere:

    Twenty-four years ago, Ms. Farmer was an artist who had entered the unorthodox life Mr. Epstein lived behind the doors of his luxury estates. Mr. Epstein had offered to help her painting career, but it all came to an abrupt end one night in the summer of 1996, when she says Mr. Epstein and his companion, Ghislaine Maxwell, began violently groping her.

    She learned later that her 16-year-old sister, Annie Farmer, had been subjected to a troubling topless massage at Mr. Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico. [I think that means she massaged *him*]

    Ms. Farmer contacted the New York Police Department, and said she then went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, offering to share what she knew about Mr. Epstein and the parade of young women being brought to Mr. Epstein’s houses. Though the bureau has never acknowledged such a contact, Ms. Farmer said the F.B.I. must have had a record of it, because agents came back to her — years later — with questions. She also went to leaders in the New York art world that Mr. Epstein and Ms. Maxwell frequented, and the sisters tried to tell their story to a national magazine.

    In each case, their reports went nowhere.

    Finally, facing what she said were threats as a result of the sisters’ claims, Ms. Farmer abandoned her New York art career and stopped painting altogether.

    “I did not want another young lady to go through what Annie went through,” Maria Farmer said in a recent interview. “I could handle what happened to me. I could not handle what happened to her.”

    The article says she moved to New York in 1993 (when she was 25?) Her specialty was painting nudes with men looking at them in voyeuristic style (inspired she says by Edgar Degas’s famous piece “Interior,” which is sometimes known as “The Rape.”0 and she got introduced to jeffrey Epstein and wound up with a job acquiring art on his behalf, and then later managing the entrance to his townhouse. And there she saw women coming and going, and she says was told by Ghislaine Maxwell that that was modeling auditions for the lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret.

    She says the house at times bustled in anticipation of potential visits from Bill Clinton, although she never actually saw him there. (I think Bill Clinton has denied ever visiting there, and he was president then!) but she says she did see Donald Trump one day in Mr. Epstein’s office, and that Donald Trump eyed her before Jeffrey Epstein told him “she’s not for you.”

    Sammy Finkelman (102c75)

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