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Journalists Ignore Media’s Trump-Love During Campaign, Attack Supporters, Yet Can’t Figure Out Why MSM Is Not Trusted

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[guest post by Dana]

While President Trump stupidly threw red meat to his critics, fouling up a salient argument regarding voter i.d. laws, everybody’s favorite journalist, CNN’s Jim Acosta threw some red meat of his own to the critics and haters of Big Media:


While Trump gleefully stokes the fires of media-hate and intentionally nurtures an ugly divisiveness in the nation, it’s noteworthy that Acosta conveniently ignores the fact that it was his employer, CNN, which greedily greased the rails for Trump’s ascendancy to the White House. As a reminder:

The benefits to CNN are pretty obvious—namely, higher ratings, which translate into higher ad revenue. It’s not like the network only boosted its coverage of Trump as it has become more and more obvious that he would become the leading candidate. According to a number of media analysts, the Republican candidate received orders of magnitude more coverage from the very beginning of his campaign—before it was even clear how dominant his support was.

From June 16 (the day he announced his campaign) through September 14, media-tracking firm Zignal Labs said Trump was the subject of at least 2,159 CNN reports, almost twice as many as Florida governor Jeb Bush. Furthermore, the Media Research Center found that during a two-week period in August, close to 80% of CNN’s Republican campaign coverage was spent discussing Donald Trump: 580 minutes out of a total of 747 minutes.

Interestingly, Acosta also tweeted this in spite of his already earnestly expressed concern about the dangerous rally:


Ugh. Embarrassing child’s play, and painfully easy to see through:


Also piling onto Acosta’s elitist sense of self, while also conveniently ignoring Big Media’s dirty hands, Politico’s Marc Caputo whipped up his own special brand of derogatory hostility and divisiveness:



Ironically, Caputo seemingly still can’t understand why the media is so hated… Initially, Caputo came out swinging with sarcasm at his critics, but later issued an apology for his comments. But his ugly message remains: These garbage people, these Trumpsupporters, these hicks, these toothless clowns should stop fanatically clinging to their guns and Bibles and follow our example in how to treat fellow Americans!

It is undeniable that both sides of the political aisle are filled with deplorable individuals imbued with a perceived sense of righteous anger as they stoke the coals of dissension, and then claim the mantle of true patriot. Whether it’s members of the media, who conveniently forget their own complicity in giving Trump a helping hand for the sake of Big Ratings and subsequently downplayed the abuses leveled at his supporters, or whether it’s the Trump sycophants and loyalists, whose own bitterness and sense of betrayal have found a home in the incendiary provocations of Trump, they are all loathsome individuals. Neither group adds to the fiber of political discourse, nor do they persuade anyone to their cause. Oddly, Trump, like no other, brings to the surface all the arrogant dishonesty and self-deception that lies beneath the surface in many an individual. It’s raw, it’s angry, it’s manipulative and condescending. And from where I stand, it’s a foul piece of work, indeed.

P.S. I know a few good and decent people who uneasily support Trump. While I don’t share their views, I would absolutely exclude them from this assessment because I know that they too would turn away from anyone like those rally attendees captured on video, as much as they would people like Acosta and Caputo.

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59 Responses to “Journalists Ignore Media’s Trump-Love During Campaign, Attack Supporters, Yet Can’t Figure Out Why MSM Is Not Trusted”

  1. Hello.

    Dana (023079)

  2. the dirty CNN Jake Tapper fake news propaganda lick-licks have been aggressively refining their lying techniques since Katrina

    these people are utter and complete filth

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  3. Trump has my full support and I don’t give a tinker’s damn what blithering fools like Jim Acosta or Marc Caputo have to say.

    Acosta is a rude, two-faced crybully, who likes to push women around, and Caputo is a bitter snob looser who looks down his nose at the garbage people who won’t knuckle under to his presumptuous expectations.

    Neither one is worth a bucket of spit, and both are a pox on the public’s airwaves.

    ropelight (9514ab)

  4. Neither one is worth a bucket of spit

    and you can’t trust their reporting any more than you can trust the hot and horny trash at the fbi to run honest investigations

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  5. Times collection of grand Mal freak out covers is
    more indicative, Woodward’s upcoming issue of the gorilla channel, is much the same.

    narciso (d1f714)

  6. All you need to know about Acosta in two tweets.
    Most news media are hesitant to acknowledge that they’re ratings-and-click sluts. The more they mention Trump, the more their bottom line benefits, and cynical hacks like Acosta know it and play it to the hilt. And Trump’s not that stupid: He knows that they know it.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  7. They are like that, tapper f chuck, shepherd Smith, one learns to tune them out, have they shown any understanding of real life problems, no they just follow the narrative.

    narciso (d1f714)

  8. Anytime people want to talk to me about journalists who are threatened by lawless despots or who risk their lives reporting from hellish war zones, I just think to myself that it is stalwarts like Acosta and Caputo who are doing the amazingly brave work of being yelled at and given the finger by Trump supporters, in an era where media cutbacks have meant that they now have to stay at Marriotts and Hiltons rather than the W or the Four Seasons and they are limited to $150 per diem for food and oftentimes only get upgraded to business class instead of first class. Heroes they are, the lot of them.

    JVW (30a532)

  9. Memo to Trumpskites:

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  10. 1st amendment protects media from rights infringed by government. It does not protect media vermin like jim acosta from the wrath of the people. The people have the right to let cnn know they suck. Media cry babies want government to protect them. Woodward and bernstein never attended a press conference or rally while working on watergate. White house pressers and rallys to put their spin dryed mugs on television is not investigating and reporting the news. Old news mans homily. “what they don’t want you to know is news. what they want you to know is propaganda!”

    wendell (77317e)

  11. The people have the right to let cnn know they suck.

    wendie, wendie, wendie…

    1. CNN doesn’t suck.

    2. ‘The people,’ in case you forget, must pay to access CNN on basic cable cable or purchase of a TeeVee, a smartphone, etc. And they have many choices. If they can’t handle the CNN program, change the channel. You don’t threaten or harass someone for doing their job. Doubt you’d like it.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  12. Of course it does like a Bissell or hoover.

    It’s not as bad as feral msnbc though

    Narciso (e5d665)

  13. You don’t threaten or harass someone for doing their job.

    CNN Jake Tapper fake news played a big role in threatening and harassing cowardly Scott Pruitt out of his job

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  14. plus CNN Jake Tapper fake news likes to doxx people who make memes on the internet (political speech memes)

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  15. There Malcolm ‘noodle head’ mange suggested Islamic State attack trump properties overseas

    Narciso (e5d665)

  16. I love President Trump he’s the best first amendment president we’ve ever had that’s for sure!

    he’s a force for good and I trust him

    but you can’t trust CNN Jake Tapper fake news (liars)

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  17. No Caitlin Collins used to work for the daily caller, just goes to show you what the brainslugs do, in short notice.

    Narciso (e5d665)

  18. @12. The Colludin’ Cuban whines again.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  19. @12. No man is an island:

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  20. It does not protect media vermin like jim acosta from the wrath of the people.

    Depends on the kind of “wrath” employed, no?

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  21. CNN is ubs coasting on its reputation from 30 years ago, I can’t imagine anybody there as William holden,

    Narciso (e5d665)

  22. New poll:

    11% of Republican say it’s “appropriate” for Russia to help Republicans win the upcoming midterm elections. Another 29% say it’s “not appropriate, but wouldn’t be a big deal”.

    So that makes 40% of Republicans who either approve of Russian interference in our elections, or don’t strongly object to it.


    Dave (445e97)

  23. I do not watch TV. But I think this must be CNN.

    felipe (023cc9)

  24. Yes the noxious gas is the clue, now then again chavefsky would have been hard pressed to conjur up the likes of Richard quest.

    Narciso (e5d665)

  25. Like Rotherdam abroad:

    Narciso (e5d665)

  26. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the only political violence to come from inflamed passions was the guy who tried to murder the House GOP leadership.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  27. I remember, back in say 1990, when “This is CNN” was a boast worth making. Little did we know they were already making shady deals for access with shady people.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  28. You don’t threaten or harass someone for doing their job.

    If they did their job, no one would harass them. But after a long train of abuses and misrepresentations, serving invariably the same politics, “harassment” is the least they deserve.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  29. 27.I remember, back in say 1990, when “This is CNN” was a boast worth making.

    Not really. Even at ten years old it was more or less still known as ‘Chicken Noodle News’ in the biz until it made its bones w/t Gulf War coverage.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  30. Trump is not driving this, he’s riding something that was there already. Just ask Pat Cadell.

    And that was 2012.

    Kevin M (5d3e49)

  31. @28. If they did their job…

    They do.

    That you don’t like what you hear and see is your issue to deal with. If you prefer the Dead Parrot sketch 24/7, Rupert has a channel for you.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  32. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the only political violence to come from inflamed passions was the guy who tried to murder the House GOP leadership.

    This was fake news, I guess. Never happened. What you’re seeing, it’s not what’s happening.

    Just a bunch of civic-minded “good people” chanting “Jews will not replace us!” in a torch-light march!

    Dave (445e97)

  33. Deliberately targeting one person, with malice, as opposed to a mad panic, occasioned by McAuliffe stand down order isn’t the same thing.

    Narciso (b0dc42)

  34. And Hopkinson was maddows professed no 1 fan, in contact with Durbin and duckworth.

    Narciso (b0dc42)


    CBS Evening News w/Walter Cronkite, July 31, 1968. From the CBS News convention/election headquarters in Miami, FL.

    Reagan was already losing his mind half a century ago.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  36. CBS Evening News w/Walter Cronkite, July 31, 1968. From the CBS News convention/election headquarters in Miami, FL.

    Wow, it’s amazing that they show such long, uninterrupted speeches.

    That’s not entertainment.

    How do you expect people to follow an extended, 45-second long elaboration of a position, backed up by supporting points? Where are the punchy 5-second sound-bites?!

    Dave (445e97)

  37. @37.Try this tasty Traitor Trump appetizer; but be sure you show your network ID!

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  38. @37. Then wash down that Trumpitizer with this:

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  39. Collusion. That word doesn’t mean what they think it means.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  40. Never trumpers are leaving republican party as populists take over. 90% now support trump. Some are joining free trade democrat donors still trying to buy the black and latino vote from sanders supporting democratic base. clinton only won new york and california by keeping independents from voting for bernie in primaries. Donor class including msnbc who donated to crowley couldn’t stop alexandra ocasio-cortez from beating him. She is obama in waiting for 2024!

    wendell (1db05c)

  41. Seared in my memory is Acosta’s and Caputo’s coverage of that tragedy in Alexandria, VA, when a Trump supporter shot one leading Democratic Senator at the R v D baseball game and only regretted that he had not gotten more of them.

    jim2 (9cf91b)

  42. Acosta and Trump are made for each other. CNN would be dead now if it weren’t for Trump.

    Patricia (3363ec)

  43. Cnns pushing up the daisies if it wasn’t for airports and doctors offices.

    Narciso (eb271e)

  44. “No. I do not feel that the media is the enemy of the people.”

    They will try to tell you that Ivanka Trump said this.


    Dave (445e97)

  45. Under the category of fake news, this hoax scientific paper was actually published, and here’s the guy who wrote it. It would’ve been fun seeing someone conduct a thorough peer review to see if the results could be replicated.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  46. Not all so-called ‘media’ operates in a determined way hostile to the interests of the American people, but the overwhelming preponderance of TV news and opinion shows plus the major newspapers are guilty as charged.

    To say the national media IS the enemy of the people is to speak an obvious truth to a corrupt power elite who have closed their eyes and ears in service to a cabal of treacherous political criminals desperate to evade prosecution and well deserved incarceration.

    ropelight (72ff69)

  47. While loosely on the subject of media, Omarosa is coming out with a book pretty soon, and it’ll once again put forward the assertion that Trump’s mental capacities have diminished, but this is coming from a person of diminished credibility. What we do know is that he’s already told as many untruths in 2018 as he did for all of 2017, indicating less tetheredness to facts and reality.

    Paul Montagu (84878a)

  48. To commenter Leland:

    I found the comment you left in the spam folder. In reading it, it’s safe to say that it landed there because of using the F-word. If you could edit those to F-word or F***, it will get past the filter and make it here to the comments section.

    Dana (023079)

  49. More of that civility

    I was describing the kgb training facility

    narciso (d1f714)

  50. #49–I hear that the ban on plastic straws was based on a school paper some kid in Vermont wrote, and his research consisted of calling companies who manufactured plastic straws and asking them how many they made each year–that’s what passes for science and hard news in this day and age.

    Rochf (877dba)

  51. that kid should be famous

    like clock boy famous

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  52. @47. More whine from the Colludin’ Cuban.

    Live from Havana, it’s Coco.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  53. Were you impressed with their history of comedy,

    That Zimbabwean election went well dontcha think

    narciso (d1f714)

  54. Dana, thanks. I’m not much on cursing, but the phrase is exactly what was stated, and it was stated that way for effect.

    BTW, to me, it looked liked it posted immediately, so I didn’t know it was in moderation.

    Leland (fc2357)

  55. irony is dead, and gone zombie:

    narciso (d1f714)

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