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Then and Now [Updated]

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[guest post by JVW]

Harvey Weinstein victim, actress Rose McGowan, last fall:

Rose McGowan November

Yesterday’s big news story regarding actress Asia Argento, another victim of Harvey Weinstein:

Asia Argento

Ms. McGowan’s response earlier today to the allegations against Ms. Argento:

Rose McGowan August

One is tempted to mutter “unbelievable,” but in today’s age of intersectionality coupled with the lunacy and moral sewer of Hollywood mores it is sadly all too believable.

UPDATE: I should mention that Ms. McGowan also had a Tweet earlier today (prior to her “None of us know the truth. . .” tweet) where she seems to distance herself somewhat from Ms. Argento:

Rose McGowan August 2

The claim “I got to know Asia. . .” is kind of slippery. An Instagram post by Ms. Argento suggests that the two of them have been acquainted since at least 2003, though it could be true that Ms. McGown considered them to be merely acquaintances up until their shared fame due to the Weinstein ordeal.


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