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I Thought David Bowie Had Died…

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Shows you what I know.

UPDATE: YouTube took down the original version for a copyright violation, so I replaced the dead video with this live performance, which still gives you an idea of why I hear David Bowie when I hear this song.

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Daily Roundup of Weird and Aggravating News

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[guest post by JVW]

“ISSUE ONE!” [shouted in the John McLaughin voice]

A Cornell undergraduate is chastened by a professor for wearing cut-off denim shorts at a rehearsal for her thesis presentation (seriously? a rehearsal with faculty present for a senior thesis presentation?), so she strikes back by doing the actual thesis presentation in her underwear. Naturally this is a blow against “the patriarchy,” even though the faculty member who chided her for her earlier appearance would seem to identify as a woman. Note the coverage in the campus newspaper and especially note the comments from the lingerie model/scholar’s peers who can’t understand why my generation is all hung up over appropriate dress in the workplace.


It wouldn’t be a full week without someone in the Administration crapping all over what is otherwise a pretty damn solid week in Trumpland by saying something despicable about an opponent. And that’s followed up by some jackwaggon retired general proving that not everyone who served our country deserves to have his opinions respected when they are pulled straight from his bunghole.


Town & Country magazine found itself apologizing for rescinding an invitation to a charity gala given to Monica Lewinsky once The Big Creep, William Jefferson Clinton, decided that he wanted to attend. You know, I think that at this point in their respective lives Ms. Lewinsky would be a far more interesting dining companion than Mr. Clinton would.


Twitter wars will only get dumber in coming months.



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