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N-Word Hoax Exposed in Video

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Larry O’Connor has been doing a bang-up job of exposing the apparently false “N-word” claims that Rep. Andre Carson made about Tea Partiers. Here is the evolution of the saga in video format.

35 Responses to “N-Word Hoax Exposed in Video”

  1. Carson should just choose one of his stories and reaffirm it if he wants to save his reputation instead of clamming up. By refusing to talk about the incident he just looks like he is lying, which it appears he is from the lack of evidence.

    daleyrocks (1d0d98)

  2. Breitbart should make the Congressmen pay him the $100K!
    Too bad we, the taxpayers and TEA Party attendees, can’t file a class-action against these lying scum.

    AD - RtR/OS! (3def68)

  3. they’d just use our money to fight it, and, if they eventually lost, our money to pay off the settlement.

    you’d have to specify body parts to make it personally punitive for them.

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  4. Strap them to a trebuchet!

    AD - RtR/OS! (3def68)

  5. I am starting to be pleased by what republicans or conservatives are doing to fight back, as this type of reporting shows.
    Good for Briebart and the people who did the third video, I watched Briebart at one of the recent conventions where he was invited to speak, and he was angry and defiant and determined challenging, and I have noticed conservatives and republicans are in their best form when they are so.
    I’d bet that’s why the liberals always demand calm, soothing, kissy kissy face from republicans/conservatives, and liberals prefer to be smart aleck jokesters with non serious lies, offered as humor, that actually become liberal doctrine and belief.
    Then they cast republicans/ conservatives as angry, after they lie and tell smart aleck jokes, and adopt them as their political truth.
    So, the repubs/conservs try to combat that by being sweet and calm, and go down in defeat.
    How long will the fake calm, no doubt supported with much prayer in many cases, as well as the self control already a character trait, continue ?
    Now, the threat from the left is “anger and words mixed causes violence to erupt, especially from far right wing nuts”.
    So now, tamp down the righteous anger even more, and pretend you’re ok with the liberal lies, smears, antics, class clowning, and all the rest of the totally in all our faces lies.
    You’re labeled an angry, dangerous racist no matter what, so you might as well stop holding back.

    SiliconDoc (7ba52b)

  6. Whether it’s Andre Carson or Gordon Brown, these hypocritical pol types are just going to have to get used to the idea that it’s a whole brave new world of citizen audio and video out there! They no longer can control the message without being checked and double checked–thank goodness.

    elissa (dd0e5c)

  7. Sure, SiliconDoc, that’s exactly what the Tea Party folks should do.

    Great advice. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

    I have an alternative. Protest peacefully and vote. That may work, too.

    Why don’t you go on back to Change for America or Kos or ThinkProgress or wherever you came from and say you tried.

    Ag80 (f67beb)

  8. The guy at seconds 36 to 39 in the third video might actually be saying some epithet that isn’t audible on the video. Regardless of this one individual’s words, the scene does not at all match what the Representative stated.

    Christian (f10530)

  9. Since the scene doesn’t show what the representative stated, it is already beyond clear just from that fact, that the representative was lying his patootie off.
    I’m sure some liberal idiot will scream that everything is perception, and therefore the Representative could have perceived it the way he described it, and therefore, is not lying.
    Unfortunately, for the liberal liar, the world has agreed a clear sky is blue.
    This is the type of sad, weak, not angry, darn near insane crap republicans and conservatives have had to put up with for far too long.
    For pete sakes, he lied about the whole nature of the scene, we see that from the videos, so of course he also lied about the epithets, and the big fat lie about the scene he told was to support his lie about the racial epithets.

    Now as for Ag8o, I won’t be going back to anywhere, but you just keep being the good little paranoid loving tree hugging happy faced smiley person, unless of course your bug eyed lib detector antenna misfires, and you scream for “an infiltrator” to be exposed and tossed out.
    Exactly what I was talking about. The paranoid gatekeeper mentality, thrust upon you by the libtards, and you’re a perfect little pawn.
    You have no OTHER IDEA, protesting peacefully includes being angry, and so does voting.
    If people weren’t angered, many wouldn’t be there. WAKE UP.
    Maybe you missed Briebart’s speech at CPAC, maybe you missed the obvious anger, maybe you think anger is always violent, like the liberals told the USA on the msm, huh. You’re just bright enough to be on their side, aren’t you.

    SiliconDoc (7ba52b)

  10. That’s the guy whose tape they were going to overdub. I guess they lost their nerve when they saw how many other cameras were out to contradict them.

    Kevin Murphy (5ae73e)

  11. i can’t tell is “SiliconDoc” is punching up or punching down, but the one thing that is obvious is that he’s not landing any…..

    wasn’t the full moon a few days ago?

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  12. SiliconDoc (whose posts, BTW, appear here quite frequently, Ag80) is on the conservative side of the fence; however, he delights in attacking his own side for inaction and complacency. It wins him no friends, but at least he’s being honest in his views.

    Icy Texan (2c4563)

  13. All I can say about that third video is: ZOOM AND ENHANCE!

    mcg (5cf983)

  14. The thing that shows this congresscritter is lying is the crowd reaction or rather lack thereof. Fifty years ago you might have been able to shout the “N” word without people looking shocked. That word is now so reviled that if someone shouted that today people would turn and look horrified by the notion of someone using that word.

    Largebill (1d1579)

  15. I emailed this to all of the local television stations, and asked if they would be interested in following up on Rep. Carson’s claims. I shall not hold my breath for his hometown media to call him out on this.

    JD (0f9c01)

  16. The $100K reward for evidence that substantiate these allegations remains unclaimed and the allegators have returned to the swamp from whence they came.

    Does anyone doubt that if these allegations were true, that drum would continue to be beaten?

    GeneralMalaise (53ce9e)

  17. Muslim Congressman, Andre Carson (D-IN) has earned himself a high place in the pantheon of race baiting liars, right next to Tawana Brawley. Following is from Wikipedia:

    Brawley claimed she had been repeatedly raped by a group of white men but could provide no names or descriptions of her assailants. She later told others that there had been no rape, only other kinds of sexual abuse. Forensic tests found no evidence that a sexual assault of any kind had occurred. There was no evidence of exposure to elements, which would be expected in a victim held for several days in the woods at a time when the temperature dropped below freezing at night.

    There were other discrepancies in Brawley’s story. On the morning after the alleged abduction, she was seen entering the empty apartment at the Pavilion Apartments where she had once lived. Other witnesses claimed to have seen her at parties in a nearby town during the period when she was said to be missing. She had no bruises, contusions, scratches or other injuries except for a small bruise behind the left ear, which was determined to be several days old. One witness claimed to have seen her climb into the garbage bag in which she was found. Her mother, Glenda Brawley, was spotted at the apartment complex shortly before Brawley was seen getting into the garbage bag. The mother waited until that same afternoon to report Brawley as missing to the police. The investigation turned up evidence that indicated damage done to Brawley’s clothing had occurred in the apartment. According to the grand jury report, all of “the items and instrumentalities necessary to create the condition in which Brawley appeared on Saturday, November 28, were present inside of or in the immediate vicinity of Apartment 19A.” The feces had come from a neighbor’s dog.

    ropelight (782583)

  18. ” he delights in attacking his own side”
    That was irony in it’s purest form Icy Texan.

    SiliconDoc (7ba52b)

  19. ropelight – I had never heard Rep. Carson was Muslim, and even if so, how is that even remotely relevant?

    JD (0f9c01)

  20. After that incident and the incitement to riot at Freddie’s Fashion Mart, one would think Sharpton’scareer would be over, but the more agregious the lie, the more incendiary comment, the more he has risen, so much so that practically every right pundit with the exception of Rush and maybe TammyBruce, still gives him credibility.

    ian cormac (d56635)

  21. I am waiting for someone to say how dare you doubt the word of John Lewis. Don’t you know he is a living hero of the civil rights era?

    And Ian, Freddie’ Fashion Mart is just one of many Sharpton feats of shame. I heard him say recently that if people have to go back to Tawana Brawley then he must be doing a lot of good since they can’t find something more recent. I guess by that reasoning Mao ain’t so bad since he’s been completely innocent of killing anyone for 30 years and Fidel will be rehabilitated by 2050.

    MU789 (13091a)

  22. #19, JD, I didn’t know Andre Carson was a Muslim either till I looked to find out which Congressional district he represented. The Muslim identification was located at the top of his Wikipedia entry, in the second sentence. Keith Ellison was also listed as the other one of only two Muslims in the HOR, but I already well aware of that, and I wondered why I didn’t know Carson was also a Muslim. So, I included the relevant information on the assumption that other commenters here might also be ignorent of Carson’s Islamic allegiance.

    ropelight (782583)

  23. Here is the malicious headline McClatchy posted shortly after Congressman Carson’s N-word hoax was launched: Tea Party protesters scream ‘nigger’ at black congressman

    Kevin Gregory (ff803c)

  24. Ah, good ol’ Juggernaut (google it). Carson was part of the same machine here in Indy that his Grandmother was. His only credentials to hold his current office is that his Grandmother was Julia Carson, and that he served 1 day in the City Council before filing to run for the primary to take her seat after she died. And he’s not a Muslim in the true sense, he belongs to the militant Nation on Islam, just as Keith Ellison does. The NOI was started back in the 1930’s by some small time con man who served 3 years in San Quentin named Wallace Dodd Ford. He went by the street name of Fard, and claimed to be born in Mecca and descended from Arabs and Africans and could trace his linage back to the prophet Muhammad. He gathered a following by preaching racial identity and saying that Islam was the true religion of the blacks before they were robbed of it and forced into Christianity. (even though Christianity predates Islam on the African continent by over 500 years) NOI members are taught to believe that blacks are God’s true choosen people, the original creation of God before whites were invented by an evil scientist named ‘Yakub’. They also believe that a spaceship will come down one day and destroy all the evil whites inhabiting the Earth. Orthodox Islam does not recognize the NOI and refers to them as a fringe group. Mainly because the NOI members believe that God appeared on Earth in the form of Wallace Ford (Fard) and that Elijah Mohammad was also a prophet, even though Orthodox Islam teaches that Muhammad was the last prophet. The NOI preaches of racial segregation, are against interracial marriage and believe that blacks should be given their own country here in the US. How could someone vote for a person who subscribes to those views, and if they say they don’t, why are they a member of the Nation of Islam?

    the other other JD (5e45fa)

  25. umm….excuse me? But wasn’t the word “nigger” buried a few years back? It doesn’t exist anymore, right? How can anyone use it if it “doesn’t exist?

    Well hells bells, I was for sure that it didn’t exist anymore.

    jw (067e77)

  26. ropelight – All of that Nation of Islam stuff is glossed over, or never even mentioned in our local media.

    The other JD is from Indy too? How weird is that?

    Sure it still exists, and I suspect some people like Robert Byrd still use it.

    JD (c1a2b8)

  27. @ #26 JD-

    Yes, fellow Indy resident here, Hamilton County actually, but not too far from the metro area. Of course our local media didn’t mention it. They know it would have been embarrassing for him to have to explain his views as a card carrying member of the Nation of Islam since he was a teen. And God forbid if the darling of the local Red Star paper had to explain ANYTHING about his views. I remember his ‘campaign’ website had nothing but his name and a picture of him and his grandmother. Great credentials. Maybe he could have streamed some of his songs when he was known as the streetwise rapper Juggernaut?

    This city had a chance to elect a competent representative when local businessman Eric Dickerson ran against Andre’s Grandmother Julia, and they passed Dickerson up for more of the same old crap. I say they get what they deserve.

    the other JD (5e45fa)

  28. Hey, if I’m wrong about a poster, I’m wrong. My apologies to SiliconDoc.

    I may not be bright enough to be on either side. I like to post because it’s fun and it tests ideas.

    If, by a post, I’m made to be a fool, it’s my fault and I appreciate the correction.

    It also makes me think that I should think a little harder about what I post.

    But is it OK if I disagree with the tactic regardless of the war?

    Ag80 (f67beb)

  29. Wendy Kaminer eviscerates the TeaBaggers:

    Money quote:

    “Given the movement’s strong Republican support and sympathies, it’s not surprising to find members united in fierce opposition to Barack Obama. Their doubts about his citizenship (only 41 per cent believe he was born in the US) and suspicions about his religious and ethnic loyalties (reflected in their frequent, snide use of his middle name – Hussein), combined with their concern about an excessive focus on the ‘problems of black people’, their ‘Take Back Our Country’ mantra, and the overt racism that has regularly surfaced in Tea Party protests, suggest that Obama’s race plays no small part in stoking his opposition’s fire (as many have noted).”

    In yo’ face, Teabaggers!

    Triumph (b66fe4)

  30. Triumph – How often do you get teabagged?

    daleyrocks (1d0d98)

  31. Evidently Triumph wants to distract from the fact that the previous attempt at denoting Tea Party protestors as racist was shown to be a lie.

    So the answer for Triumph is to yell “squirrel” and make a fresh attempt at slander.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  32. There was a point sometime in the early 90s, when Kaminer was sensible, she has gone way past her ‘sell by due date” on most things.

    ian cormac (d56635)

  33. Evidently Triumph wants to distract from the fact that the previous attempt at denoting Tea Party protestors as racist was shown to be a lie.

    You wish. No one questions this “lie” except Andrew Freakin’ Breitbart, the man who pays klanists to trap social workers with deceptively edited videotapes. Hardly a reference, except for TeaBaggers!

    Triumph (b66fe4)

  34. Cut the Lefties a little slack. It’s tough to have to face up to the fact everything you believe is racist bullshit.

    ropelight (782583)

  35. So Juggernaut is mad because ‘supposedly’ someone issued a racist slur, yet he follows a religious ideology that preaches hatred of people based on the color of their skin, viewing them as inhumane creations of an evil scientist and finds them unfit to even live next to.

    See how stupid that sounds to hear him complaining about that?

    the other JD (5e45fa)

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