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Court: Franken = Senator

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The court declined to rule on the question of whether Franken is a royal jerk, noting that this question has already been settled in the court of public opinion. But the next Senator of Minnesota? You betcha!

30 Responses to “Court: Franken = Senator”

  1. Isn’t this going to the MN supreme court or something?

    Andrew (71f6da)

  2. Apparently, It’s still going to be litigated, Andrew, but the election certificate has been given, and Franken is Senator.

    This election was botched beyond repair, and it’s a shame they didn’t just have another election.

    Juan (4cdfb7)

  3. Stuart Smalley as Senator – also an admitted past coke addict, who everyone who’s worked with in the past hates his fricking guts (see The History of SNL by Tom Shales). Wonderful.

    Dmac (1ddf7e)

  4. Juan, what’s your source for the claim that the certificate has been issued? My understanding was that it wouldn’t issue until the MN Supreme Court either declined to take the case or ruled.

    Andrew, Rick Hasen (the proprietor of Election Law Blog thinks the odds of success on appeal are low.

    I haven’t been following closely enough to have an opinion on that.

    aphrael (9e8ccd)

  5. I continue to maintain that we should push for a national initiative to give Minnesota to Canada.

    JD (8918e5)

  6. If Minnesotans want to prove they’re political asses when it comes to races that impact only their own state (governor, e.g.), fine. But this one hurts citizens of every state.

    Dagwood (ecd2ff)

  7. Canada to JD: No, thank you. Some things are too weird even for us.

    Steverino (69d941)

  8. Let us be nice and accept the will of the people. No need to be nasty — it discredits our positions don’t ya know.

    Jimminy'cricket (637168)

  9. Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment before it’s too late.

    Official Internet Data Office (4fbbd2)

  10. We are truly doomed.

    Old Coot (27af0c)

  11. Yet another tax dodger becomes a Democratic office holder.

    SPQR (72771e)

  12. They elected a wrestler governor

    Why does this senatorial election surprise anyone?

    EricPWJohnson (db1e4f)

  13. another election stolen by the Demonrats……

    so much for election fraud laws.

    redc1c4 (9c4f4a)

  14. No, let’s keep Minnesota. We could swap them Vermont for Alberta though :)

    carlitos (92022c)

  15. another election stolen by the Demonrats……

    so much for election fraud laws.

    Comment by redc1c4 — 4/14/2009

    In the words of many commenters here: prove it. Surely, there was nothing presented at Court to show it. Nothing presented to the Election Commission to show fraud.

    I think someone’s just mad his juice box is empty.

    timb (a83d56)

  16. #8 was right. Let’s not play the Sore Loserman game.

    Brother Bradley J. Fikes, C.O.R., (3617fc)

  17. We must not count the absentee ballots. Remember when the Dems used to whine about counting every vote?

    JD (dc133d)

  18. Whatever happened to those dem stronghold counties that had more votes than voters?

    John Hitchcock (fb941d)

  19. Sorry, but whining about this election is pretty damn legitimate.

    I’m assuming the Secretary of State will give the certificate to Franken as ordered Aphrael. I wasn’t discussing the actual time table and it’s not that important. The point is that future litigation isn’t going to prevent the fact that Franken is the senator.

    Juan (4cdfb7)

  20. huh, I just looked into it, and there is some question as to whether the governor will sign the certificate, and apparently some question about whether Franken will be Senator for a while.

    I stand corrected, but damn this is a dumb state.

    Juan (4cdfb7)

  21. “..I think someone’s just mad his juice box is empty…”

    Someone certainly acts quite angry these days. Mature, as well. And it isn’t the anti-Franken folk.

    Eric Blair (4d78ef)

  22. Al Franken is a pretentious jackass, and always has been. But he’s not gonna be MY senator, so what do I care? Hell, they elected that wrestler Governor, let Minnesota stew in it’s own juices.

    mojo (8096f2)

  23. #22- Every United States senator is a ‘pretentious jackass.’ It’s a prerequsite for the gig. The author of “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot” will fit right in.

    DCSCA (9d1bb3)

  24. Every US Senator is not a pretentious jackass. Most are, true. Much like ASPCA.

    JD (20b35d)

  25. We get to vote for our 2 senators and a representative. I propose to alter the constitution to allow us, in addition, to vote for 1 senator and 1 representative selected from any other state or states we choose. It would be tough. A vote against Kennedy? That window has closed – unnecessary. Boxer? She’s such a dolt, what would be the point? Nobody would ever worry about her doing anything effectively destructive, because she can barely do anything. Dodd? Can we trust Connecticut finally to clean its own house, so the vote wouldn’t matter? On the other hand, Connecticut has a rich tradition of wallowing in its own effluvia; maybe that would be an area where the extramural vote could really could. Should we combine in overwhelming national groups to clean out one cesspool at a time, or use specialized knowledge of regional crooks and clods to do something about, say, Diana DeGette? Would my extramural Senator vote have gone for Coleman? Maybe it should have, but recollecting the election I found it nearly impossible to believe Minnesotans, even Minnesotans, could have taken Franken’s candidacy seriously, so maybe I would have sent it to Illinois.

    JAC (54abd1)

  26. I really like that idea, JAS.

    JD (20b35d)

  27. MN politics= CA politics with cabin fever.

    pitchforksntorches (4dd8c4)

  28. so maybe I would have sent it to Illinois

    Given the joke state of our politics over the past 20 years, it sure wouldn’t have hurt.

    Dmac (1ddf7e)

  29. Celebrate diversity: he’s not a lawyer, he a professional clown.

    tehag (ccc4e0)

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