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Pres. Obama’s Wright-Wing View of America

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[Posted by Karl]

The Wall Street Journal noted in passing one of the more odious passages from Pres. Obama’s “No Nukes” speech:

The President went even further in Prague, noting that “as a nuclear power — as the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon — the United States has a moral responsibility to act.” That barely concealed apology for Hiroshima is an insult to the memory of Harry Truman, who saved a million lives by ending World War II without a bloody invasion of Japan.

A National Review reader calls it “much, much worse than his casual mentions of the treatment of Native Americans and slavery, or calling the U.S. arrogant or blaming everything on Bush.”

However, no one should be surprised at Obama’s take on these issues.  After all, Pres. Obama spent decades under the ministry of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and donated tens of thousands of dollars to that ministry.  Wright raised Hiroshima in “The Audacity of Hope” — the first sermon Obama heard from Wright, and the namesake of Obama’s second autobiography.  In all probability, that was not the only time Obama heard Wright criticize the bombing of Hiroshima.  After all, it is one of the indictments against America Wright rolled out on the Sunday after 9/11.  Indeed, Wright focused on American “terrorism” against Native Americans in the same sermon.

When Obama’s relationship with Wright was on the front burner during the 2008 campaign, Obama’s supporters insisted that there was no evidence that Obama shared Wright’s disdain for America.  Today, Obama travels from nation to nation, espousing his Wright-wing view of the country that elected him, while his supporters remain silent.


Useful Idiots

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[Guest post by Jack Dunphy]

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have returned from a five-day visit to Cuba, conducted with the aim of improving relations between the island nation and the United States. They were thrilled at the opportunity to meet Fidel Castro himself, whom they described as “very fit” and “very energetic.” Rep. Laura Richardson (D, Calif.) described the meeting thus: Castro “looked directly into our eyes” and asked how Cuba could help President Obama in his efforts to change the course of U.S. foreign policy.

How grand.

Fellow traveler Rep. Barbara Lee (D, Calif.) has advocated for the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, a position presumably shared among the entire entourage. So, while they find it objectionable that the United States occupies a sliver of the island for the purpose of housing enemy combatants, they are apparently untroubled that the remainder of the island is itself little more than a prison, one maintained for half a century by their fit and energetic host but now under the stewardship of his even more fit and energetic younger brother Raul.

I hope they had a nice time.

–Jack Dunphy

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