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Superdelegates Have Until Friday

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Howie, Nancy, and Harry have given superdelegates until Friday to make up their damn minds already.

Meanwhile, for those living in caves, Obama has won enough delegates to secure the Democrat nomination.

31 Responses to “Superdelegates Have Until Friday”

  1. Any reason to believe these folks ? ..

    The Michelle Obama Rant Tape was filmed between June 26th – July 1st 2004 in Chicago, IL at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Conference at Trinity United Church: specifically the Women’s Event.

    Michelle Obama appeared as a panelist alongside Mrs. Khadijah Farrakhan and Mrs. James Meeks.

    Bill Clinton spoke during the Conference, as did Bill Cosby and other speakers, but not at the panel Michelle attended.

    Michelle Obama spoke at the Women’s Event, but referenced Bill Clinton in her rant — his presence at the conference was the impetus for her raving, it seems.

    For about 30 minutes, Michelle Obama launched into a rant about the evils of America, and how America is to blame for the problems of Africa. Michelle personally blamed President Clinton for the deaths of millions of Africans and said America is responsible for the genocide of the Tutsis and other ethnic groups. She then launched into an attack on “whitey”, and talked about solutions to black on black crime in the realm of diverting those actions onto white America.

    Maybe the MSM can do their jobs and put this to rest.

    Neo (cba5df)

  2. Aren’t superdelegates really just undocumented voters?

    huey (9558ff)

  3. Again I’ll say it: Any delegate may change their mind up until their vote is cast – Super or Pledged.

    Neither technically has any locked, unchangeable Delegates. They each have both all and none, in some political perversion of schrodinger’s cat…

    And it’s a shame Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid and Chairman Dean (wow that sounded creepy) don’t have any real POWER over the SD’s…

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  4. If they are so worried about this, why don’t they make the SuperDelegates select the Dem candidate now, rather than making them wait until the convention to actually vote?

    JD (75f5c3)

  5. Howie, Nancy, and Harry should set an example and go first.
    And if I’m a superdelegate, I have to ask why telegraphing my vote matters. If the decision is MADE, then my position isn’t relevant.

    cboldt (3d73dd)

  6. I read that Obama has the numbers because of the Superdelegates not normal delegates.

    davod (5bdbd3)

  7. I read that Obama has the numbers because of the Superdelegates not normal delegates.
    I agree. A sufficient number of the SD’s have declared, and the results, if they maintain their declaration, are an Obama nomination.
    There is no need for further SD declarations, in order to determine the outcome. The outcome is already determined, regardless of how the undeclared SDs eventually decide to swing.
    Well, at least we are assured that Howie, Nancy, and Harry will declare before the weekend.

    cboldt (3d73dd)

  8. And if the Supes tell ’em to go piss up a rope? What do they do then? Disenfranchise the “superdelegates”?

    mojo (8096f2)

  9. An “SD declaration” is worthless until made official in Denver. Witness the Hillary “SD declarations” that are now “declared” for Obama.

    Viktor (6c107f)

  10. “I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

    Obama declaring victory last night. Thrill up the leg, I tells ya.

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  11. this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

    This is a joke, right?

    JD (75f5c3)

  12. No it is not. Those are his exact words.

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  13. Wishful thinking, JD.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  14. Good Allah. If he has that much power, I would request that he stop global warming immediately, ensure that my family never wants for anything (and all of you too, except Levi), let the Cardinals win the World Series, let Illinois basketball win the Big 10, let the Colts win another Super Bowl, let the US win the Ryder Cup that I am going to, and whatever else you might come up with.

    JD (75f5c3)

  15. I don’t even think Obama can make the Eagles win the Super Bowl, but I think he’ll probably take credit for the Cubs having the best record in the MLB. I’ll vote for him if he promises a Phillies World Series win and a Chase Utley MVP (Obama made Rollins and Howard win the past two years obviously.) Levi will do just fine working as Obama’s press secretary and/or Secretary of State.

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  16. let the Cardinals win the World Series

    You meant the Cubs, right?

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  17. Scott Jacobs – Not on your life. I know it has been 100 years, I repeat ONE HUNDRED YEARS, since they last won, but I would rather Baracky be elected President than for the Cubs to win the Series.

    JD (75f5c3)

  18. “Again I’ll say it: Any delegate may change their mind up until their vote is cast – Super or Pledged.”

    They can but they won’t — at least not from Obama to Hillary (there will be plenty of changes the other way). Remember what happened to Bill Jones when he switched from endorsing Bush to McCain in 2000? He was the only non-indicted Republican official in statewide office, but each time he tried to run for higher office, Bush recruited an oppnent to run against him. Its one thing to endorse the loser — especially when you did so early on and only because you thought they were the winner. But changing horses from the winner to the loser will guarantee serious retaliation from the Obama camp. And since she’ll be at least 150 delegates in the hole by the end of the month, there is no way to convince that FIRST delegate to switch.

    Sean P (e57269)

  19. I prefer to take the A.B.T.R.S. (anyone but the Red Sox) approach to gaming the postseason wish list.

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  20. #15 You think Urkel could deliver on his promises to you regarding the Phillies? Will the Iggles ever win with D. McNabb? Who would you deem a better manager- Danny Ozark or Gene Mack? Let’s pitch Chris Short more often?

    Dick Morris thinks an Obambi-Clinton ticket would be a manage a troi due to Billy boy.

    Did Chrissie (I squat to pee) Matthews really slip and call Hill a C*** or did he just fumble on continue?
    Congressman Anthony Weiner has been traveling with the Clinton campaign because he’s dating Huma Abedin. Ms. Abedin handles Hill schedules and serves as interpreter as she is well known as a cunning linguist. Some doubt that she likes the Wiener.

    One might think the Obamabots should come up once again with dirt on an opponent. The NY Times will try to run interference with theories like the BS McCain is not a citizen or he had a fling with a lobbyist.

    madmax333 (2b13a3)

  21. 20 – I’m a Dallas Green guy. Hell let’s conjure up the ghost of Ed Delahanty and Grover Cleveland Alexander.
    I’m sure the NY Times will soon report that Obama snatched a tri-racial disabled child out of McCain’s talons just as he was about to take a bite and say “MMMMM!!!!!”

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  22. Condi Rice for NFL Commish, Billy Clinton for UN chief and Barack Hussein for leader of the whole world. We need him NOW to stop global warming. The reincarnation of Moses at least. Indonesians are ecstatic.

    #21 Ever get up to Jim Thorpe (Mauch Chunk)?
    The Okla. native american superstar never made it there alive.

    Do you recall Phillie pitcher and Indian with a feather Cal McLish’s full name? I know it was lengthy.

    For you Jets/Colts (old team) fans, check out the game around ’72 when Broadway Joe and Johnny U combined for eight td’s, I think and awesome yardage. It is googleble.

    As far as Eagles go you probably recall the Frankfort yellowjackets. They were awarded an NFL championship in late 20s when the Pottsville Maroons had the title stripped by the commish. HBO did a show on it. Pottsville is also the home of oldest brewery in N. America (Yuengling).

    I get oodles of S. Ca. background from various mystery writers’ tomes, like Michael Connelly.

    madmax333 (2b13a3)

  23. I rarely left the Philadelphia area when in PA – State College I think is the furthest west I ever traveled and up north did some skiing in the Poconos.

    Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish

    Yeah I grew up in NE Philadelphia not too far from the Frankford neighborhood so their team is in the local lore albeit not as heralded as the old Connie Mack A’s.

    Yeungling is awesome! I miss it. The only place I’ve had it outside of Philly was in Florida of all places. I went to college with one of the company’s heirs in addition to Doug Glanville and Melissa Rivers. I wish they would get Yeungling here in Austin – it would be a hit esp considering how popular Rolling Rock is here for some odd reason.

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  24. Whatever happened to Schmidt’s of Philadelpia? They used to have a brewery in Norristown.
    Yes, Yuengling is here in Publix in S. Fla. I recall when Coor’s was only in eleven western states. Yuengling has a website and probably still tours of plant. I like Lowenbrau forty years ago when it was German import.

    Someone should talk about California wines, arugula and Chicago brews.

    Thanks for Cal’s name. Jim Thorpe is on way to Poconos and famous for Asa Packer mansion where all the socialites from NYC would hang out.

    Lots of great scenery all around that Penn State region. I was Philly Mainline myself at Villanova U. You’ll recall when they had nat. basketball title stripped. I had same German teacher as Jim Croce.
    Wonder what the Jesuits think of Pfleger’s antics?

    madmax333 (9bbaf1)

  25. “Wonder what the Jesuits think of Pfleger’s antics?”
    Funny you should mention the good ol’ Jesuits. I went to SJ Prep then Penn (where the Barack Obama persona is a dime a dozen) then SJU and taught several years at SJ Prep. The Jesuits would not have a big problem with this guy. There’s a guy in the religion department at SJ Prep who is Pfleger to a tee – once called JC Watts an Uncle Tom and goes to church in a total ghetto in North Philly. He calls black people “the brothers and sisters”. Complete utter tool to the nth degree.

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  26. Oh and they knocked down the old Schmidt’s brewery at 2nd and Girard and now that entire neighborhood has been gentrified and is a really happening, fun, area with great bars and restaurants and art galleries.

    Jack Klompus (cf3660)

  27. Rezko Found Guilty of Hope, Change, and 16 Other Counts

    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  28. Brack and Michelle Obama belonged to a racist organization.

    Barack and Michelle Obama’s membership in a racist organization is entirely consistent with the Black Nationalism that Obama describes in his own book, “Dreams From My Father.” It is also consistent with Michelle Obama’s senior thesis, in which she says her principal commitment is to the Black community while describing the “problems” that come from racial integration. They joined an organization that they knew to be racist, and they remained in that organization despite its promotion not only of racism but hatred of the United States, hatred of Israel, and promotion of actual terrorists.

    WingedHussar1683 (49cf93)

  29. I’ll mail a $20 campaign contribution to the first superdelegate who sends the following letter/email to the Gang of Three as an open letter:

    “Dear Howard, Nancy, and Harry,

    Go f*** yourselves.


    [name of Undeclared Superdelegate]”

    M. Scott Eiland (a16843)

  30. If Obama has clinched and Hillary is out whats the rush?

    SlimGuy (ea6549)

  31. #27 We’d be hearing much more about Rezko if he mentored McCain or pulled all the shady stunts to help out McCain. Liberals get a special pass from media. You know most criminals would vote dem and that’s another reason to give them voting rights. Ditto for en masses legalization of illegal aliens. Since military tends to vote conservative, best to deny their votes whenever possible. And of course even though its no big deal to figure out with computer info, also OK for people to vote in multiple states, like all the NY and NJ snowbirds who pull it here in Fla.

    madmax333 (e9d527)

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