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Background on the “Who Killed Tupac Shakur?” Story — From YouTube

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For those of who whose eyes glaze over reading prose about the Tupac Shakur murder, but are willing to watch videos about it, here are three videos in order from a 2002 VH-1 special. You get to see footage of the major players: Tupac, Biggie, Chuck Philips, Suge Knight, Orlando Anderson, and Russell Poole (with whom I have been speaking recently). There is footage of the beating of Orlando Anderson at the MGM Grand; the last known picture of Tupac alive; and much more.

If you’re fascinated by this controversy, as I am, these videos are a must-see.

The same holds true if you’re fascinated by biased reporting at the L.A. Times.

As I said, I’m working on posts that will raise some significant questions about Chuck Philips’s reporting on the 1990s hip-hop era, including the murders of Tupac and Biggie. The content of these videos is necessary background information for the upcoming Philips-related posts I am planning. I specifically plan to address his “Who Killed Tupac Shakur?” story as well, so watch these videos closely. If you can watch only one, watch the third, although they’re all worth watching.

7 Responses to “Background on the “Who Killed Tupac Shakur?” Story — From YouTube”

  1. I find it especially ironic that in this world of Hip Hop, arguably the apex of “black authenticity”, a world in which cooperation with authorities (The Man) is tantemount to racial betrayel, there is a collective dismay expressed due to the fact that the same authorities have not solved these murders. In a homocide case where witness testimony is probably the only evidence which would lead to a conviction, the fact that all involved are part of a culture that values ghetto “omerta” over any sense of real justice (not street justice) makes any chance of solving the case impossible. But no matter, this inevitable lack of justice will provide more opportunity to reinforce the pathological belief so prominant in “authentic” black culture that the whole thing is being orchestrated by The Man.

    rainman (b7bfb8)

  2. A person writing in a satiric vein might ask if you realize that reporter Phillips has just won a Pulitzer? Is the Pulitzer committee biased? Does the Pulitzer only go to Main Stream Media? I think not. Stop ranting against one of the great reporters in America and one of the two great papers in America. Call me crazy but personally, I believe the Los Angeles Times, I believe the Koran, I believe the cartoons on TV. One has to have faith in something besides the almighty dollar (whoopsie, Almighty Euro).

    Howard Veit (cc8b85)

  3. Nora Victor Nora. Who cares.

    When you live the gangster-life, don’t be surprised at the expected outcome.

    some guy (0813d4)

  4. It was painful and saddening to watch those videos. Thank goodness my family, friends and neighbors don’t live on that planet.

    Old Coot (8682a4)

  5. Tupac/Biggie and their murders are the natural outcome of “Big Man” and hyper-masculine identity culture, women choosing that kind of man, the community (Blacks) idolizing that kind of man, and the media elite pushing that kind of man as “authentically Black” as the poster above shows.

    Rap Music and Black culture glorifies physical dominance, violence for it’s own sake, criminality, and competition over women (which informed the Biggie-Tupac feud). Wow what a surprise it ends in death.

    As an exercise I’ll compare the creativity and astonishing cultural output of the Black Community under Jim Crow, from Scott Joplin to the Harlem Renaissance to Duke Ellington to Lady Day to Miles Davis to Staxx and Motown and Jackie Wilson, Marvin Gaye … to today’s artists like Snoop Dogg.

    Cultural achievement can only take place in an atmosphere devoid of Big Man hyper macho competition for who can collect the most guns, followers, and women.

    Jim Rockford (e09923)

  6. These Videos are only what the media know, and understand which is very little. The media/Police are stupid, and do not understand. It was a very well played hand, and it was portrayed perfectly. Unless you are a Tupac fan, and understand streets, murder, and Tupac… You wouldnt have seen it coming, nor would you have been expected to fugure it out. I know what has happened, and I believe in what I have researched, and looked up. You people need to not dig so deep… These videos are good… For what the media was lead to believe. But That was the whole trick. There was no need to bring in the police, FBI, Special Researchers. And as for that retard guy that is blaming the gangs the whole time… He probably the dumbest one. LOL He has no idea what he is talking about. Look at him… Just look at him. Do u really think he knows ANYTHING about the streets? NO! Its all in Tupac. Tupac is the key. 😉 LOL “All eyes on me” -Tupac Shakur

    CallMeTym (edc594)

  7. guto o backround

    eric royce (a211e3)

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