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Teflon Don Home; Badger 6 Reassigned

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Teflon Don is home, safe and sound.

Meanwhile, Badger 6’s team is home — but he remains in Iraq, in a different (and apparently safer) post.

We should send them both our thanks — on many, many levels.

Thanks, guys.

One Response to “Teflon Don Home; Badger 6 Reassigned”

  1. Welcome Home, Welcome Home! My son also just came back from Iraq. (1 Batt. 2nd Marines). The end of the longest months of my life. The more I hear and read about the work our guys are doing, the prouder I am of you all and of my past service. Thank you all! And thank God that you are home safe in our loving arms. Savor the flavor of “…Freedom that the protected will never know.” God knows you’ve earned it!

    paul from fl (7da085)

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