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The Real Heroes in Jena (UPDATED)

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Via Instapundit comes an article with the best observation yet on the Jena situation. Although many seem intent on making martyrs out of violent thugs, the author suggests that there are better heirs to the legacy of Selma:

[A]ll along, Jena has had a better symbol for civil rights on offer. The anonymous black students who defied the informal segregation at the high school and sat under the perversely misnamed “white tree” are the movement’s true legatees. They have received so little attention that I don’t even know their names or how many such brave and defiant young people there were.

Why don’t we let the system deal with the violent criminals, and do some digging to learn who these real heroes are?

UPDATE: Or, conversely, to learn that the whole story is made up? Several commenters are saying that there was, in fact, no “white tree.” One points to this AP article in which some locals deny that the tree was a “white tree”:

There is, however, a more nuanced rendition of events — one that can be found in court testimony, in interviews with teachers, officials and students at Jena High, and in public statements from a U.S. attorney who reviewed the case for possible federal intervention.


_The so-called “white tree” at Jena High, often reported to be the domain of only white students, was nothing of the sort, according to teachers and school administrators; students of all races, they say, congregated under it at one time or another.

Hmmm. Well, if I were a school administrator, I might say that even if it weren’t true.

The article also confirms something else I’d heard:

There was no connection between the September noose incident and December attack, according to Donald Washington, an attorney for the U.S. Justice Department in western Louisiana, who investigated claims that these events might be race-related hate crimes.

Look: what are you going to go with? The facts? Or the narrative?

Ok, then.

The Vienna Convention and the Rights of Foreign Nationals to Contact their Consulate

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[Guest post by DRJ]

I know next-to-nothing about this subject which is why I’m asking readers and commenters to help me understand this.


Bush Advises Hillary Clinton

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[Guest post by DRJ]

It’s been reported that George W. Bush is “quietly advising” Hillary Clinton to make sure his Iraq policies are carried forward in the event she is elected President. Honestly, could he be any more stupid politically tone-deaf? As if Hillary Clinton cares one whit about Bush’s decisions, goals, or legacy. Nevertheless, I declined to write about this because that’s all I have to say on the subject. In fact, I could have just linked the article, written “Duh” afterward, and be done with it.

Fortunately, Driver sees the bigger picture and notes a parallel between Bush/Clinton and Lincoln/McClellan. Take a look.


Happy Belated Birthday to Alert Reader Hank K.

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I hate it when I forget birthdays. I hate it worse when it’s a good friend’s. And the worst of all is when I talk to that person, on their birthday . . . and forget to wish them a happy birthday.

Alert reader Hank K. had his birthday yesterday. Here’s hoping it was a good one.

Legal News Update

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[Guest post by DRJ]

It’s a big day for law-related news:

The Supreme Court will hear cases on lethal injections and Voter IDs.

A blogger described as an “election law vigilante” has filed an FEC complaint in connection with Rudy Giuliani’s discounted NY Times’ ad.

Michael Vick and 3 others have been indicted on Virginia charges for “beating or killing or causing dogs to fight other dogs and engaging in or promoting dogfighting,” but were not indicted on more serious animal cruelty charges.

Finally, Houston, Texas, homicides have declined 14% during the past 9 months, which “corresponds with a continuing decline in the number of [Katrina] evacuees living in apartment complexes where much of last year’s violent crime was concentrated.” In New Orleans, homicides are up 14% in the past 6 months.


Halo 3 Released Today

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Halo 3 release is a big event at my house. To help keep this in perspective, here is a sad story about a Chinese man who died of apparent exhaustion after 3 straight days of internet gaming. For those who aren’t addicted to gaming, there’s always cheese viewing. The cheese link is here.

Take your pick.


Terrorism a Problem for Mexico

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Mexico, like Iraq, is finding terrorism difficult to control.


Prosecution responds to Craig Withdrawal Motion

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Beldar has bad news for Senator Larry Craig:

“I think this Wednesday’s party hearing is likely to be a grim one for Sen. Craig and his team.”


How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part 5

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Family out for a hike in the Lauterbrunnen valley:


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