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Was the Delaware State University Shooting Gang-Related?

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The recent Delaware State University shooting might (or might not) be gang-related:

Tension between rival groups of friends from New Jersey and Washington, D.C., preceded the late-night shooting at Delaware State University that wounded two people, students said Saturday. While investigators worked to find the shooter who opened fire early Friday as several students left a campus dining hall, a classmate recalled how the violence had escalated from altercations during the week.

“They’ve been getting into it, New Jersey people and D.C. people,” said James Dillion, 23, of Cleveland.”

The suggestion of gang activity was denied by campus Police Chief James Overton, who said “the investigation has not led police to believe there was any turf battle” and by the student body president:

There are no gangs here on this campus,” student government president Nikki Chapple said. “There are students coming from different backgrounds. That doesn’t make them gang-related.”

It doesn’t make them not gang-related, either.


10 Responses to “Was the Delaware State University Shooting Gang-Related?”

  1. Cleanup on aisle 1. Nice Moby there.

    [Original comment 1 deleted for offensive content. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Techie. — DRJ]

    Techie (c003f1)

  2. This is not about gangs. This is about rival groups of friends.

    MayBee (a2697c)

  3. Rival “groups of friends”! how’s that for a journalistic euphemism?

    Patricia (4117a9)

  4. It’s probably not Crips and Bloods. If nothing else, would Crips and Bloods even be interested in attending college, especially out of town?

    But bring together two cliques who were raised in the sort of neighborhood where gangs are taken for granted as part of the local topography, and the probability that one or the other or both cliques will emulate gang behavior when friction arises is fairly high, as is the likelihood of the college administration to minimize the incident as much as it can.

    kishnevi (7c2ec5)

  5. I can only imagine what kind of friends “John White” has.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  6. I smell a fat stinky Moby here. FWIW, John White is likely a Democrat.

    JD (c3bb88)

  7. Time to warm up the BANDsaw…

    Techie (c003f1)

  8. And liberals cant wait to blame the guns and the NRA like they always do when their acting rediclous

    krazy kagu (fc3721)

  9. What I find interesting is that I haven’t seen a single story that mentions Delaware State’s evolution from the original Jim Crow college. I guess in this day and age, when Affirmative Action is the face of racism, we want to forget about that unpleasantness as soon as we can.

    Andrew J. Lazarus (6101da)

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