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NY Post: Less Serious Incidents Should Not Lead to Less Serious Charges

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The New York Post on Jena:

Indeed, white teens involved in two similar (though less serious) incidents against black victims in Jena itself faced much lower charges, resulting in no jail time.

Such inconsistency leads Americans to lose confidence in the racial impartiality of law enforcement and the judicial system.

Someone explain this to me. Less serious charges for less serious offenses should concern us all . . . why, exactly?

31 Responses to “NY Post: Less Serious Incidents Should Not Lead to Less Serious Charges”

  1. Becuz of the HYPOCRISY !!!!!!!!!!! Or some other blather like that.

    JD (c3bb88)

  2. Why did the Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal overturn Mychal Bell’s conviction if the prosecuter hadn’t been…overzealous?

    alphie (99bc18)

  3. alphie:

    Because he was tried as an adult, and the Court of Appeal thought he should have been tried as a juvinile.

    gahrie (56a0a8)

  4. …why, exactly?
    Because of the race card.

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  5. Well…the Louisiana Children’s Code seems straightforward about when juveniles can be tried as adults.

    Why would the prosecutor make such an obvious mistake?

    alphie (99bc18)

  6. I agree wholeheartedly that less serious offenses should result in less serious charges.

    Without reading the whole story in the NYP, though, I have a question: Does “less serious incidents” (the Post’s language) necessarily equate to “less serious offenses?”

    ExRat (042827)

  7. It’s true. Racism no longer exists.
    D’Nesh S’Sousa said so, and he’s a Cobservative, and Conservatives are always right.

    David Ehrenstein (b35c9c)

  8. To me, “similar, but less serious” means that the two are roughly in the same ballpark, or at least in the same neighbourhood. I can see one person getting 6-12 months, and another person doing something “similar, but less serious” getting no jail time. But if one person gets 15 years, I would expect a “similar, but less serious” offense to get at least 7. If the second person was not charged with anything that would get him any time at all, I’d see that as a travesty. Unless, of course, the second person’s offense wasn’t in fact similar at all.

    Milhouse (f10fb3)

  9. Why?
    Because our “betters” in the great temple of NY say so.
    Can’t have the great unwashed doing anything that might upset the elites now, can we?

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  10. No, David, racism still exists. Just go look at any progressive site and you will find multiple instances of minorities being stereotyped, and expected to act in a specific manner. There is not limiit to the racism that is tolerated towards Clarence Thomas and Condoleeza Rice.

    Other than the strawman you are arguing with, I have seen nobody suggest that racism does not exist.

    JD (c3bb88)

  11. alphie, semenkkkleo, and voiceofidiocy seem to be in a 3-way contest for largest volume of babble this week.

    JD (c3bb88)

  12. Milhouse,

    “Similar but less serious” means something different to me. For instance, robbing someone at gunpoint is similar to burglary of an empty vehicle – in both instances something is stolen – but in these examples burglary is a less serious offense than aggravated robbery. The threat to a person is much less in the burglary example than in the aggravated robbery example, and the punishment should be different as a result.

    DRJ (ec59b5)

  13. DRJ – It is kind of you to attempt to explain that, but people have to be either aggressively ignorant or willfully obtuse to not understand the point of the post.

    JD (c3bb88)

  14. David – Did you bother to read my comment? Apparently not, since it is clear that I pointed out that racism does exist.

    Race has nothing with your inability to marry. Gender on the other hand, is something quite different. Or, is sexual preference now considered a race?

    JD (c3bb88)

  15. No, David, racism still exists.

    David – What about the above quote makes you think that I was saying racism does not exist?

    Step away from the hookah …

    JD (c3bb88)

  16. David – Your silence is deafening.

    JD (c3bb88)

  17. DRJ knows what “aggravated” means.

    Reed “Nifong” Walter didn’t, though.

    If only he read blogs, he might have saved his job.

    alphie (99bc18)

  18. Sorry about the silence, as you’re clearly unable to hear the sound of my pulling your leg.


    David Ehrenstein (b35c9c)

  19. alphie….is six people kicking, stomping, and beating an unconscious person an “aggravated” crime?

    Just wondering….

    Finally, just remember, justice was served in this case….every step of the way. But, the Jena 6 decided that they wanted some other form of justice, instead of accepting what the law and rules of society had already given out. Even the “shotgun” situation is being handled by the law, whether or not anyone thinks that the gun was used in an assault or was stolen; the case is still pending, so, justice is being served.

    Just as justice was served in the OJ case….the system worked….problem is that too many people, especially in the black race, think that if they don’t get the justice they “want” then it was not served. “No justice, no peace” means to them that only the justice they want is acceptable to them. In this case, as I said above, justice was correctly served so far in every instance of the story.

    reff (4e3fcd)

  20. reff – If it were 6 white people, it would be a hate crime.

    JD (c3bb88)

  21. Alphie #18,

    Aggravated includes use of a weapon, as in my example, but it also includes “other means”:

    “[Aggravated] assault is usually accompanied by the use of a weapon or by other means likely to produce death or great bodily harm.”

    DRJ (ec59b5)

  22. I guess it’s up to the non-law talkin’ guy, eh?

    After first charging the Jena 6 with attempted murder, Reed “Nifong” Walter tried Mychal Bell as an adult for the crime of aggravated battery.

    The only way he could legally do that is if Bell had a prior juvenile conviction for aggravated battery…he didn’t

    Adios amigo!

    alphie (99bc18)

  23. I’m sorry, Alphie, I don’t quite understand your point but: Adios, Amigo, tambien.

    DRJ (ec59b5)

  24. Alphie (#18): Any attack from Chuck Norris is, by definition, an aggravated assault. And I’ve read that he reads Patterico’s blog.

    If I were you, I’d be very afraid.

    Beldar (c5146b)

  25. Beldar,

    Aren’t you forgetting who Chuck Norris’ partner was on Walker, Texas Ranger?

    I think its the Reed “Nifong” Walter legal apologists who should be worrying about Chuck.

    alphie (99bc18)

  26. JD,

    That’s is what scares me about hate crimes. The idea that one’s thoughts, or what SOMEONE ELSE THINKS YOU ARE THINKING, can get you into even more trouble than you might already be in at that time. But, it is only one sided. I think that the attack of the Jena 6 is a hate crime, but the “hate” was “revenge” for some perceived slight. “Revenge” is the most heinous form of “hate,” since it takes formal conscious thought to make up “revenge.”

    But, revenge is not a hate crime, either.

    reff (4e3fcd)

  27. “Reed “Nifong” Walter”
    So you feel the Jena 6 are completely innocent of any crime? That would explain the gratuitous Nifong. Also, I dont remember Chuck Norris partner was known for getting 5 friends and jumping people from behind. Which episode are you refering to?

    buzz (9e5c44)

  28. It seems clear that a hate crime was committed here, based on racial prejudice, and perhaps conspiracy to commit a hate crime. It is a travesty that the Jena six were not charged properly and an outrage that justice was not delivered.

    garrett (1ef287)

  29. reff – I completely agree with your position. I was just pointing out the real-world hypocrisy of hate crimes, as they are a one-way street.

    JD (c3bb88)

  30. I have a particular aversion to this type of gang-stomping. I have no problem getting my ass kicked by one guy, in a fair fight, but getting beat up by six guys is bullshit, and anyone who enlists the help of FIVE friends to beat up ONE guy is a fucking coward.

    And, insofar as hate crimes go, JD is absolutely right. Any honest person will acknowledge that, were the victim black and the attackers white, this thing would’ve been tried as a hate crime without a second glance.

    Leviticus (3c2c59)

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