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I *Gotta* Do Something About This Cough

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John Hinderaker:

Media Matters is an astroturf site that is funded by left-wing moneybags. I don’t know who, exactly, is paying Boehlert’s salary, but he isn’t getting his money’s worth.

Indeed. John has a thorough dissection of a typical Boehlert smear, dishonest through and through. Like John, I don’t know who is paying Boehlert’s salary either [cough cough GeorgeSoros cough] but whoever it is [coughSoroscough] must really be disappointed.

To see what I have against Boehlert, browse the entries at this link.

15 Responses to “I *Gotta* Do Something About This Cough”

  1. Lame.

    If you can show Soros is funding Boehlert, great, that’s worth knowing, I suppose, sort of.

    But Media Matters denies it:

    Are they lying? That would be a worthwhile post to read if you positively asserted it instead of hiding behind cowardly insinuation, and it would be a feather in your cap if you could provide evidence. If not, you are just spreading misinformation and making a fool out of yourself, and discrediting every bit of media criticism you sometimes undertake, because you yourself are a wanker.

    And lets not focus on the funding for such money sinks as the Washington Times, Townhall, National Review, and all the other non profitable but somehow sustaining right noise machines. The Lefties! Soros!

    aplomb (5992a5)

  2. Anyone who kisses up to Hinderaker at this late date (as Patterico is doing so shamelessly in this post), after all the dishonest slime and easily disproven garbage the ‘rocket’s peddled, has fully divorced himself from reality. What garbage? What slime? See Boehlert’s column from today. Categorical. Fully referenced. Not a tree left standing in Hindrocket’s little fantasy land.

    multum_in_parvo (ff7b02)

  3. Give GEORGE SOROS his walking papers to another nation who could tolorate this jerk

    krazy kagu (f085bf)

  4. aplomb, it’s pretty clear that the argument is that Whoever It Is that is funding this smear machine is getting a lousy deal. I won’t bother demonstrating how Boehert is a hack. It’s either obvious to you or it isn’t.

    Soros funds a lot of operations. Democrats have the vast majority of millionaire political donors. The Soros claim has always been simply that the Dems are the party of the rich snobs who tell us to live meagerly and with few rights. Is that controversial?

    Anyway, Soros is probably funding media matters. Perhaps through some sort of intermediary. It can’t be proven because of the nature of media matter’s operation. That’s not evidence they are clean, of course!

    Dustin (ce8f7d)

  5. aplomb,

    You might want to peruse this link.

    Patterico (5b0b7f)

  6. Which I just added to the post.

    Patterico (5b0b7f)

  7. Does this mean aplomb himself is a wanker?

    Patterico (5b0b7f)

  8. Oh, and they don’t deny getting funding from groups “affiliated with” Soros, as you can see from this link.

    Which is also going in the post.

    Patterico (5b0b7f)

  9. george soros has done some good things. i don’t think he’s a bogeyman.

    assistant devil's advocate (a242fa)

  10. He is, however, a hate-monger and unable to grasp reality…

    Other than that, he’s a great guy!

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  11. “A thorough dissection” of Boehlert?
    As usual, you — there is no other word for it — lie. In fact, in this case you’re layering your lies and deceptions upon Hinderaker’s.

    It’s actually quite funny — if anyone takes a moment to read Boehlert’s piece, he does discredit many of the Swift Traitor members, and their claims.

    It’s well-known that I’m no fan of Media Matters. However, I am certain there is a special stratal of hell reserved for liars like you and Hinderaker.

    drummaster (fafe25)

  12. Joel MaHarry, ladies and gents. A famous liar himself.

    Patterico (2ee7c9)

  13. This is really absurd. Shorter Hinderaker

    “These veterans and their wives say they were hurt by John Kerry’s testimony. It’s irrefutable!”

    NYC Cops can be embarrassed by their hatred of Frank Serpico (for “betraying” them.) But Kerry was fighting Communists and evil bad people, not corruption and the mob, so those who feel betrayed by Kerry and the Veterans against the War can shout all they want.

    AF (9c6cd6)

  14. Essentially, this post amounts to a review of a response to a rebuttal of an accusation… with a twist:
    [cough coughAccusing George Soros of Politically Irrelevant Crimescough]

    Hinderaker accuses Kerry of Fabrication.
    Boehlert accuses the Swift Boat Veterans of being a bunch of Bald-Faced Liars.

    Come on, people: In our collective heart-of-hearts, we know that Hinderaker and Boehlert are both right. Let’s let sleeping dogs lie on this one.

    Leviticus (e87aad)

  15. Swiftboat Veterans, P2?

    Come on – you’re better than that.

    The Liberal Avenger (b8c7e2)

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