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Hunting IEDs

Filed under: General,War — Patterico @ 9:17 pm

Read Bill Ardolino’s account of going hunting for IEDs in Fallujah.

(I saw this the other day and meant to link it; Allah’s link reminded me.)

Between that and Teflon Don’s account, you get as good a picture as you’re going to get without going yourself.

2 Responses to “Hunting IEDs”

  1. When teflon gets home, someone needs to hire him as a writer, thats’ good stuff there.

    Keep up the great work Patterico.

    o/t The new Hitler?

    LordNazh (d282eb)

  2. oops, seems my name was still sending people to my old blogsite :(

    (was wondering why someone went there from here heh)

    Lord Nazh (d282eb)

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