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Final Catblogging

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Kevin Drum has done his last catblogging, as his cat suddenly died recently. (h/t Bradley J. Fikes.)

I am not a fan of cats in general, but I remember how traumatic it was for Mrs. P. to lose her cat, and how sad I was when I learned that our family dog had died.

My sympathies to Kevin.

5 Responses to “Final Catblogging”

  1. “not a fan of cats in general” well, cats can tell who their friends are and most of them probably aren’t fans of you in general.
    condolences to mr. drum & mrs. p. i rescued madeline, my gorgeous, friendly, chatty tuxedo kitty, a year ago from a friend who no longer wanted her. she gives me a lot of affection in return for just a fancy feast plus kibbles and table scraps per day.

    assistant devil's advocate (579651)

  2. Glenn Beck once had a schtick about some weirdo’s house, where he had 243 dogs, a bunch of ferrets, snakes, gerbils — and seven cats. He knew that the guy was weird, not because of the 243 dogs, but because of the seven cats. Mr Beck’s rule was that if you have more than two cats, you should be on a watch list somewhere.

    Well, two was what we wanted, and two was what we got, from the local cat rescue center, both females, who were promptly spayed. Two isn’t too many, and gives them each a playmate.

    Then the tattooed lady next door threw out Kitten — who would more accurately have been named Kitten Factory! Kitten had been kept indoors, to keep her away from males, but she had a way of escaping. Kitten once again got out, and that was it: the lady with too much ink threw her out. Naturally, she wound up on our front porch, and Elaine said taht we couldn’t just leave her outside.

    Well, we did what anyone with any sense would do: we took her to the vet and had her fixed. So, now we have three — and are, I suppose, on one of Mr Beck’s watch lists. Kitten doesn’t really get along with the other two, and has decided that she is My Cat; she insists on sleeping jammed up next to me. She’d prefer to sleep in between us, but Elaine won’t have any of that!

    Dana (556f76)

  3. cats and single women:
    one cat: no problem
    two cats: approach with caution
    three or more cats: run like hell

    assistant devil's advocate (5b46b4)

  4. I am not a big fan of those miniature lions either, but my best friend, Kodi, a chocolate Lab, has now been very sick for three days without a clue as to what’s causing it so my sympathies go out to Kevin too.

    nk (50d578)

  5. No matter how comfortable I am in my recliner or bed, my cat can somehow make me re-arrange myself so that SHE is comfortably sitting on me.

    Why do I keep doing it? It must be the way she looks at me once she’s nicely settled.

    rightisright (16ece0)

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