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NPR Tribute to Maj. McClung

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National Public Radio has a nice four-minute remembrance of Maj. Megan McClung, here. Her parents make an appearance, and tell some amazing stories of Maj. McClung’s athletic prowess. Here is a quote from her mom:

When the Lord gives you these blessed little creatures, you don’t know how long you get to keep them. You don’t know how long they’re yours. And we had her for 34 years, and we were immensely proud of her.

I am in discussions with her father about doing a more extensive online tribute, which will probably appear here later on this month.

2 Responses to “NPR Tribute to Maj. McClung”

  1. Not sure if you heard about this yet.

    Michael Fumento on Maj McClung and Capt Patriquin escorting Oliver North and a Newsweek reporter when they were killed, at his site, and at Right Wing News (scroll down).

    jeff (3183ee)

  2. tHE nATIONAL PUGNANT RADIO what else will they say?

    krazy kagu (5fcc3d)

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