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Rich Puchalsky is a Liar

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Rich Puchalsky, a frequent commenter on Scott Eric Kaufman’s blog, is a liar. He has made dozens of accusations against me over the years and every one of them has been false. People should be very concerned about trusting this man. I’m happy to provide examples of his lies upon request.

UPDATE: Here’s one concrete example to get you started. Puchalsky accuses me of adopting global warming denialism:

[Y]ou have no trouble adopting happyfeet and his global warming denialism . . . You fundamentally don’t care about what the truth is.

That is flatly false. In fact, I have taken the opposite position:

Former astronaut is global warming skeptic. (For what it’s worth, I’m not.)

But, you see, the truth doesn’t matter to Rich Puchalsky. In fact, after I pointed out this blatant lie, he told another: implying that he hadn’t accused me of adopting global warming denialism.

Amazing, the capacity of Rich Puchalsky to lie, right to your face.

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