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FBI Deputy Director McCabe Out

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[guest post by Dana]

FBI Deputy Director McCabe either stepped down or was pushed out, depending on who you ask:

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who has been attacked by President Donald Trump, stepped down Monday, multiple sources familiar with the matter told NBC News.

McCabe will remain on the FBI payroll until he is eligible to retire with full benefits in mid-March, the sources said.

One source said McCabe was exercising his retirement eligibility and characterized his decision as “stepping aside.”



Here is White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders denying that President Trump had been pressuring Justice and FBI in any of the investigation matters, and saying that the White House did not make the decision about McCabe’s departure. She also said that the White House has gone above and beyond in the investigation, and that the only thing the president has applied pressure to is to make sure that this issue is resolved so Americans get “the Russia fever out of their system”. She wants Americans to be reminded that there was no collusion, as well as stating that the president has not been involved in any obstruction of justice or impropriety:


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