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Indeed, It Took Some Doing

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I contacted Abcarian last month, asking her to disclose her notes so that the public could compare Rainey’s characterization of O’Keefe’s quote to the actual quote in her notes. She initially deferred, telling me that O’Keefe could contact her. O’Keefe did, and Abcarian gave him a loose paraphrase of the quote on December 1, promising to send him the exact quote the next day. O’Keefe tells me that Abcarian did not keep her promise. Abcarian then ignored O’Keefe’s subsequent requests (sent on December 7 and again on December 18) seeking the actual quote.

When I contacted Abcarian myself, she initially claimed that she had sent the full quote to O’Keefe on December 1. When it became apparent that I knew she had sent only a paraphrase, she became defensive and stopped e-mailing me.

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