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Darnell Nash Cast a Fraudulent Ballot

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The Capital Research Center quoted Ryan Miday, a spokesman for Nash’s prosecutor Bill Mason, as saying:

ACORN workers approached [Nash] to fill out voter registration cards and he did so on nine different occasions using different names and addresses, then he actually registered and voted on Sept. 30 and voted with a different address and the address was an address here in the Cleveland area in a suburb called Shaker Heights.

The Capital Research Center added: “Miday said that the Shaker Heights address is important because the person who actually lives there alerted the authorities after multiple registration acknowledgement documents came in the mail. Nash’s vote was then flagged and Nash came to the attention of the board of elections.”

The Capital Research Center report is corroborated by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which wrote that Nash “voted Sept. 30 at the Board of Elections using a false address, prosecutor’s spokesman Ryan Miday said.”

And the New York Post wrote:

The vote of Darnell Nash, one of four people subpoenaed in a Cuyahoga County probe of ACORN’s voter-registration activities, was canceled and his case was turned over to local prosecutors and law enforcement, Board of Elections officials said yesterday.

Nash had registered to vote repeatedly from an address that belonged to a legitimately registered voter, officials said during a hearing at which the subpoenaed voters were to testify.

Board officials had contacted Nash this summer, questioned his address and told him to stop repeat registering.

But still, he breezed into Ohio election offices – the state allows early voting for president – reregistered with a fake address and cast a paper ballot, officials said.

“He came in on 9/30 and Mr. Nash again registered to vote at [someone else’s] address, and he cast a ballot,” said board official Jane Platten.

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