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FBI: Shooting At Corpus Christi Naval Air Station Is Terrorism-Related

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[guest post by Dana]

The incident happened this morning:

A shooting that injured one security guard at the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas on Thursday has been determined to be terrorism-related, FBI officials said.

The shooting unfolded at about 6:15 a.m. local time when the suspect sped through a gate, activating vehicle barriers which stopped the car, a defense official told ABC News.

The driver then got out of the car and began shooting, before being “neutralized,” the defense official said.

“We have determined that the incident this morning at the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi is terrorism related,” said Leah Greeves of the FBI. “They are working diligently with local, state and federal partners on the investigation, which is fluid and evolving.”

No reason has been given for why the incident has been determined to be related to terrorism. Also, a search is underway for a second “person of interest”.

Note: This comes just days after Attorney General Barr announced the link between the NAS Pensacola shooter that killed three sailors in December to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and called it an “act of terrorism”.


6 Responses to “FBI: Shooting At Corpus Christi Naval Air Station Is Terrorism-Related”

  1. In one of the reports I read, there was this:

    Earlier on Thursday, a U.S. official confirmed to USNI News the authorities believed a Navy security team killed an “Arab male” in a gun battle gate at the base.

    The official did not have any additional details on the identity of the shooter beyond apparent ethnicity.

    Dana (0feb77)

  2. It makes sense. Kick us while we’re down, while our presidential election has us divided more than usual. I wouldn’t be surprised if, after Trump loses and his goons are running around with rifles, China and Russia take advantage of the lame duck chaos too.

    Dustin (d59cff)

  3. Is Barr dressed in his going to Alaska Pontoon Plane Safari wear?

    mg (8cbc69)

  4. Sailors are hobbyists. Seamen were the victims.

    Frank (bcb576)

  5. he’s a Saudi whose moved 13 times, around corpus christi and went to their sharia college, but the bureau was focused on weightier matters,

    narciso (7404b5)

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