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Rep. Brian Sims (D-PA) Refuses To Apologize To Females He Bullied In Front Of Planned Parenthood

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[guest post by Dana]

What an absolute sleaze. But then we already knew that…

As you may recall, Democrat Brian Sims harassed and bullied a woman who was quietly praying in front a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood. He videotaped himself haranguing her, and then posted it on line. Notable was his attempt to find out her home address so that he could continue his bullying in front of her home. See video below:

Sims also harassed 13 year old and 15 year old Catholic sister who were praying in front of Planned Parenthood with their mother. He offered to pay $100 to anyone who could identify them:

In an effort to turn an ugly situation into something positive, the girls’ parents, Joe and Ashley Garecht began a GoFundMe page after the “shameful and unacceptable” harassment and attempted doxxing of their daughters. As a result, they raised over $100,000 for a Philadelphia pro-life organization.

Joe Garecht told Sims:

“Brian, if you have a problem with my wife and daughters praying outside of an abortion clinic, I’m the one you can talk to… instead of harassing teenage girls.”

Confirming that he is but a little, wormy pustule on the ass of society, Sims, feeling the heat over his bullying, apologized … to Planned Parenthood:

“My emotions took over because I was, and am, angry,” said Sims. “I’m angry that despite abortion being legal everywhere, anti-choice zealots are causing panic, anger, confusion, and rage for so many women.”

I should not have disrespected Planned Parenthood’s policies of not engaging with protesters. For that, I’m absolutely sorry,” said Sims.

Before Sims’ non-apology, it was reported that “Democratic leaders addressed the matter with Sims privately and are satisfied it will not be repeated.” The public silence from Democratic women after the videos were posted online was deafening. Now, after Sims has refused to apologize directly to the women he stalked, offended, bullied and threatened to dox, there is still a wall of silence. Why isn’t Sims’ egregious abuse of power enough to compel a public condemnation by his female colleagues? After all, it seems that every few days the patriarchy is being blamed for yet another misery, or perceived misery. And yet no one seems disturbed enough to publicly shame Sims, who behaved in an undeniably disgusting manner toward women. Further, with a record number of Democratic women seeking the presidency, Sims is clearly the ultimate poster boy exampling what utterly unacceptable treatment of women looks like. But no, Democratic women who fairly continuously rage about the evils of men – and white men at that – just don’t have the honesty it takes to be even-handed in their condemnation of men behaving badly, or the grit necessary to honor their principles by taking a public stand against one of their own. For the thousandth time, this is a huge reason why women on the left side of the aisle, who claim to be fighting for the continued protections of women’s rights, are now seen as little more than panty-twisting, whiny harridans. Because when push comes to shove, they can’t even make a solid, public stand against a bullying male lawmaker. On the upside, this is a teachable moment for girls and young women everywhere as they see for themselves that those talking the talk does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that they will also walk the walk. Especially not when it’s inconvenient.

Of course, we know that what unites the women on the left side of the aisle and the pathetic Sims is their shared worship at the altar of baby killing. Hypocrites!

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14 Responses to “Rep. Brian Sims (D-PA) Refuses To Apologize To Females He Bullied In Front Of Planned Parenthood”

  1. And like the coward that he is, he’s protected his twitter account–I’m sure he’s too delicate to deal with the righteous criticism that was coming his way.

    I understand that the father of these two girls asked the PA. Speaker of the House why they are not moving to take action against him–the nonresponse he received says it all.

    Rochf (877dba)

  2. I cannot get over what a total sleazebag Sims is. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about women, period. If any man deserved public condemnation and shaming for his treatment of women, it’s him. And he’s literally served himself up on a silver platter as an example of how not to be toward women, and weak-willed, opportunistic women are looking the other way.

    Dana (779465)

  3. The party of Moloch. All is permitted as long as their blood sacrifice continues.

    NJRob (4d595c)

  4. — Now there’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncey.
    — What’s that, Edgar?
    — A gay guy who doesn’t like women.
    — Oh, I don’t know, Edgar. He probably likes Liza Minelli.

    nk (dbc370)

  5. Not a surprise that the bully won’t apologize. He’s got some nuns to beat up.

    Paul Montagu (7968e9)

  6. But I wonder if part of the reason that no gallant gentleman has stepped up to send this guy into next week is that there is very little upside i.e. if you “win” you beat up on a _________, but if you lose, you will never live that down amongst your chums.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  7. urbanleftbehind,

    Identity politics and its game hierarchy triumphalism breeds weakness in its players. Or perhaps it attracts the weak and taps into their fear of why others might think if they go against the grain, in spite of what they’d have us believe. Never betray the tribe.

    Dana (d0c8a1)

  8. Confirming that he is but a little, wormy pustule on the *ss of society …

    Oh my.

    Dave (1bb933)

  9. Paul, the Babylon Bee is what the Onion would be if it had a sense of humor.

    Kishnevi (cd9bd1)

  10. There are folks say that only women can have a position on abortion. Others say that men are affected, too. But utterly no on thinks that gay men have a dog in that hunt.

    Kevin M (21ca15)

  11. Kevin M,

    I think both men and women are impacted by it, whether directly with a couple making the decision to abort and then living through the aftermath, or whether more indirectly by making a moral decision about when life begins, the sanctity of it, and what it says about a society that condones it through the 9th month. I’m unclear how gay men would not fit in the latter group?

    Dana (779465)

  12. One “dog” would be ensuring that those of their persuasion continued to be brought through full term and not aborted based on prenatal testing. But it seems many may rue their existence to such adegree that they would rather work to insure those same babies be taken out of their future misery.

    urbanleftbehind (d28da6)

  13. Gay men who want to adopt children would have a personal motive to discourage abortion.

    Kishnevi (c81531)

  14. This is the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL) explaining why they are pro-life:

    Stop for a moment and consider what happens in an abortion: a human being is poisoned, suctioned, or cut apart and then she dies. This preborn child has been denied the most fundamental of human rights, upon which all other human rights are based: the very right to life itself.

    America’s abortion on demand policy is fueled by the philosophy which says that that life is a privilege reserved for those who are wanted. While this attitude prevails, no LGBTI person — nor, for that matter, the disabled, the elderly, the terminally ill, or any other class of human beings who may be considered “unwanted” or “burdensome” — are safe.

    In light of this, LGBTI people should be concerned about the protection of all human life, including the preborn. After all, we know what it’s like to have our lives and rights trampled
    upon. We’ve been discriminated against, harassed, or even physically assaulted simply for loving another person. In response, we continue to fight for our civil rights: we organize, lobby, and vote. We demand the same basic rights heterosexuals take for granted.

    And that’s why we at PLAGAL are pro-life. Like anti-gay policies, abortion denies the rights of real human beings who are considered threatening or undesirable. Pro-Life LGBTI people work for a society where all human life is better valued than it is today. Everyone’s life.

    Dana (779465)

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