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C-SPAN Maligns Trump with Unfair Edit in Quote on Immigration

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Watch this clip:

Now watch this edit, which I created (h/t Josh Jordan, whose tweet I saw on Allahpundit’s Twitter feed), which backs up the conversation about 45 seconds to give you critical context that C-SPAN left out:

He wasn’t talking about regular folks being deported. He was talking about MS-13 gang members.

And the situation he is talking about, which has been created by California and its insane open borders government, is indeed intolerable.

Dirty pool. But this is how dishonest people fight.

The answer is not to create our own misleading and dishonest clips, by the way. The answer is to point out their dishonesty. That’s not the whole answer, but it’s a good start. So spread the word. Let your friends know what C-SPAN did here.

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The New Blue Dress: Yanny or Laurel?

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You remember the gold and white dress that some weirdos thought was blue? This is like the audio version of that. Listen to this and then vote.

Now take the poll. I understand it’s not perfect, but it’s much closer to one than the other, so choose the best answer:

What do you hear in this recording?
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As with the dress, I can process this one way and one way only, and it astounds me that anyone processes it differently. But they do.

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NoKo Threatens to Cancel Talks with Trump

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Kim Jong-un, or as our Secretary of State calls him, “Chairman Un,” has threatened to cancel the upcoming nuclear talks:

North Korea broadened its threat to cancel President Trump’s upcoming nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un Wednesday, though the United States downplayed the sudden uncertainty.

At first, North Korea cited joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises, always a sore spot, but later the country’s first vice foreign minister said in a statement that his government has no interest in a summit with the United States if it’s going to be a “one-sided” affair where it’s pressured to give up its nukes.

North Korea’s Central News Agency also announced it had already canceled high-level talks with South Korean counterparts because of the drills it considers rehearsals for an invasion of the North.

The New York Times has an analysis: this threat is likely just a threat, but it is a reversion to the classic playbook.

If North Korea’s tough statements on Wednesday caught officials in Seoul and Washington off guard, they also reflected a well-established North Korean stance, with Mr. Kim saying his country wants to enter talks with the United States as an equal nuclear power.

Few analysts said North Korea would ultimately go so far as to cancel the Singapore meeting. Rather, the threat to withdraw was an attempt to raise the price that Washington would have to pay to get any significant concessions on the North’s nuclear program, analysts said.

. . . .

Mr. Kim’s government has told its people that his nuclear weapons will protect them from suffering the fate of Libya or Iraq, whose governments collapsed under pressure from “big powers,” in Pyongyang’s words. At the same time, Mr. Kim has promised his people they will not have to tighten their belts again. He seeks to get sanctions lifted so he can rebuild the economy, but he must avoid looking as though he is succumbing to Washington’s pressure or its economic incentives, analysts said.

Cheon Seong-whun, an analyst at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul, said North Korea’s main goal in coming negotiations with the United States was to “weaken the influence of American forces in Korea.”

Anyone who thinks North Korea is totally going to denuclearize this time is ignoring history. Even if we’re in the good hands of the guy who Makes the Best Deals. Kim carefully watched the stupid move Hillary “We came we saw he died” Clinton and Barack Obama played in Libya. He is determined not to let that happen again.

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