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300 Is The New Number

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[guest post by Dana]

Today, President Obama announced that he is going to send up to 300 American military advisers to Iraq as a response to the Islamic militants who are threatening the government in Baghdad.

Speaking after a long meeting with his national security team at the White House, Obama also said that he’s positioning American assets in the region to “be prepared to take targeted and precise military action if and when the situation on the ground requires it.”

The president also reassured the public that he would take steps to prevent this from turning into a wider mission in Iraq:

American combat troops are not going to be fighting in Iraq again,” Obama said. “We do not have the ability to simply solve this problem by sending in thousands of troops and committing the kind of blood and treasure that has already been expended in Iraq.”

The administration has not ruled out future airstrikes.

Also, it is being reported that Isis has seized Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of old chemical weapons, which include Sarin and Mustard Gas, from a military complex 80km northwest of the capital.

The State Department reassured that they “don’t believe” Isis will be able to utilize the material.

“We do not believe that the complex contains CW materials of military value and it would be very difficult, if not impossible to safely move the materials,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Psaki however added that the US remained “concerned about the seizure of any military site by the Isis.”

Further, we learn more about Isis. Apparently, they run like a well oiled machine and maintain detailed records of their yearly actions to fulfill their primary mission of setting up an Islamic caliphate in the territories the group controls. According to the Financial Times:

“They produce [annual reports] almost like a company, with details of martyrdom operations and targets. You have a clear overlay of structure, planning, and strategy to the organization,” said Nigel Inkster, a former assistant chief of Britain’s intelligence service MI6.

Two significant observations made by the Institute for the Study of War: The network pursues a traditional insurgency strategy known as “clear, hold, and build” and its organization of 15,000 armed men functions more like a military, than a typical terrorist group.

According to the article, the group recorded 1,083 assassinations in 2013 and 48 murders by knife in 2012, and they also document the number of “apostates run over.”

Analyst at the institute, Alex Bilger warns:

A counter-terrorism strategy that does not take these characteristics into consideration will underestimate and fail to defeat this enemy.


24 Responses to “300 Is The New Number”

  1. this middle east thing is simply not among america’s very limited number of competencies

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  2. Do I have to say it ‘this is madness’

    narciso (3fec35)

  3. I bet they keep better records than the IRS….

    Edoc118 (cddb25)

  4. “Also, it is being reported that Isis has seized Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of old chemical weapons, which include Sarin and Mustard Gas, from a military complex 80km northwest of the capital.”

    They never had these. The Dems and MFM told us so since 2003.

    JD (d11cfd)

  5. maybe poor little america should start with something more easier like fixing relations with Canada, then if that goes ok they can kind of move out from there

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  6. A young aide in the Obama Administration—perhaps Pajama Boy, or Dude Guy in the Situation Room—had seen the movie 300, knew that it was based on battles that took place in that part of the world, and figured it might be an intimidating number for Obama to announce.
    Even more so than if the number of “advisors” was, say, 10,000.
    Or something.
    And Barack was due back on the golf course in an hour, so the young aide had to recommend a number pretty quickly.

    Elephant Stone (80b246)

  7. you have to keep it small enough to where everyone gets a medal Mr. Stone

    otherwise you have some people what feel sad inside

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  8. I heard some military man on the radio saying the 300 were evacuation guys. Period. There will be an evacuation.

    The propaganda arm of ISIS is bang on as well. They are mocking Michelle’s “Girls” tweet and also posted a video of jihadis playing with a head they had recently cut off an enemy’s body. The talk was in English. So either they were Americans or they were directing this to Americans.

    Patricia (5fc097)

  9. Seems to me that far from being decimated, they are in more rude health than ever. Heckuva job, TFG!

    Gazzer (6a76d0)

  10. Well they do say most civilizations fall from within. Ace has the good news.
    And don’t forget Cankles assistant Huma’s folks founded the Muslim Brotherhood. Chuck Hagel and John Brennan both converted to Islam, allegedly. Stull that TFG is a Christian?

    Gazzer (6a76d0)

  11. I don’t understand how all of these ISIS people got access to all those guns.
    Doesn’t the rest of the world have these wonderful anti-gun laws that keep guns out of the hand of criminals ?!
    Or something ?

    Elephant Stone (80b246)

  12. And they are picking up fans, like demonic bieber fans (I know I’m being redundant)

    narciso (3fec35)

  13. Someone should tell Obama that ISIS’ cattle are illegally grazing.
    At least then Barack would send the Bureau of Land Management to go open up a can of whup ass.

    Elephant Stone (80b246)

  14. Many of the new, I mean recycled recruits are excons, and we know they can’t own firearms,

    narciso (3fec35)

  15. Sadly, it would not surprise me in the least if they picked “300” to sound tough.

    JD (9e5c2a)

  16. Obama will trade to get Bowe Bergduehfuss back, but he won’t life an effing finger to get back the Marine who is in jail in Mexico, nor will he lift an effing finger to get back the three teenagers who were kidnapped by Hamas. (One of the teens is actually an American who was just visiting Israel.)

    It really cannot be understated what a bad human being Barack Obama is.
    What a stupid country we are to have re-elected this dirtbag.

    Elephant Stone (80b246)

  17. the three teenagers who were kidnapped by Hamas. (One of the teens is actually an American who was just visiting Israel.)

    Nope. Naftali Frankel, who is a US citizen, was born in Israel and lives there.

    Milhouse (b95258)

  18. I’ve seen no report to the effect, and feel safe in asserting the Walking Dead have not run over, poisoned, shot or ingested a single minion of Ogabe during his tenure.

    Failing that, just WTF good can they be?

    gary gulrud (46ca75)

  19. I’m sure there’s a joke about golfing and sand traps. And how Obama will want a mulligan to get out of it.

    malclave (4f3ec1)

  20. I wonder if they know the fate of the ‘300’? (Probably didn’t stay to the end, too bloody.)

    Or of the 327 advisers in the in 1960 MAAG deployment to South Vietnam?

    htom (412a17)

  21. 300 Military Advisors? Sounds like he’s setting up for a Middle East version of the Alamo. What a douche.

    Hoagie (4dfb34)

  22. The 300 will be deployed in groups of 12 and embedded with the Iraqi army for targeting and other military advice.

    Sammy Finkelman (966b43)

  23. obama is trying to set up another capture of an American serviceman so he can trade him for the rest of the Guantanamo prisoners.

    dunce (15d7dc)

  24. Any strategy that requires obamas approval is doomed to catastrophic failure. The dolt still thinks he is the smartest person in any room he walks into and ignores the advice of real experts.

    dunce (15d7dc)

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