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Another One

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[guest post by Dana]

Via The Corner, Jake Tapper interviewed yet another member of Bowe Bergdahl’s unit, former Army staff sergeant Justin Gereleve, who stated that he believes Bergdahl deserted his post.

I believe that he totally deserted, not only his fellow soldiers, but his leadership that wanted the best for him and wanted the best for our country. I took my job, being in the military, to the fullest — knowing one of my soldiers walked off was more heartbreaking than anything.”

He also validated fellow platoon mate Evan Buetaw’s claims that American troops intercepted calls that discovered Bergdahl was pursuing the Taliban, and that after Bergdahl’s disappearance, the Taliban’s attacks were more direct and “pinpoint” than they had been. “I can’t say for sure that the leakage was from Bergdahl, but my suspicion is that it did happen,” Gereleve said.

I can’t really say that I blame Bergdahl to the fullest extent, but if he wouldn’t have deserted us, these soldiers [who died searching for him] very well could have been at a different place at a different time, rather than the place at the time of their death,” he said.

–According to a list compiled by NRO, Gereleve is the eleventh member who served with Bergdahl to publicly assert that he deserted the squad.


8 Responses to “Another One”

  1. Aw Dana, I’m sure the coordinated stories from these eleven are just the army’s version
    of journolist.

    elissa (76d201)

  2. Of course, elissa. Because they’re just mindless robots who couldn’t get into Yale or Princeton.

    Steve57 (61329d)

  3. This is no stranger than what went on in the Rose Garden…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  4. Drew over at Ace’s:

    I really have no idea what the Obama administration thought would come of this deal but it clearly wasn’t this.

    On the upside for them though, we aren’t talking about the VA, how Obama is now endorsing Hamas through his illegal support for a Palestinian government that includes them or the shrinking economy.

    So they’ve got all that going for them.

    gary gulrud (46ca75)

  5. I hope Jake’s tax receipts are in order.

    Patricia (be0117)

  6. What’s with the Jihadi beard? E You’d think our troops would avoid that look like the plague.

    Funeral Guy (afbf7b)

  7. Funeral Guy – relax ! With maturity, you, too, can gain the ability to grow a full beard like that … lots of folk from ZZ Top (who each and every one either has a beard or is a Beard) to Duck Dynasty to other men, in the US and round the planet, are capable of growing full beards without going anywhere near Jihadism …

    Just because the munkar bearded jihadis are flinging poo doesn’t mean that every with man with a full beard does so …

    The Alastor not-quite-yet-to-be-confused-with-Santa (e7cb73)

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