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New Kid On The Block

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[guest post by Dana]


The Los Angeles Register made its debut this week. From the get-go, the newspaper moved to set itself apart,

The accepted wisdom about L.A. is that it is politically and ideologically monolithic. That Angelenos are almost exclusively Democrats. And that they are almost entirely liberal. But, just as L.A. is recognized for its ethnic and cultural diversity, so, too, should it be for its political and philosophical diversity.

Los Angeles Register Opinion aims to infuse a new perspective into the political and public policy debate in our community and lead the charge for a new generation of liberty-minded, free-market intellectuals.

To do so, we deliberately try to ignore party affiliation, focusing instead on principles and ideas with a very simple bright line: What can be done to increase economic and social liberty?

We favor free-market economic and fiscal policy and believe government – at all levels – should exercise budgetary prudence and restraint.

We believe individuals have the right, and are solely suited, to make the incredibly personal decisions about who to love, what to buy and what to consume.

And we believe that thriving cities and regions need a strong advocate for community building and development to support the everyday people who are the lifeblood of any great metropolis.

Free markets, limited government, personal freedom and a strong sense of community are essential to the economic prosperity that lifts all boats, to the deterrence of tyranny and to liberty that allows us, everyone, to realize our ambitions and aspirations.

LA Observed was amusingly condescending,

On the editorial page, an unsigned editorial opens with a bit of a false start that doesn’t bode well — claiming “the accepted wisdom about LA” is that it’s monolithically Democratic and liberal but the Reggies know better…

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times had an informative report about their new competitor.


34 Responses to “New Kid On The Block”

  1. Wow, the comments at the L.A. Times are mostly nasty.

    felipe (098e97)

  2. Oops, “Ding”

    felipe (098e97)

  3. ok i bookmarked it

    I’m all about deterring tyranny

    my parents raised me to be very anti-tyranny

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  4. mostly dad

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  5. That essay sounds like the mission statement for Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong in Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash.

    luagha (1de9ec)

  6. I expect that people protesting the disregard for the Constitutional rights of the oppressed will steal all the papers from the racks.

    Kevin M (b11279)

  7. Here’s a scoop:

    The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County have spent a decade and $430 million building a railway system to haul trash to a desert landfill, but the system is sitting idle because it is too expensive to use.

    Instead, Los Angeles County is dumping its trash in Orange County, where space in the Brea and Irvine landfills is plentiful and half the $80-per-ton cost of using the trash train.

    Kevin M (b11279)

  8. I betcha the LA Register will allow differing views of the Climate “Debate” to be printed on its pages.

    MD in Philly (f9371b)

  9. I’m curious. For those in the know, are the reporters and columnists for the Register known quality, reliable people who were let go by other failing papers, or are there going to be a lot of new names and voices in the bylines?

    elissa (330c50)

  10. probably newer, but then again all the Dog Trainer by lines are ‘mostly useless;

    narciso (3fec35)

  11. It’s good to know the new owner of the Register — or what to me will always be thought of as the Orange County Register — isn’t necessarily much less to the right than the former owner was. I thought any person both interested in the blue-sy mess of Los Angeles and willing to expand a newspaper in urban America in this day and age would likely have to be a naive dilettante and therefore probably of the left.

    I wish the Register’s owner luck, even more so since the LA Times — in this era following the appearance on its pages of the paper’s former hilarious political cartoonist Michael Ramirez — has become such a self-destructive, one-sided joke.

    Mark (59e5be)

  12. I have not seen Brother Bradley Fikes around recently. This sounds right up his alley.

    JD (31dbfa)

  13. JD, I wholeheartedly agree with that cinnamon.

    John Hitchcock (0e6672)

  14. I wonder if the city will try it’s sidewalk beautification program of limiting news racks again.

    After all, the collective right to the press doesn’t need to include extremist voices. The LA Times, (LA Times owned) La Opinion and the (LA Times bankrolled) LA Daily News ought to be enough choices.

    Kevin M (b11279)

  15. A rail system hauling trash to a disposal site out of the urban area seems like it’s a good idea *for the region*; at some point local pressure will cause landfills in Brea and Irvine to close because the neighbors don’t want landfill there.

    Welcome to a new newspaper; may it have much success. :)

    aphrael (db1491)

  16. > Los Angeles County’s disposal needs dropped 21 percent from 2008 to 2009, according to district records.

    Wow. That’s an impressive statistic.

    aphrael (db1491)

  17. Gone are the days when the Chandler family,
    who owned the Times, could block competition.

    Good luck to the Register.

    Hoss (3a32c1)

  18. I hope Mr. Kushner has some stellar legal assistance. The Times article about his M & A activities reminds me of Conrad Black. If you’ve got the time, A Matter of Principle makes for a good introduction to the Federal gulag. One of my favorite passages has his sentencing judge, who in response to a Supreme Court ruling that threw out most of the charges he was convicted of, hence the need for a legal review, comments that he’s lost a lot of weight and looks great, so prison isn’t so bad afterall? She ends up giving him another year of so in jail to correct the governments mishandling of Mr. Black. But it was all for is own good obviously. My advice for Kushner is to keep the corporation in private hands, and never use the assets of the business as collateral for a loan. This will open him up for all kinds of mischief.

    bobathome (b5db52)

  19. I don’t live in SoCal anymore, but will subscribe. Here’s to their success!!!

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  20. Ah Black, he was the subject of Fitz’s unexpected choice of targets, him over Radler, Libby over Armitage, some minor figures instead of Daley and higherups,

    narciso (3fec35)

  21. unfortunate choice
    this Wu Tang rappin’ fellow
    what will he grab now?

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  22. He lived the life of Reilly on shareholders’ money. Million dollar birthday parties, commissions in the Queen’s horses, baronetcy (?). Now he’s the reverse of the conservative who is a liberal who got mugged — he’s a liberal who is a conservative who went to prison.

    nk (dbc370)

  23. In LAObserved-world, there is only Progressivism.

    askeptic (8ecc78)

  24. 7- The “Trash Crisis” was another of our engineered environmental disasters to be, same as The New Ice Age, The Ozone Hole, etc., etc.

    askeptic (8ecc78)

  25. Comment by Mark (59e5be) — 4/19/2014 @ 7:19 am

    R.C. Hoiles who bought the Santa Ana Register in 1935, always considered himself a “Libertarian”, and that was the guiding editorial philosophy until the Hoiles Family disposed of Freedom Communications through a series of financial transactions that satisfied the various family elements’ demands for cash.
    Many prominent conservative and/or libertarian writers have appeared upon the ed-pages of the OCR and its sister publications through the years.

    askeptic (8ecc78)

  26. nk @22: It’s disappointing to see that HteWon’s platform of greed and envy has taken root to the point that you would advocate for politically motivated prosecutions based on the persausive powers of the lamentable character flaws that you seem to have embraced. Presumably income inequality will be next in your transformation? $30/hour minimum wage and all the rest? Lobbyists in D.C. spend a hell of lot more on very private parties for their buddies than Black ever did for the Queen. Do you think the waitress sandwich was an anomaly? Black’s expenditures were generally intended to celibrate a social instituion, not to undermine it.

    Read the book. The shareholder losses and the ransacking of the corporation occurred after Black was removed from control. Black writes very well and has remarkable abilities to marshall and explain enormously complicated situations. HteWon would be well advised to lock up all conservatives with his abilities.

    bobathome (b5db52)

  27. Comment by aphrael (db1491) — 4/19/2014 @ 8:51 am

    Gee, what happened in ’08 that might have precipitated a diminishment of trash pick-up?
    Did something cause a lot of people to stop throwing as much stuff away (buying less), or perhaps there were just fewer people?
    Anywho, the “crisis” was always phony, which readers of the OCR were informed about, while the LAT was beating the “running out of space” drum.
    (in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that the OCR was my first choice of a daily paper going back to the 70’s as a resident of SE LA Co. – it really became a bummer when they discontinued home delivery and newsracks in LACo, and I had to drive 12-mi into OC and back to get the paper)

    askeptic (8ecc78)

  28. I’ve been to L.A. There’s a lot of garbage.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  29. Criminals, rich or poor, are all the same, bobathome. It’s all about them, always.

    nk (dbc370)

  30. At this point, perhaps our esteemed host should make it a point to cite the new newspaper as a source, when it can be so cited.

    The Dana who sees the possibilities (af9ec3)

  31. > Gee, what happened in ’08 that might have precipitated a diminishment of trash pick-up?

    Is that relevant in any way to the observation that it’s an impressive statistic? I mean, it’s an impressive statistic *no matter what the cause*.

    I’m having a hard time not reacting to your comment as though it indicates that you’re so primed to fight that you go looking for provocation.

    aphrael (db1491)

  32. When people lose their jobs, they stop buying so much stuff, and have less trash to throw away, plus their was from the American SW a huge increase in “self deportations” back to Mexico due to people not being able to find work.
    But aside from all that, I’ll stand by my statement that SoCal’s “trash crisis” was just another manufactured ecological disaster to be without any scientific basis – as many have subsequently reported, and was reported back in the day by the OCR.

    askeptic (8ecc78)

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