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Big Media Names Wrong Person As Mass Killer For Umpteenth Time

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Allahpundit has the details, but I think he’s being too nice:

By my count, this makes three times in slightly more than a year where someone in professional media has misidentified a killer publicly. Ben Howe reminded me that Brian Ross didn’t pull his infamous theory about tea partiers after the Aurora shooting out of thin air; he googled for James Holmeses in Colorado and that led him to a tea-party site listing a “Jim Holmes” from Aurora as a member. In the hours after Newtown, CNN reported that it was Ryan Lanza, not his brother Adam, that was the gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary, a mistake that blew up so quickly that Lanza had to pause during his family’s implosion to update his Facebook page to tell the world they had the wrong man. And now, within the past few hours, a double whammy from CBS and NBC:

CBS News and NBC News retracted reports about the identification of the Washington Navy Yard shooter on Monday, just minutes after each network reported that the suspect in question was a Navy chief petty officer named Rollie Chance.

Didn’t the New York Post put a picture of the wrong guys on their front page just after the Boston Marathon bombings? Yes, they did.

So this makes four times Big Media has misidentified a killer publicly in recent months. In fact, it seems far more likely that they will do so than that they won’t.

Thank God for the elevated standards of Big Media!

40 Days of Dating – Internet Voyeurism or Fascinating Experiment

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[Guest post by JD]

This was really a fascinating experiment.
Essentially they agreed to “date” every day for 40 days to see if a relationship might develop organically.

I was highly skeptical, and still wonder if it was a stunt, but ultimately, I am not sure it matters. The way it was written suggests it was real, at least 2 him, from my view.

It was fascinating on many levels, as they were already familiar with each other as friends going in, how their prior knowledge burdened them, how their families shaped their actions and expectations, how 2 people could both experience the same event and take away such incredibly different views of what happened and what was important, and how much expectation and fear shapes outcomes.

It isn’t Syria, or mass shootings, and maybe that is a good thing. Like it or not, it is interesting.


Open Thread: Navy Yard Shootings

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Be skeptical of early reports.

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