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Florida Political Races Tighten

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Two new Rasmussen Florida polls show the Governor’s race and the Republican primary in the Senate race are getting closer. First, the Governor’s race:

“According to a Rasmussen reports telephone survey out today, Florida’s governor’s race is beginning to heat up between Republican state Attorney General Bill McCollum and Democrat Alex Sink. McCollum leads 44%-39%, but that’s down from an 11-point lead in October when he was ahead 46%-35%.”

And now for the GOP Senate primary:

“Another Rasmussen report poll, which was released yesterday, shows Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and former state House speaker Marco Rubio neck and neck in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate. Each has 43% of the vote, with 9% of those polled saying they are still undecided.”

Rubio is a Tea Party favorite and Rasmussen describes the Senate race as “a test of the new ‘Tea Party’ mood among many conservative and traditionally Republican voters.” Read together, these races suggest there is significant anti-incumbent sentiment in Florida right now. That’s probably true of America, too.


6 Responses to “Florida Political Races Tighten”

  1. it would make me feel immensely more better about Team R if they had the sense to nominate Mr. Rubio

    happyfeet (2c63dd)

  2. “Team R” doesn’t make the pick…
    The voters in Florida registered as Republicans do.
    The GOP Establishment in DC has already annoited Christ.
    Something about counting chicks before they hatch, I think.

    AD - RtR/OS! (e12e24)

  3. After the NY 23 fiasco, I’m glad the TEA party folks get another stab at making their mark inside the GOP before the major nationwide elections. They beat the odds in NY, but we need an actual victory to feel confident that the GOP is being repaired.

    Republicans like Christ just don’t make any sense. It’s a compromised calculation. I guess there’s no way to really get a credible TEA endorsement. Whoever the beltway hates, I guess, gets the de facto endorsement.

    I missed the reason Mel Martinez resigned. A single seat has a serious impact on the Senate, so was there a reason he did this?

    Dustin (44f8cb)

  4. His reason was a bit incomprehensible; or was that his reasoning?
    Perhaps both?
    He had probably reached his “Peter Principle”, and it was just too uncomfortable to continue.

    AD - RtR/OS! (e12e24)

  5. look for the MFM and the party hacks to push the RINOs and smear the conservatives.

    redc1c4 (fb8750)

  6. True, DRJ, the anti-incumbent sentiment in Florida now is already palpable, however if Congress passes a $600 billion cut in Medicare, the repercussions up and down the peninsula will reach proportions unknown since the deluge.

    Any significant Medicare cut and ostensible incumbent Charlie Crist starts looking like Dede Scozzafava in drag. It may not be entirely fair, but if the shoe fits, it’s going to be “Sorry Charlie.”

    Messing with Medicare is political dynamite anywhere, but it Florida the dynamite is particularly unstable.

    ropelight (800568)

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